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Friday, September 19, 2008

The story about the 2 brains

It's been ages since I did a proper post and I finally had the time and energy to blog. Had just ended 4 weeks of work and being alone for one week. It was quite stressful as there were times I feel really lost. Lucky for me, I share a ward with 2 other OTs and I could ask them for advice or help whenever I need.

I enjoy the work environment where the OTs and PTs work really closely together. However, it is still a scary thing to be talking to consultants and surgeons. I called a surgeon yesterday and actually, it wasn't as bad as I thought!

On the patients front, I have my share of "good" and "bad" patients as in all service industry. It's always a joy working with patients who are really appreciative of the therapy they receive but there are always a few black sheeps who spoil the day. Lucky these black sheeps are few and far between.

Had been going home straight immediately after work everyday and today, I finally had the chance to go out to have dinner with Sil, Rui and Ceyu. It was great catching up over our favourite sashimi salad, although all we could talk about was work =P

I'm suddenly hit with the Z bug. Gotta go! Wondering what's with the title? It's a joke that one of my colleagues told me the other day: There is nothing right in the right brain and there's nothing left in the right brain.

Monday, September 08, 2008


Change is a funny thing.
It is at times unecessary,
Often a pain,
And ocassionally, potentially useless.
Change is an enigma.
Its motive's usually questionable,
The process a blur,
And the benefits unseen.
Change is a dilemma,
A queer conundrum,
Especially after a change, lies another change,
A paradoxical clash at its best.
Change is ALWAYS needed,
A perpetual measure,
A survival necessity,
An indispensable and insatiable regimen.
Change is a funny thing indeed.
Hahaha. To think the sewing of uniform tags in wee hours have brought out the dormant poet in me. I think I'm going nuts.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Boom de ah dah!

Such a cute and catchy song!!


Note: I'm sorry for the lack of pictures for each events! I got tons of them but I'm way too tired to load em all up. Nudge me on MSN if any of you want any pics righty?

290808 - 1300hrs ++

Arrival of the BIG GUNS. Des and Kang bought UMPCs in this computer festive period. Now we got 5 laptops for 4 group members (soon to be 3). Grossly overpowered but severely understaffed.

Paparazzi Des taking photos of us when we're discussing projects. Eh Des can you be serious not? We're understaffed and there you are happily snapping! No professionalism!

Read up more on our progress at Des' blog here and here. Yes because I'm too lazy to blog more. Hahaha.

290808 - 1800hrs ++

Sok Wan and Doris' graduation @SIM Atrium! The kids have finally grown up le! WAHAHA. Don't stone me please.

290808 - 1930hrs ++

Su Qin and Jing Xuan's birthday celebration with A04 peeps @ Waraku at Marina Square. Check out this super cool picture taken with Yue Ting's polaroid camera. Totally worth the money man!

I uploaded the full size resolution picture for this one! So anyone can download this picture for keepsakes!


Belated celebration of Doris' birthday. And Yong Ling sings superbly!

Had an excellent dinner after the KTV. Then we all headed to the princess place for some card games which I was 'forceably overwhelmed' in the games. But that's a story for another day I suppose. Hahaha.

310808 - 040908

Projects, assignments, research, revision. Whee.

The brief respite: Eating all these within a night.



International Finance Test : Got tricked by 5 tricky (duh!) questions. Not sure if I can secure my HD now. HAIZ.

060908 onwards

I don't know man. I really don't. I leave it all in Your hands.