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Friday, July 27, 2007

Haha! I forgot to post this pic. Huge burger from Nandos. Yum! I'm hungry now! Off to meet my dad and to bring him to FreO!

Greetings from Perth!!

Hey everybody!! Been here for 2weeks and 1day and nope, I still have not gotten my internet in my house. Am blogging in school. I have blog and internet withdrawal syndrome!! So I decided to come to school to blog a wee while and to update you all.

Some things I love about Perth:
  1. The public toilets are always clean, and stocked up with toilet paper (even those in the parks!!)
  2. The weather when it is sunny
  3. Friendly people
  4. Being able to buy clothes in sizes S and XS (I've bought 3 dresses, 3 tops and a pair of track pants within a span of 1 week!!)

Some things I don't like about Perth:

  1. Food is EXPENSIVE (think about AUD$10 for a food court meal). We found cheaper alternatives to eat: cook, or eat subway (2 footlongs for about AUD$13)
  2. The weather: it rain and stop and rain and stop and rain and stop. You get my drift
  3. They don't give out sauces in fast food restaurants... no chilli sauces to dip my popcorn chicken in...
  4. Salty water *bleargh

Ok will try to blog more when I set up my internet connection hopefully by next week. But school's starting next week... Hmm.... in the meantime, here are some pics...

Steamboat are great for cold rainy weathers. Washed down with Smirnoff.... ohh yummmmm!!

We couldn't resist sitting on the grass to take this pic. This is as Fremantle (known as FreO here).

Another one!!

And to end off this short post, Sil, this is for you. I miss you and Pompy too!! *wails!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Randomlish Randomly Random List

Some Randomlites...

The Princess' family... We miss you a lot! Hope you're doing well there...

Wei Hao please hurry up... Su Qin where's my book 6? I need to re-read hahaha. Can't wait to plunge myself in the magical world of Harry again! Reading off the computer in PDF file format is XIONG.

The must catch movie for now. This display at Tamp Mall's so cute. I wanted to sit on the empty seat in the picture beside Homer, but there were too many people staring. ( Cos I removed the red barricade across the family to get a nicer pic if you notice =P )

Meet MiMi. The cute fuzzy grey-white feline that is forever napping in XinYi's garden, forever trying to enter her house, and forever getting chased back to the garden. Named after her cousin's cat. On a hot summer afternoon with nothing to do, its illegal not to indulge in her favourite pastime.

Talk about indulgence. Parents know how to spoil you best... Eh a bit too light a reward for the ONLY SON around to help with the house painting right??? Hahaha.

Fellow Finance-obsessed buddies. Desmond and Andy. We had a very informative session at a seminar regarding Warrants Investing conducted by RaboBank at SGX yesterday evening. Sheesh. The way some participants chiong for the buffet as soon as the seminar ends, you might have thought they were only there for the food instead of the finance lesson.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Quote of the Week...

"When you can't sleep at night, do not count the sheeps. Instead, talk to the Shepherd and HE will give you rest..." =)

PS. Sorry for the lack of updates! But I've been real busy. I got my WHOLE house repainted. Lotsa hard work there and it took a whole week but it's finally done. Only the doors and gates left. All thanks to my mom's cousin who is a painter. I helped out by doing the painting of easy parts and cleaning up. Not to mention moving those huge cupboards. BAH!

PSPS. NO THANKS TO BOTH MY BROTHERS! One's in Tekong and the other's on HOLIDAY in Phuket. But they'll get a surprise when they're back. Since they can't be bothered I get to choose the colours for the whole house! BWAHAHA!!! Obviously, logically, and naturally I chose the colour that I love. BO HUE!!! =) =) =)

Also Cheers has put up another Angkor Wat post. For those interested in our trip, visit his blog!

Gotta go now. The door's screaming to be painted. See ya folks in a bit...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Day out with the gang...

Day out with the usual gang, brought together by the common purpose of visiting Yue Ting. She's became a financial adviser and set up appointments with us last Saturday at her office located at ParkView building. Referred as 'Gotham City' by Weasel because of its weird Gothic inspired architecture. My appointment was first among us and I had some time to kill while waiting for the rest to complete their meeting with Yue Ting.

Do any of you recognise this place???

Not me definitely. Wee Cheer was praying at the Bugis Temple and he brought me to this place known as the 'flea market' after he was done. Let's see its location is obscurely located behind Sim Lim Towers, and the stalls are set up anywhere along the road.

They sell anything and everything there! I was blown away by the enormity of the things on sale. You can find antiques like gramphones, Laser Discs, Nokia 3210, Faded super lao jiao No 4s, early generation laptops that still have a diskette drive, the list goes on.

Weirder stuffs include, USED sports shoes, some Mc Donalds old happy meal toys, recycled magazines, watches (real, fake, ultra fake) that does not tick, and many things that seemingly serve no purpose or things you throw away every now and then.

Anything and everything goes... Can't believe its the first time I'm here. There's treasure to be found if you're lucky!

