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Thursday, June 30, 2005

A tribute to...

I saw a rainbow today.
This morning.
The skies over Tekong never looked more peaceful and serene.
That was exactly an hour before I hear of the news.
It was to be the sudden calm before a storm.

You were only 20.
You were a good friend, role player and a hardworking platoon mate.
With your friendly and approachable character,
You were indeed a close friend to everyone in the platoon,
Or even more so to some others like myself.

You have personally encouraged me constantly throughout the course,
Taught me what it takes to do better in my ippt,
And saw me through all the setbacks that I faced.
Always kept the spirit of the platoon up when we kept complaing,
Or moaning of all the S*** that we were going through.

With the memories of our fond chiong suah days still so fresh in our minds,
It is indeed difficult to forget those moments when we trained as a platoon,
Ran up and down mountains,
Proned side by side,
And lastly finished our last attack mission together as a breeching team.

Then came the much awaited R&R,
As we cruised down the streets of Taiwan as if we owned it,
Those happy moments spent exploring attractions together,
Eating together, shopping together,
Will definitely be sorely missed.

No words can describe the loss we feel,
Not just for what you have done with or for us,
But instead for the friendship that we have forged,
Over much joyous and despairing moments,
Throughout the highly eventful 11 weeks spent together.

We have lost,
A good friend,
A confidant,
A platoon moral booster,
A section joker,
A determined soldier,
A valuable team member,
Lastly, a unique member of the closed knit family.

But you are more than that.

On behalf of the gallant men of the 32nd Advanced Section Leader's Course,
Especially Echo Company Platoon 4,
We will miss you.

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Thursday, June 23, 2005


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Announcing the arrival of her slimness,

The new love of mine,

The newest mistress on the block,

THE OLYMPUS FE-5500!!!!!!!

Oo yeah.

Bought it at the advertised price at $499.

"With its lightweight, slim body and distinctive twisting lens design, the FE-5500 is a great option if you want an ultra-compact camera that you can take anywhere."

All right.

I shall stop blogbragging about my new camera.

I just love it.

But it has 5 mega pixels and 3x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom!

And a large 5.1cm LCD monitor!!!

Plus it has Scene programmes for typical shooting situations such as Portrait and Nightscene.

Ok. Enough is enough.

Stop hao-lianing u toad!

But I got new cam,(na ni na ni poo poo)

And I really love it!

Been a long time

It been a long time since I...

Last blogged,

Went back to mainland,

Saw my parents,

Greeted my ah ma,

Played pool or basketball with my bros,

Had time to read a good book by a cafe,

Laze by the sea and soak in the sun,

Went downtown,

Caught a movie,

Drank from coffee bean,

Indulge in a piping hot pineapple pie,

Had good ol S'porean hawker food,

Tucked into a big plate of wanton noodles,

Visited usual hang out points,

Went cycling with buddies,

And most importantly, spend time with YOU.

It's been a long time since I was a civillian.

Yes, it really has been a long time.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Arrgh! Commanders Training again!!!

Help! Commanders training again!!!


Urgh. On a rainy Friday afternoon that was totally meant for an afternoon nap after a heavy meal at the canteen. Bleargh.

God save the souls of us commanders from thy fury, long-windedness and boredom of the session.

Perhaps more mentos should help keep me awake this time.

I hope.


Friday, June 17, 2005



365 more days of shit work before I am free as a...

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Exactly one year later I will be MR.SHAUN!

No more camo cream.
No more breathing down recruits necks.
No more shouting and incessant spewing of vulgarities.
No more green uniform!!!

I just can't wait...

Thursday, June 16, 2005

You're Mine!

30 minutes ago.

On a sofa couch.

Somewhere far far away.......

Oooh yeah.

"I finally got hold of you!"

Oooh yeah.

"I waited so long for this moment!!!"

Oooh yeah.

"You're mine!!!!!"

Oooh yeah.

"And you're slim and pretty!"

Oooh yeah.

"I wanna hold you, touch you feel you!"

Oooh yeah.

"Carass you all over."

Oooh yeah.

"I'm gonna shoot!"

Oooh yeah.

"Wah... Shiok."

Oooh yeah.

"That was fast."

Oooh yeah.

"And easy."

Oooh yeah.

"I enjoyed every moment of it."

Oooh yeah.

"And surely I will remember every moment spent with you"

Oooh yeah.

"Such a joy to have such a companion who shares all my trigger happy experiences."

"I love you."

"My Konica Minolta DiMAGE X50"

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Oooh yeah.

Oooh yeah.




*Please note that the author of this entry is suffering from a severe lack of sleep, exhaustion and from the extremely volatile and treacherously unpredictible weather in an island somewhere off S'pore. He is therefore subjected to wild fantasies of wishes unfulfilled.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Life sucks

Life sucks.

