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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Phuket (11-14 Aug 2010)

It has been almost 4 years since my last trip to Phuket with Sil and Elain (refer to Nov/Dec 2006). Had stayed in Patong the last time and decided on the quieter Kata Beach this time.

Cute elephants folded from towels!

Our 2 bedroom bungalow. At 2000THB per night, it is a really good deal!

View from the balcony/window.

Kata Country House's compounds.

The opened air lobby.. nice. With free internet!

Daily breakfast!

Bliss is enjoying a book with a cup of tea in the morning!

Bliss is lounging at the pool area with a book.

Bliss is having the morning sun at your feet while your mind wanders.

Bliss is also having pretty nails! At 400THB!

Seafood dinner with my favourite Smirnoff! =))

Banana pancake with nutella! YUMS! Too oily though!

Took a tuk-tuk to Patong which was a good 10 min ride away. Dinner at Patong with a live band. They did not know any of the songs from the first list of requests and so we wrote a 2nd list and they played "Angels" and "Fly me to the moon"! =))

Last night dinner at Kata Country House. They got yummers spaghetti and check out my tom yum noodles with crab!

Roadside corn!

Huge and sweet! YUMS! Love the whole rack of colourful bikinis at the back too!
And of course, what's a trip to Phuket be without beach pics!

Here's one of Shaun checking out the beached jellyfish.

At low tide where we can sit at the sand and.....

watch the world go by.....

build whirlpools!

Having lotsa fun building his perimeter around his pool.

The finished product is really huge and big! You can jump in and wash your ermm.. butt! =))


Random coconut!

The guys....

Us. Last morning and it was high tide. The waves were strong and good!

Group pic by this ang moh who din give us any signal. Haha!

Our main entertainment for the trip. Realise anything?
It was overall an excellent relaxing trip and I think we should do it yearly. Had Phuket withdrawl symptoms when I came back. Was just stoning in my seat after lunch when I realised I have to go back to work. That was when I floated back to work and reality.


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