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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

It was a white christmas

As I'm enjoying the last of my Christmas break on a Tuesday morning, I can't help but be grateful for so many things. It was a perfect Christmas for me. I have a happy family, a loving girlfriend, loyal friends, scrumptuous food, lavish presents and a whole lot of other things.

The break started with a Kuishinbo lunch buffet at Suntec on Christmas eve. With my army dudes, we practically raped Kuishinbo. Hahaha. Considering the fact that the all of us ate at least 5 helpings of food each. Hehehe. Woohoo. It was my first time there but definitely will not be the last. The food was absolutely delicious. Beats a sake sushi anytime. There's soft shell crabs, lobster sushis, tons of tempuras, etc. The bill was not too steep too considering that it is the eve of a public holiday and a weekend. 27.05 nett. What a steal. Hehehe. Will be going back there soon I'm sure.

The princess had to go for carolling, which leaves me to wander around Suntec with Alan for her Christmas present. Btw Christmas came real early for me. The princess gave me a brand new polo leather wallet! Just the exact kind that I wanted. Time to junk the old timberland. And my elder bro gave a Quiksilver board surfing shorts. Woohoo. All these I received on the 22nd of December. Makes me feel so guilty about giving my presents late. Oops. This is followed by a bottle of Chadonnay by weasel, yeow and cheers, a 60 dollar Tangs voucher from Mom, and a polo t-shirt from younger bro on Christmas day! I'm so blessed.

Anyway the highlight of this Christmas definitely is the party that my family threw for our relatives and close friends. Sure nice to see all my cousins again. And the princess finally gets to try a traditional Christmas turkey. Hahaha.

Will update you folks more another time, as it's time for me to book in. Sob! Drop me a msg or start planning how to celebrate the new year! be back on the 31st dudes. Take care!

Monday, December 19, 2005

A short getaway...

The benevolent OC decides that we should go 50-50 with the recruits this weekend meaning that half the commanders stay back on Saturday, the other half stays back on Sunday. I volunteered to stay back on Saturday as I wanted to take leave on Monday. Which is why I am blogging now on a Monday afternoon. Woohoo.

With that, I at least manage to spend a decent amount of time with the already-very-busy princess. Poor thing. Got caught up between her work attachments, tons of reports and countless choir christmas carolling practices and performances. Yet she managed to squeeze a Sunday afternoon for me. You're the best girl!

We wasted no time by quickly going to Suntec City to soak in the Christmas shopping atmosphere. I wanted to watch Chicken Little by there was not enough tme as the princess has a scheduled rformance in the evening. Bah. We went to NYDC! Haven been there for ages. Besides ordering the usual Elephantchinnos and potato salad, XinYi wanted to try a new cake called the "Boo Boo". It was really weird conversing with our friendly waiter. "Can I have a slice of Boo Boo please?" Hahaha. What on earth... But our waiter remained expressionless as he took our orders.

The Boo Boo turned out to be a slice of Chocolate cake! Topped in dark chocolate and accompanied with creamed sugar! Very indulging indeed. That was our after lunch snack. Was feeling rich as I have my pay raise! Didnt realise that there was a pay raise for being a "second year specialist". Woohoo. Anyway it is only 40 dollars more a month. But hey who minds?

We then went to Millenia Walk for guess wad?


Image hosted by

Yup the recalcitrant chocolate fan did it again. I couldn't resist dropping by Candy Empire since I am in City Hall. And I was only after one thing this time. Yogurettes!!!! The last time we came it was out of stock. and there was not much left when we were there.So I quickly swiped four boxes of it off the shelves. 3 for me and one for the princess! Hahaha.See? I am so selfless. That set me back by almost 16 bucks already. Sheesh. Indulgences comes with a hefty price.

There also was a gigantic Christmas tree there built from lego! Must go and check it out too. Too bad I didnt bring my camera. Indeed the Christmas atmosphere is beginning to set. And I just love it!

Ok I'll stop abruptly for now. Something important cropped up. Be back again on Christmas!!!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Sniffle... It's that time of the batch again...

The time has come for me to book in. Sigh. Gonna book in tonight and meet my new and FINAL full batch of maggots. Hahaha. The JC kids of 1987. Kill them all!!!!!

Anyway we failed to qualify for the semi-finals of the Squash competition. Lost by a close margin to the Engineers in the end. But I'm not at all disappointed. At least I can get on with work and cease travelling from one end of the island to the other daily. Yes. Ahhhh. Tekong island life. Kind of miss it already.