Finally Weasel and Su Qin are done with their appointments and all of us headed to Fish and Co for dinner. Been a long time since I last went there. Remember I used to be addicted to their passionfruit soda. After last Saturday I still realise I still am. Must learn how to make it at home haha.

Were debating the options of activities after dinner and settled on Karaoke-ing. Kbox-ing on weekend costs a bomb. So we went to Chinatown to try our luck at the $10 Karaoke joint.

Pretty Chinatown on a weekend.

I am going to eat here one day! Although I don't know when.

Can't blame me for doing this right? Blame the cat for not turning over! Hahaha.

We were not so fortunate. That place's fully booked had to go to the next cheapest alternative. K-ster. First time I went there and I'm quite amazed by their 'mouse' controlled system of choosing songs. Very smooth. Beats the lousy stiff buttons of the remote control of K-box.

Some of the pictures of the event. The K-歌王s and 皇后 LOL.

Don't know why I did this but I was just playing around with the HP photosmart premiere program on the laptop. But I'm still far behind the creation of collages. Hahaha. Must learn more from the princess. But I thought the mini photos were cute too.

This photo of the shophouses turn out to be more errie than when seen personally. Taken after our singing session around 130 am.

Weasel drove us to Jalan Kayu for prata after that. Didn't went to the supposed original 'Jalan Kayu' joint so the prata was so-so only. But I finally seen a branch of 'Mad-Jack' restaurant! Another expand-your-waistline-by-an-immediate-cm-must-visit food joint! Heard a lot about it from the press.

That's Cheers for you.

Heng Wee Cheer, famous for sleeping anywhere and everywhere anytime. This time sleeping while waiting for his milo and prata. Maybe should do a collage of all his sleeping pics in Cambodian restaurants, Tuk-tuks, cafes? I'm sure Weasel won't mind. =P

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Army Daze...

Saturday finally arrived! And it marked a milestone in the life of a 20 year old. Yeah younger bro Jermaine is going to fulfil his obligation to the nation!

Every male would not forget this sight. Pulau Tekong looks so calm and serene from the outside. Giving all who visit it a (false) sense of peace and tranquility. It also masks the ferocity of the monsters (and I don't mean wild boar, there's something worse than that) that lurks within the island !!! Don't know what monsters? You'll figure...

Oath taking ceremony for some, photo-taking fun for another... =P

Some of you guys might recognise that this does not look like the standard BMTC auditorium where most of us guys would have surrendered our freedom. Instead it is... As some of you all might recall... OLD SISPEC HALL!!! Poor Jermaine is one of the first batches to be posted to Yankee Company, housed in the old School of Infantry Specialist Building!!!

See? Good ol memories. Current LTA Khairin my Advanced Section Leadership Course buddy won the Silver Bayonet in 2004 and went on to OCS... Damn proud of you!

Back to younger bro... So I told him horrors that all old SISPEC cadets would face. Extra 15 mins to book out and book in due to the need for transport to the ferry terminal, lack of e-mart, bees invading your bunks at night due to the buildings proximity to the jungles, lack of handphone reception unless you creep to the 5th level at night to smuggle a call, etc etc etc...

The farewell lunch followed the opening address of the CO of which elder bro duly fell slept through. We went to the all to farmiliar cookhouse for the 'food sampling' session.

"You kids ah damn lucky... You won't know what I had to ate when I was in army back then..." Elder bro once again laments the bad memories of notorious army cooks in the past.

"Aiyah last time policeman wear shorts, people carry walkman, tv in black and white, etc etc..." Jermaine nonchalently shrugs off the remark and enjoy his first taste of cookhouse food.

And of course the food was good. It always is on enlistment day. The Chicken Rice Set was one of my favourite meal. The instructors tip: Always check the menu before heading to the canteen instead of the cookhouse...

Parents thought the food was excellent though...

One last pic before we bid Jermaine good bye... When I say I'm the shortest kid in my family, I really am... And as you can see by a large margin.

So fast they learnt how to fall-in in platoon level.

This is your home for the next 2 months bro. Take good care!

There is no one to play basketball with me for the next 2 weeks. Sniff!
Hahaha. That means time for other stuffs then. Hope Jermaine will do well and enter OCS when both me and my elder bro has failed. But no matter what's the result, we're all equally proud of you! The national service baton has now been passed to Jerm... Have lots of fun!
Can't wait to see you in 2 weeks time!

Friday, July 13, 2007

If only I could turn back time...

I would not have watched Harry Potter and choose a better way to utilise my time. Hahaha.

Managed to catch the sneak previews of the show with the princess on Wednesday. Sucks to the core really. DO NOT WATCH IT!!!! That's all I'll say.

The Princess have left and reached Perth safely yesterday. Thank God for that. I'll be busy till Friday due to a shocking incident within the family.

But I'll be back to blog again real soon.

Take care all! God bless.

PS. Bon Voyage Yi Quan bro... Too bad I'm not sending you off but at least we'll meet in Perth at year end. Have fun in UWA!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Some updates

Graduation - 050707

Reached school at 0730 to prepare for our graduation ceremony. Luckily dad drove me there, else I would be very late!Din take alot of pics as I was carrying my bag, shoes and hanger for the grad gown.

