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Thursday, August 30, 2007

20 Timeless Money Rules

1. Be humble
2. Take calculated risks
3. Have an emergency fund
4. Mix it up
5. It's the portfolio, stupid
6. Average is the new best
7. Practice patience
8. Don't time the market
9. Be a cheapskate
10. Don't follow the crowd
11. Buy low
12. Invest abroad
13. Keep perspective
14. Just do it
15. Borrow responsibly
16. Talk to your spouse
17. Exit gracefully
18. Pay only your share
19. Give wisely
20. Keep money in its place

Sounds greek to you? Well that's because you gotta read the full article here. Ripped it off from Take 5 mins to read this. Some of the stuffs pretty obvious yet totally underrated. Definitely beneficial for all.

To financial freedom and beyond!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Recent Birthdays Part 2... and the virgin clubbing experience...

Doris' 22nd:

Fireworks at Marina on a cloudless windy night...

Might I mention exotic fireworks too?

Food beyond measure at a BBQ Steamboat buffet...

Friendship beyond valuation on a Saturday night...
Our celebration of Doris birthday took us to Marina South for seafood and fireworks watching. Hmm the buffet was filled with normal cheapo stuff. But I'm surprised that crab was included. Yup CRAB. Hahaha. And we managed to get some good parts thanks to Doris fast action of snatching some just as it was released, before the crowd chiong for it. Furthermore we paid a 'discounted rate', so I guess I can't complain. =) =) =) Ay squash soon lei...

Su Qin's and Jing Xuan's 22nds:

The A04 had a rare class outing a Saturday later to celebrate Su Qin's and Jing Xuan's 22nds. Hmmm as I recounted there were 11 A04 people! That's more than 40 plus percent of the class that turned up. So good job to Phyl for organising such an event! Good to see all the old jc folks back again. Though the time spent was very short as I had to rush to SIM bash at St James after that.

Blunder #1: Brought a camera and didn't take any photos with the class. -_-"
Went to Ajisen at TM. First time eating there. Ordered in a hurry since I didn't know what I wanted as well. Let's see. I had some Teriyaki Chicken Ramen that set me back by 12 bucks! Food was so so only. But I guess it was cosy to fit 11 people on table meant for 8. The farmiliar sounds and tons of cross table conversations sure brings back fond memories. Can't even remember when was it that I last heard them. Yu Hui's many China tales sure was the hot topic of the night's conversations. I wanna go to China too! Megatons of things to see and stuff to buy. 5 years since JC. Man where did all the time go...
Clubbing at St James:

Powerhouse sucks to the core.
Hated the music and the atmosphere there. Trance and Techno. EEK. But I felt like a mountain tortoise there. Had to be led around by Desmond and Su Qin who wanted to join the bash. We joined Kang, Jia Hao, Jia He and Des' friend, Georgina who knows Su Qin. Small world.
So here's what you do when you go clubbing:
1. You queue for hours
2. You say hi to friends
3. You drink
4. You wriggle your way to the dance floor
5. You bounce around on the floor
6. You pespire like mad and get squashed like canned tunas
7. You spend a minimum of $30 there on drinks and cover charge
8. You spend about $20 to get yourself home
No wonder they say clubbing is expensive! Hahaha. Still there's a first time for everything. I can said I've clubbed before!!! Dunno whether to feel proud or ashamed to say that I finally went clubbing at 22.
Blunder #2: Brought a camera and only took 4 pictures in St James!!!

Talk about too small a world! Look who I found??? KING OF CLUBBING HIMSELF LTA(NS) Andrew!!! This army colleague of mine would go clubbing on some Thursdays and almost every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings! All these while in army!!! Powerful or not? He'd go for nights off on weeknights to chiong and then return back to camp on the first boat at 545 am. Then starts training recruits by 630 am till the day ends. You are amazing. I salute you for that sir! Hahaha. Sure was nice to bump into him again.