But now comes the bothersome part of confinement with the maggots, patrolling their corridors nightly, marching them back from point to point, not pumping them in the first 2 weeks... Sigh. The protection we give our soldiers these days...

All play and no work makes me a slacker, as if I'm not slack enough. Yup. So I'll see you folks on the 24th when I'm back! In time to celebrate Christmas! Yay. This blog will be entriless for the next 2 weeks then (no blogging in Tekong rem?) So till Christmas dudes!!!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Monday, December 05, 2005

Forging Ahead! 9th Divsion/Infantry

It's the first day of the 2005 Army Inter-Division Squash competition and the heat has just came on. We were scheduled to play against Artillery Division today. Was supposed to reach the sports complex by ten. But thanks to my elder bro giving me a lift, I reached there at 930.

Remember the killer hill I told you guys about last time? I changed my 11B for a visitor's pass at the pass office at the foot of the hill before proceeding on into the camp. Shortly after I started the ascend, a car pulled over beside me. A tanned and rugged dude at the passenger seat smiled, "Hey you're a squash player right? Come on we'll give you a ride to the sports complex." My lucky day. Looks like carrying a squash racket openly has its benefits. If not it would be a 10 minute walk uphill.

As I entered the car I realised it was a Major in the driver's seat. 1 friggin MAJOR! "Erm thank you sir", was my response as I clambered in. The dude in the front seat asked which divsion I was from. Upon telling him, he laughed, "Oh we'll see you in court later then". Strike 1. Took a lift from the opponents! How embarassing. Upon reaching the complex I immediately bolted our from the car after saying 'thank you' profusely.

Our match was scheduled later. Therefore I was able to watch other formations battle first. I must say some formations especially 3rd Division, Mindef HQ, Air Force, and School of Combat Engineers are quite good. We would be hard pressed to win them. Looks like retaining overall 3rd place is almost impossible. Getting into the finals would already be a handful for us I'll bet. I saw some farmilar faces here and there. Even saw a former team mate and caught up with him.

Finally our match came. And I didnt even have to play to win. We won Artillery Division 4-1. They only had 4 players including a female player. Our first 3 singles won. We had a walkover for the last 2 matches as our female player is not free and they were one player short. Har har. So being the last player, I get to slack off and win without even playing for a point. Heh. Thankfully I also did not have to play against the dudes who gave me a lift. The match was all over in less than an hour. Only one of the Artillery player had experience in playing squash.

Tomorrow's game against Guards should be an expected win for us. But they have one heck of a powerful player as seen today. Well. Just too bad that it's 5 players that make a team. Not one.

More updates coming up! Stay tuned...

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Time to get squashed!!!

Yup. It's time to squash or be squashed again. Close friends will know that I've been arrowed to play for 9th Division in the army's inter-formation squash competition. The timing could not have been worse as this is the period of time when companies in bmtc are given all the 'arrows' and 'sai kangs' to do. And I avoided them. Plus I get to stay out which is why I am blogging today at this time.

But of course I do not feel at peace playing squash while my fellow colleagues are back stuck in Tekong doing tons and tons of work. In fact I tried telling OC to pull me out but he wouldn't. What to do? "I don't like to play rank ah..." I can almost hear it coming.

Today was the first day of practice. It took me almost an hour to put all my squash stuff together. Had to wipe the dust off my racket covers, wash my old squash balls, hunt down my court shoes and track my squash bag. The worse thing is that it takes 2 friggin hours to reach that ulu camp for training! And to drive the final nail into the coffin, the camp is built on a hill. So there is no need for warm up. the walk to the recreation centre is more than adequate.

Met the 9th division squash conveyor. He told us that 9th div won 3rd last year. Stress. Never mind. My friend's an ACJC player so we can at least win one bout in every match. Hahaha. So the practice began. Was really rusty. Could not even do a drive properly. But soon it all return. It's thrilling once again to hear the thunderous sound of the ball smashed against the wall. Exhilirating to place a neat drop shot. And pure adrenaline to kill a shot with a power smash. Ahhhh. It's all coming back.

The main difference is, I do not remember my body aching this much after a mere couple of hours of practise. Sheesh. I'm getting too old for this. Probably will be squashed this season. Sigh.

Yup. So I will be staying out against my wish for a period of time this December. Haiz. SAF pays me to pay squash. What a joke. . .

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

You all may have seen this but I still dream of playing squash somewhere like this some day...

I have a dream........