With the lecturers...

I din manage to get the class pic as I went out earlier with my dad. Turns out that half the class was outside too! Haha..

Some random stuffs in my room...

Dinner at grandma's - 060707

My elder brother planned a mini farewell dinner for me at my grandma's and we had lotsa food. Chilli and pepper crab, duck and home-cooked food!!

Took lotsa pics with my little cuzzies who are all grown up already....

Ain't she a cue little angel??

Airport sent-off - 070707
Went to the airport to send the sydney ppl off.

The donuts... Only got one mouth coz SOME people are just too greedy. 不自动 one. Poor Funk-p' din even get to eat one even though she bought it.

Thursday would be my turn. But there wun be as much ppl to send us off coz it's a thursday morning. I din realise packing clothes could be so emotional! I had difficulties eliminating them!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Yes I still do blog here...

Hi my name is Shaun. And I happen to blog at this site. In case you do not know me or have somehow forgotten who am I or how I look like, read the archives. I am a 22 year old fun loving typical Singaporean whom you might have in your course of life be my acquaintance or my friend. If you're wondering why there is a link with the mysterious address of it's because you have a blog or a website and you know me. Simple as that.

HAHAHA. Just felt like doing something like that to the people who say I have not been blogging much for sometime. I thought I had a lot of free time this holidays but somehow every moment seems to be occupied. There's no time to rest, much less blog. Hmmmm. Where did all the days go? What happened to the month of June??? Heck. Was lost in the whirlpool of intense partying, relaxing and catching up with friends.

Speaking of friends, Edward is back from down under! Finally caught up with him along with Charleston last Saturday at Tamp Mall. Been what some 2 years since I last saw him??? We then headed to Katong for 4 hours of eye popping Lan gaming. Suffered from 'mouse and keyboard' related finger crams. Edward dude you lost more weight! Omigosh. What has Australia done to you??? We shall meet again to fatten you up before you head back. Haha.

School started yesterday and I kicked off the first day of school in style. By waking up late and missing 20 mins of the lecture. LOL. Let's see. Modules for this semester are, Prices and Markets, Business Finance, Employer Relations and History of Management Thought. This has gotta be the worse semester so far. I mean studying history was bad enough but studying history of management thoughts??? What in the world module is that? Hmmm we shall study reasons why our bosses decide to one day wake up and scream his lungs out for us to move our ass. Or why the boss is giving you the "EYE" this morning. Geee. I sure I'm paying for quality educational knowledge that will no doubt be pivotal in the aid of my corporate ascend and the future success of my business endeavours. Haha. But since it has the word 'History' in it, I might be able to scavange some interest from the module. Oh well.

On the brighter side, lessons are 3 days a week! With 4 week out of 12 being 2 day lesson weeks. Gotta be the most 'slack' semester ever. LOL. Lotsa time to pursue the more meaningful non-academic commitments of life. Ahhh... I love UNI life.

1 week before the Princess takes off. It will be a bittersweet period for us I expect. Eh more bitter than sweet I suppose. With the additional exodus of people of close relations.

July 12 - The Princess takes off for Curtin
July 13 - Yi Quan heads to University of Western Australia
July 14 - Younger bro Jermaine swims to Pulau Tekong to begin National Slav.. I mean Service.

I will miss this lot a whole lot.

A short ramble of thoughts to lighten the mind before a good night's sleep.

Night folks!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Go Ang Moh country must have Ang Moh ah?

That was my dad's reaction when he saw my newly (red) highlighted hair. Yeah, you read it correctly. Red highlights, bright crimson/blood red.

Met my aunt and my cousin for lunch at OrganiCafe Experience. Food's okay, but I was appalled at the price of a glass of organic fruit juice - $7.80leh!! Of course we did not have that. We ordered the set lunch which comes with a drink and soup (clam chowder).
I had yummy grilled chicken, while aunt have fish&chips, and cousin had pork piccata or something like that. The pork was so hard, I had trouble cutting and chewing on it. Fish and chips was so-so. But my chicken was grilled crisply! =)) But my cousin din like hers, so I ended up only having half of my chicken, and finished her pork.
After that, we went to IntoHair for our haircut. It's at Square2, where level 2 (or3) where the whole level sells Korean stuffs. I took the cut, highlight and treatment package. Initially, I decided on either purple or red highlights, but Alan, my hairstylist said that purple would not be obvious against my black hair. Hence, he concocted this red for me (check out the pic below!)
Alan painstakingly wrap layers and layers of aluminium on my hair, spreading the dye (whichlooks like strawberry jam). It took him a good 45mins, coz my hair's so thick! After that, I have to sit under this rotating heat thingy, which made me look like someone who is practicing martial arts (especially with my hair like that!).
After 3hours plus...
This is how I look like now. It's not very obvious here, but I can assure you it is. Coz I've got alot of stares from aunties. Haha!