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Friday, February 25, 2011

Sel & Scott's Church Wedding - Feb 19

Love the square wedding invites!

Weddings means a chance to dress up! And I reckon my mirror needs some wiping! Haha!

Church hall...

Hand made order of service.

Love the bible/hymn songs displayed behind the benches...

Checking out the crowd without turning around...

Always time for shots!

Almost time!

Still jabbing away...

It's time!

Eagerly anticipating the first glimpse of the bride!

Flowers girls first... With piano accompaniment.

And the beautiful bride!

Ever so gorgeous!

And the groom waits for his bride.

Almost there!

O Perfect Love!

Such a beautiful scene!

Prayers for a blissful marriage...

Exchange of vows...

Exchange of rings.

Missed the target!

Signing of marriage cert (Scott's parents)

Sel's parents...

And the Sunday school children sang! Too cute!

And the cert is signed!

Mr & Mrs Ho~!

Love this ball of fluff!

Spotted mini balls of fluff on the way down!

While queueing for lunch....


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