I was not high. Nor was I drunk in case any of you think I was. But my face turned red straight after a glass of vodka ribena. Hahaha. Dunno why I'm so easily reactive to alcohol. Later on SQ and I bought a jug of bourbon coke to share with the guyzos but we ended up the only ones drinking. Quite cheat money lei. The alcohol was so diluted. Thankfully Desmond's friend brought us to Boiler Room where the music was much better. I really love the live band and the dancers. Crazily proficient guitarists and drummers. That was probably the best time of the evening. Just love watching live bands in action.
Went for supper with Sok Wan and Doris who were there also but with their own classmates. Cab fare was much cheaper as we all headed eastward to 85 market for supper at 230 am. Seems like they didn't really like clubbing too. Hehehe.
Ask me to go clubbing again? I'd rather go pubbing. At a nice pub with a great live band, good booze, a bunch of good friends and a good pool table. Unless I'm in Perth! Was so envious of the princess' clubbing experience. Where do you have the chance to scratch your armpit if you need to in St James? The crowd really pisses me off. All in all its an eye opener.
Now for some eye shutter. Its 130 am. Shows how bad I am at multi-tasking! So much distractions while blogging. Ha! Night!

Monday, August 27, 2007

I finally got it!!! =) =) =)

It's gonna take a fire in the home, a 梁静茹 concert under my void deck or something along that line to drag me out of the bed these days...

But yes you get the idea. Special thanks to YU HUI erm sis (you'd get it I'm sure! =)) for the book! Was really nice catching up with the A04 people and hearing all the exciting stories from Yu Hui at TM last Saturday. Been ages since we last met! But really thank you for the book. Wasn't really expecting that you'll khang this thick book back with your overloaded and over-weight-limit baggages.

Lotsa stuffs happening but alas time is eluding me again! I will be back soon! Promise! Lots of stuff to write on these few days (Hint: Clubbing sucks). Best of all there's no skool for me either today or tomorrow! Btw while waiting, can help me think of a name for the cute feline that you just see on the right task bar??? CUTE RIGHT???

It mews and purrs so listen for it! All right! For now, the book beckons!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

This is what happens when HuiHui's not around

We had vege for dinner!!

Potatoes and sweet potatoes roasting in the oven!!

Our very healthy and meat-free dinner!!

Look at how happy Tricia is.

It was a VERY filling meal. We were struggling to finish everything! Oh! I just realised I din take any meat the whole of today! Cool! But I'm a day early. Haha.. Tmr then is the 15th of the lunar month. Not that I follow it anyway, but it's cool to know that.

P.S. We should do this more often. Haha!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Of clubbing and meeting up with dear friends

250807 - Meet up with Sel (finally)

Our busy and clashing schedules prevented us from meeting earlier until today, 1.5mths after I reached Perth. As usual, it was mai dong xi chi dong xi, although this time, we were very much restricted by financial contraints.

Of nice things...
Boost juice with 10% discount, gossips, catch ups, and shopping!!

I love streets like this.... Looks like London aye?

Us!! =))

Korean dinner..

We gonna meet up on Monday for another round of shopping!! This time to garbo (Garden City). It feels good to be meeting up with each other in another kind of environment. Florence, you sure you not coming down to find us?

240807 - Metro City

Apparently, it's a party organised by Singaporeans twice a year, and the theme for the day was "Back to School" or something like that. Alot of ppl were in uniforms, real school uniforms (I recognised SAJC's).

Even the DJ is in uniform
Before we went in, we had to show the security our passpart, and go thru this metal detector thingy, similar to the ones in airport. Security's tight! And they gave us our first stamp, which says 18+. Then after we went in and paid the cover charge, we were given another stamp which says Metro City. I felt like a branded pig! Also, when they deposited their bags, their numbers were written to their wrists, adding to their tattoos...

Our drinks: Me with very sour margarita, Rui with Long Island tea, and HuiHui and Tricia with Corona Beer.


Tequila shots. I dunno why they come in 5s.

The setup.

A very successful self-shot of all of us, by yours truely! =))

After dancing so much, we felt that our feet's swollen, and so we took of our shoes and walked.

HuiHui joined in too!
Overall, experience was rather good. HuiHui and Rui met some SG friends, while I saw an acquaintance from secondary school. Kinda cool yeah? But music was kinda sucky, with lotsa techno, and very little R&B (where is my Superstar?) and retro moosiq (oh, heaven is a place on earth!). Another thing, there was LOTS of space! It's weird that we don't have to squeeze through people. Lastly, it's quite a challenge dressing to go clubbing in winter. It's cold outside and it's uber warm inside! When we came out, I was FREEZING!! Haha.... Luckily I had my trusty blue cardigan to keep me warm!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My first.....

