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Monday, July 07, 2008

I am back!!

Been back for roughly 5 days and am still trying to adjust back to the weather. Doesn't help that my air con is not working at the moment. I really miss dressing up in cold weather!! And I feel that I'm absorbing all the humidity as well. Felt so bloated - my ring felt tight; and when I tried my boots, it was so tight at the calf area; the new pants that I bought felt tight too. And it wasn't as if I have eaten alot! Still yet to have my crab, hokkien mee and lots more!!

Have finally finished unpacking and my room is all neat and tidy now!! Erm.. quite. I remember opening my luggage and all my stuffs were cold!! As if they had been refrigerated!! So I managed to pack a little of the Perth weather back to SG. Too bad it lasted just for that few moments.

As Shaun has mentioned, I am in the midst of searching for a job. I mean thinking of getting a job. Not sure where I wanna work. Hospital? No experience but pay is higher and can learn much more. Aged care? Too depressing especially in SG. Community? Poor handling skills. Stepdown care? Ditto. Guess I really have low self confidence about my skills level. Will see what happens.

A trip to Ikea gave me a surprise!! =))

P.S. It's GREAT to be back!!


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