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Saturday, November 13, 2010

A day out!

Decided to go Sentosa on Friday as Shaun required a much needed tan! After a great breakfast at Mac [yummers! but no more $4? =(], we headed to take the train to Sentosa. First time taking the train and got a purple one to match my dress (bimbo mode).

On the tram towards Palawan Beach. Shaun insists that his high-powered-executive-coffee be inside the pic too.

Kinda like this shot. And yep, I cut my hair again!

Shaun and his coffee again!

The day started a little cloudy but by about noon the sun peeked out and we had a great tan! And I fell asleep and woke up with burnt neck/chest!

My view...

The almost empty beach until a bunch of PRCs come and disturbed the peace.

Across the bridge to the southernmost point!
After showering, decided to go check out the casino/universal studios area. Super grand! But my favourite place has to be below!

Bought jellybeans! Yums dark chocolate flavour. Kinda dodgy but grows on you!

And ice-cream! They gave us $2 voucher so why not! Dark choc, pistachio and lemon! Yum! Think I'm really getting fatter!
Love it! It's like Phuket all over again!


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