I'm angry that things like these do happen.

Who what where when why?

The things we're trained to ask and examine.

Its bad enough that such an incident happened.

Worse thing is I can't even talk about it.

Cos of you know where I am and all the securities and secrecy stuff.


Besides, there's no point in really arguing is there?

When you're just a tinee whinee 3rd sgt.


No one cries over spilt milk.

Not because they do not want to.

But because the milk has been spilt.

And nothing you do will put the milk back in the bottle again.

It's really irritating when you can't address your grievances.

Not because you have no one to approach.

But because you simply can't.

You just can't.


Life sucks.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Blogging alone on a Friday evening

So! Why on earth am I in the specialist mess alone and blogging on a lovely cloudy Friday evening?

I am slacking! No wait. Dedicated instructors do not slack. Therefore I did not slack. Yeah. I am RESTING in the mess now. Hahaha.


Oh well. That is one of the millions of question you'd ask when you're in the army. Why this??? Why that??? But you most probably wont be able to answer them to.

But for most questions the answer probably goes along the line:
"Cos you have no choice, and you lan lan have to serve have to serve."

Anyway on a lighter note, this new batch of recuits that just came in yesterday are a really interesting bunch. They're also very intelligent and willing to learn. Its probably because of the handful of regulars(those who signed on) in each platoon.

Sadly indeed my weekends have to be burnt every time a new batch of recruits come in. Therefore resulting in lonely lifeless and boring weekends like this.

However, there is something different about blogging alone in the newly renovated mess, with the latest chinese songs blasting over the air while you watch the last rays of the day filter over the horizon across the sea.

Yes it is sad. But perhaps the peace and tranquility of a weekend in Tekong is probably all that keeps confined instructors like me going in times like this.

I miss my civillian life. My work is piling up as I speak. OOps. Oh heck. I just saw the last batch of maggots graduate a week ago and here comes the next batch a day after. Doggone it! May the documents and paperwork on my table be stacked higher than Bukit Timah Hill. May the daily training sap every minute of my time while I'm still here. May the rigours of the job vanquish every ounce of energy that's left.


I'm resting for now.


And you can't stop that.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Going going gone

Gosh. Time really flies. In a blink of an eye, June has arrived, leaving behind, the hectic chiong suah month of May, my second batch of recruits that just passed out, and of course most importantly my 20th birthday.

I can't believe this is the first blog of June. At least I blog more frequent than some very free people like L--- X---- N---. Hahaha. But, anyway, here's a quick update 'bout what's going on recently.

Well, the first week of June proved to be an extremly strenuous week. There were tons of end-of-course work to be done. From the returning of the recruits stores to us and the preparation of bunks for the next batch, to the completion of the mountain of admin work that has piled up on my desk, there was hardly any breathing space. It's no wonder that Specialists get paid more than men, for the very fact that we DO much more work.

Please note that the same principle may not be true when referred to officers, CSMs, and those belonging to the higher echelon of the inclemently unjust system of the organisation that I currently slave for.

Anyway, despite the tough schedule I was able to accomplish certain civillian activities.

In cronological order,

1. I managed to meet up with my JC friends! Long lost and sorely missed. I'm suprised so many turned up anyway. All thanks to Lyna for organising the class outing.

2. I was grostequely, brutally and mercilessly ganged raped on the eve of my birthday. Army styled. No questions will be entertained. You won't wanna know. Really.

3. I managed to celebrate my birthday with the usual SokWan, Xiangning and Doris. Too bad that Yong Ling could not make it. But I must say I like the bag though. Too bad no time to piece up the puzzle. Will do it when iff I'm free.

4. Managed to catch another movie! Yes of course at princess again. But I must admit, monster-in-law was a good movie. Got me laughing non-stop. Got me wondering what Sok's mom would do to Mr. Rightforsok as soon as she learns of his existence. Woohoo. :p

5. Finally I managed to spend a quiet dinner with of course my lady. Thanks a million for the framed 1000 piece Slam Dunk team portrait puzzle that I've been eyeing for some time but do not have the time to fix, that lovely t-shirt that makes me look like a beng, but one that my younger bro says make me look cool in, and as without fail, thank YOU for those lovely chocolates!!!!!
Thanks also for helping me talent-spot my digi-cam! And yes! I finally found a model that I like. It is the Konica Minolta DiMAGE X50. Ooooh. Can't wait for the next pay day.

All in all, the first week of June was a blast. I have no time for anything. Arrgh. Enlistment of next batch of maggots coming on the 9th of June, which is tomorrow. And that means that I'll be confined for 2 weeks in camp again. Yay. But, hopefully time will pass faster and I can book out sooner.

I'll be gone for a long time. And I'll miss YOU. Take good care k. Same to all you folks out there. Catch up soon!