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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Adventures of Tako, Ebi and Sakana - Day 1 & 2

In an attempt to be a little more Japanese, we decided to give ourselves some Japanese sounding names. No prizes for guessing which one is mine though! Haha!

First train ride!

Lugging our luggages through the crowded Shinjuki Station.

After leaving our luggages at the hotel and after brunch, we made our way to Central Metropolitan Government Building to look at the view from the top. Din manage to see Mount Fuji coz it was rather cloudy!

Made our way down to Harajuku to Meiji-Jingu (Shrine).

Seems to be some procession along and they were dancing!

First Tori gate!

The long walk to the shrine.

The start of many hand washings. And the water are super cold!

Ema - where ppl write their wishes on the wooden boards and hang there...

More Emas! Seems like mostly for studies..

Wedding! Thought it was a funeral at first coz so solemn!

Wedding number 2!

Colourful Harajuku! And the (window) shopping begins!

Japanese fashion is quite amazing. You see girls dressed the same way: floral dresses, fake eyelashes, brown hair and the hat!
Went Burberry Blue Label but din see anything that I like..

Day 2 shopping at Shino-Kitazawa. This place is like Arab Street. Cheaper than Harajuku and lotsa quaint little shops along the way. Managed to buy some accessories here.

Street scene.


More shops! I prefer this place to Harajuku for shopping!

Dot drawing...

Was super amazed at this 3 storey of Loccitane!

And toileteries provided by the Hotel. Kose leh!

Japan Part 2: Trains

Trains and stations...

These were a big part of the travel in Japan because:
1. They were what we mostly use to get around
2. My aunt is crazy about them...
3. They are quite cool stuffs
4. Travel expenses make up a bulk of expenses

Different types of trains...

Train tickets that costs a bomb! Lucky for JR Pass!

Our first train ride on the Keisei Line.

Waiting to transfer...

Ladies only cabin! For peak periods...

Happy to get a seat!

Osaka Koen Station

Green trains

Priority seats...

Local buses at Hiroshima.


My tights!!

Randen local train..

Foot spa in the station...


14year olds on the train! And we know that coz of Miss Tako P!

Kyoto Station...

Crazy red hatted kids!

Hieizan-Sakamoto Station

Dodgy eye coz sitting on priority seat! Haha!

She too!

Yoshinoguchi Station!

Train conductors? They have weird moves everytime a train moves in and out of the station! Very cute!

Very comfortable train which we realised we have to pay an extra 500Yen for! Ouch!

Wooden train stations.

Stained glass in one of the Tokyo Stations ( I think is Ueno)

This is a cool escalator as it goes up then flat then up again. And Japanese really keep to the side! Tokyo to the left, Osaka to the right. The rest I forgot!

Otsuki Station...

Train with Mount Fuji patterns!



Empty train! =))

Kori.. Another rainy day...

Stamps of train stations. Lucky I bought along a notebook and manage to collect some! It became a habit for us to look out for stamps in all the stations.

The hanging monorail which was really scary and fast!

Cute hey?

Lockers along the way. Most major train stations have them! Guess Japanese are shopaholics too!

People really keep to the sides! And it was a good hair day! Haha!

Matsushikaigan Station. Love the little wooden sign.


Another cartoon painted train..

Sendai Station...

One of the local trains in Choshi where we have to get the tickets from this cute guy. He will stand at the door and announce the name of the destination!

Day passes...

One of the stations in Choshi...

Old looking isn't it?

Inside the station..

Penning out thoughts on the guest book...

Blue train! Matches my outfit!

Another station in Choshi - Inuboh.

Inside the station.

The cute guy who changed our JR passes. Sneaked alof of pics of him. Haha!
Next up: The adventures of Tako, Ebi and Sakana!