Hail!! 060807

Rui and I were on the bus back from Carousel [ermm... shopping] when it started to rain really heavily. Never did I realise it was hail till I reached home and Tricia and HuiHui were excitedly telling me that it rained ice! True enough, I went to check the grass outside and there were these small spherical ice all over! Real cool! Took out my handphone and snapped. Luckily we din get hit by them. Must be painful. Not sure if the umbrella can survice them too.

Hmm.... I want snow. But it seems like the weather's getting warmer already. I've been using one quilt only, without the heater switched on and the window open. It feels really good to have natural air conditioning and I really hope this cold weather last (although it makes us not want to bath sometime!! Haha..).

Another thing, this cold weather makes me sing Christmas Carols all the time!! It's weird that it's scorching hot during Christmas here.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lollies on a cold evening

180807 - Ribena lollies

After a satisfying meal of fried luncheon meat, vege and cheese omelette (a balanced diet ok!), we decided to have some dessert!

Ribena Lollies!! We saw these cute stuffs at Carousel, and decided to get it to satisfy our inner child!

The next poster girls for ribena! Haha!

Satisfied with our lollies! =))

Monday, August 20, 2007

Joke of the day...

This happened on the MSN a min ago...

Thought it had to be inked for posterity...

There's gotta be more to life, than chasing down every temporary high... says:
u lazy bugger
Xiong™ Charleston^^ Pictures say a thousand words. See my pic >>>>> says:
pot calling kettle black?
Xiong™ Charleston^^ Pictures say a thousand words. See my pic >>>>> says:
ant calling termite small?

Charleston charleston. Never fails to amuse me... Excellent analogy! Wahahaha.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Recent Bdays Part 1...

There's the birthday boy...

Desmond incidentally shares his birthday with the Princess on 08081985. So don't bet on it that I'll be around to celebrate next year's one with you ol buddy! You know where I'll be. That Wednesday we headed to NYDC for lunch after skool. Haven been there this year yet and I certainly missed their extra cheesy pastas and the BOO-BOO cake.

No photos of stuff in NYDC as it was only after sometime that I remember I had my camera with me. Talkabout carrying a loaded rifle and bayoneting the enemy. Anyway I wasted no time in shooting like mad later on.

Went to shop around Marina and Suntec before we rested tired legs at...

Max Brenner's Chocolate Cafe! Chatted the whole evening there. Hahah. This is how evening should be spent!

The birthday waffle...

I remember being there only once. But I do remember one drink that its famous for...

Ahh. The Suckao! Sucking Cocoa out of a metal spoon cum straw!

Charleston and his Suckao. I made them pose for photos. Hahaha! Gotta admit la Charles quite handsome eh???

Vivian's orchird flower oil hot cocoa was great! I'd order that the next time.

I followed the no brainer instructions for this. My frozen forgotwadsitnamecositstoolongchocolatey drink. Only that you can't drink much of it because it freezes up halfway. Give me the hot orchird cocoa anytime!

Some guy kindly help us take this photo off Esplanade as we watched the final preparations for the next day's parade at the floating platform.

Doris Birthday next! =)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Beginning of bear run???

STI at close 170807
Just another illustration of reasons why and why not to go into the stock markets. Hahaha! Go figure! Finance is for everybody!!!
I will try to update again soon but I've just been too freaking busy! Don't really know with what either. The week just seem to wheeze by. Wish time would waltz with me now. But that's almost as possible as me putting a drumkit in my room, with all the looming deadlines.
Hmmm essay to rush, test to study for, a birthday party to attend, soccer matches to watch, markets to keep watch on... All within the next 48 hours. Gee. I'd split myself if I could. So much things to do.
Looking forward to *****. Its a surprise! Go find out! Will try to load some fotos up on Sunday if I can help it!
Check back soon and enjoy the weekend!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A belated National Day Post

It's when you are away when you realise how much you have grown to think of SG as your home, how you've take the little things for granted - things like 24 hours coffee shop, the ability to flag a cab wherever and whenever, getting pens for 50cents each, and heck, even walking alone at night without fearing for your safety!

I miss the good transport system (I wouldn't complain abt taxis disappearing near midnight, when we have to call for a cab here in broad daylight. And sometimes, it doesn't even come. The meter here jumps every 5s!!); knowing where to find cheap and good food; the safety; and being able to go shopping after classes. Here, we end classes at 4 plus and the onli place we can go is home. Coz the shops closes at 5.30pm latest. Thank goodness for late-night shopping on Thursdays and Fridays (for the City).

