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Sunday, January 01, 2012

2011 at a glance...

2011 was a year full of weddings, stressors and firsts...


Had the first Ergonomics Public Forum - Office Worker's Guide to Healthy Living on 4th June..

Quite nerve wrecking talking in front of more than a hundred people!! But am glad of the experience.

Became Deputy Team Leader in April, and then to Team Leader in October. Lotsa frustration, stress and learning to be done. Doesn't help the people are falling sick more at the end of the year and coverage has been really difficult! Lessons learnt: always ask for help, drive the team, anticipate problems before they become real problems, and that I'm always being appraised. Need to be the coffee instead of carrot or egg!


2011 has been a year of weddings!! Check out the number of invites. I din have all though...

Started off with Suqin's wedding on 1st Jan...

Then, of course, Sel and Scott's on Feb 19 at Raffles Hotel...

Yew Hooi's and Zhi Wen's on 13 March in Taiping...

Polaroids for keepsake...

Elisa's on 2nd April at Conrad...

Evelyn's and Jeremy's church wedding on 11 June...

Lew Hui's and Longde's on 9th Sep at Carlton...

XiangNing's and Pong's on 1st Oct at Hilton...

And lastly, HuiSze's on 19 Dec....


Ho Chi Minh: 26-29 March

4 days of walking around, eating Pho and last day of street food, visiting museums, exploring CuChi tunnels, getting an expensive ride of our life on the cyclos...

Genting : 7-9 July

3 days of enjoying the cool weather, eating at all hours of the day, screaming our lungs out at less than exciting rides, taking the easy way out by taking most of the family rides...

Hong Kong: Sep 17-23

Being typical tourist and 买东西, 吃东西...

Lotsa sightseeing...

Macau for one day...

This trip made me miss the days of the Aussie road trip of the 5 of us driving around rather aimlessly with minimal planning. Looking forward to more trips like this!

Other miscellaneous stuffs:

Celebrated Shaun's Birthday with Cat Physics Cupcakes!

Found Gerri, Lenny, Tattoo, Kerri someday in November and spent 2 days with them. Feeding them through bottles, making sure that they are warm and nicely tucked in. But sadly, Tattoo, Kerri and then Gerri slowly faded away one after another and is now in kitty heaven...

Picked up Pole in April (stopped for 2 months in between) and is now addicted to being upside down despite the bruises, aches and abrasions!

And lastly, made the biggest purchase of our life. We are so lucky to get a good queue number of 86. Although we did not get our first choice unit, we managed to get one of our top few choices.

So there you go. 2011 has been an eventful year. What will 2012 brings? I forsee more challenges in my work as more responsibilities are being given to me. I look forward to more travels, getting stronger physically (through pole and less MCs) and psychologically, being more confident in myself and what I do!

Have a great year ahead everyone!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Things learnt while on holiday!

1. Gambling is bad for the lungs.

2. Air con is not a must for all hotels.

3. I'm getting old for thrilling rides. Heart nearly flew out while I was on the roller coaster.

4. The best things I've heard -- "You're on holiday!"; and all concerns about the ever-expanding waistline or thinning wallet flies out of the window.

Bird nest egg tarts from Ah Yat Abalone!

5. Maybe I was not meant to be wealthy but healthy!

6. A 5RM skyway ride down is almost as thrilling as a roller coaster ride, especially when you are riding down into nothingness.

7. My boyfriend is a monkey!

*not that I don't already know!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

It was Shaun's birthday!

Cat Physics themed chocolate cupcakes for the birthday boy!

The cat got the ball!


While waiting for dinner time!

My favourite drinks and person! =))

Mussels and free flow of chips!

Crab with mashed potatoes!

Huge mussels!

Here's to many more years of celebration together! =))

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Public forum for Office Workers!

Come join if you are interested!

Monday, May 09, 2011

Did you notice?

Was blog surfing when I saw this from a friend's blog. And I went to Google and it's true!

I like Mr Bump. Which is your favourite?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Sel & Scott's Wedding Dinner

Night getup

He swaggers down the corridor..

Raffles Hotel!

Quickly took a snap while the hotel staff lead us to the room...

Still jabbing away.....

While the bride pretties herself.

Love double basins!

Cute little light switches caught my attention


All dolled up!

Really elegant hand bouquet

Making our way to the dinner hall.

Loving the green pillars...

The cute "&"

I wish my dinner can be this size too...

Paparazzi shots....

More paparazzi shots... Showing off the gown and the cool pockets!

Loving the placecards!

There's something about the chandeliers that's alluring...

Awaiting the couple's entrance!

And showered them with rose petals!

Groom's speech.

And the TK-ians reunite.

It was a simple and really cosy wedding which I wished I could replicate. No rushing around talking to and meeting people whom I have never really met in my life. But I think my immediate family will already occupy like 5 tables already.
Anyway, best wishes for Mr & Mrs Ho, who is currently on their honeymoon now. This girlie of mine had really gone through thick and thin and I'm really happy that she is where she is supposed to be. Here's wishing them a loving and blissful marriage. And I'm awaiting for you (and Mrs Chin's!) good news! Can't wait to be auntie Kalene!