Whenever we go on Leech Highway towards the City, and we pass by the "CBD" area, the sight always remind me of our own CBD area whenever we cross the ECP. The somehow familiar view makes me feel at home, yet the slight differences (lack of neon signs saying OCBC, UOB, Maybank and what nots) make me realise that I'm far away.

I can't wait till my plane lands down in SG. I can't wait for the "tired relief I always feel when my flight touches down at Changi" (Choo, 2007). So true, so true....

In the meantime, I gotta savour my last year as a student, and work hard.

Happy Belated Birthday Singapore! I'm missing you right here...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Yeow's Exhibition...

Yeow invited us for one of his Architecture Faculty exhibitions last Friday...

Some clues as to what the exhibition is all about

Clueless? Here's an exhibit by the name of "Slide"...

Meet "Cakebox"...

And "Easel"...

How 'bout "Tic-tac-toe"?

If you're still clueless, you're forgiven. We were equally shocked to learn that all these are actually... MAILBOXES. Yes. Mailboxes. These queer little objects are actually novelly designed letterboxes. Yeow and his merry archi-men have put in much painstaking effort in the completion of the mailboxes during the semester. Lotsa sweat was shed in the setting up of this exhibition in Bras Basah Complex too.

Presenting Yeow's (and his group of 4) creation! This transparent acrylic letter box suspended on a metal pole is entitled "Hammer Head".

We had lots of fun exploring and trying to figure out how all the different mailboxes operate. If you think opening mailboxes' like catching turtles in a jug, well its not the case here. The fun's in figuring out exactly how to slot the mails into the boxes and how to retrieve it. Some involves a little thinking before you realise how it works.

They call this the "Ferris Wheel". Mails slotted in from the top causes the internal wheel to spin due to the weight of the letter. This will result in the wheel spinning and the letter falling to the bottom of the wheel. The small space or opening visible near Cheer's right hand covered by a transparent door held by his left hand, is where one extracts the letter. Cool or what!

Personally this is Weasel's and my favourite. Name's "Mosi". Influenced by middle-eastern ideas. Looks like the upcoming Dubai hotel. LOL. When letter is dropped, it runs through several flaps on the way down which creates a 'shuffling' sound. This sound created signifies the thanking of the postman for the effort taken in the delivery of the mail.

Weasel the businessman...
YEOW! I want the group picture taken with your SLR!!!
Enough for now. The Sunday's too good to be wasted in front of the monitor! Be back soon!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Back with more pics!!

Greetings from Curtin from all of us!!

29th July 2007 - Canningvale Sunday Market with Dad.

Dad brought me to the abovementioned place and I really love that place. It's filled with vehicles selling all kinds of things, ranging from the usual clothes and fruits, to pet food, crystal wares and even guitars!

I love this pic of my Dad!

6th August 2007 - Dinner at Wong's Kitchen

Rebecca recommended us this restaurant selling Chinese food near Rui's house and we went to try it on Monday. We had prawn noodles, lor mee and hor fun! Yum. Will definitely go back on Sunday for their Penang Laksa!!

8th Aug 2007 - My Birthday!! =))

After classes (which ended at 6), we headed down to NorthBridge for some good old singing -Karaoke!! (Yes, Aussie also has Karaoke), to celebrate both mine and HuiHui's birthday, which is on the 11th.

Birthday present from Rui, HuiHui and Tricia. Yummy jacket that I had been eyeing, but it wasn't in my size. Thanks alot girls. And sorry for all the heart attacks I gave you all whenever I wanna go inside JayJays. =))

My birthday present to myself! Haha. Since when do I need justification when I buy things for myself?? Heh...

The picture wall on my wardrobe door. Thanks dear for helping me develop the pics.
Whenever I see this wall, I'll smile. =)

Took this pic while waiting at the traffic light at Subi. Looks like armageadon, no? Especially with the flag flying in the middle of the dark clouds and the ermm.. light (?) clouds.

Took a picture with a Wombat!! I always thought wombats were cute and small and cuddly! I din know they were so huge and sluggish!! But they can run up to 40km/hr! Whee!! I can't imagine this huge sluggish creature running so fast.

My necklace I bought for AUD$2 only. K for Kalene. Ye, Kalene's the name I use here. Can't imagine the Aussies calling my XinYi. Heh.