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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunset in LT 3

Sorry for the lack of updates!

Was bogged down through the week by History of Management(HMT) project! Bah. That irritating essay took up so many precious hours which could otherwise be used enriching our social lives. . . Haha kidding. I DO work sometimes k.

The project has been smooth sailing so far and we're due for completion 3 days before the deadline. So that's pretty cool.

Lotsa problems cropped up over this week. Problems with project, problems with group mates, problems with future group mates, problems of friends, problems with friends, problems with ME, problems problems problems...

Well the only morale booster would be the good results I got so far. Finance mid-sem just came out. HD for everything so far so praise the Lord! I must work doubly hard for the final exams to close the GPA gap on desmond. Hahaha.

Gotta get back on HMT so I leave with you folks the 3rd installation of the series...

Nice right!

Was surfing net in the evening when I noticed the bright orange lights reflected off my hall's wall. So I walked to the window and voila!

Looks like God picked up a paintbrush dipped it in some orange paint and decided to express his feelings on a cloudy evening.

I think I shall invest in a mini-tripod. When capturing pictures in dark lighting without flash, a little shake ruins the whole picture.

I shall be blogging more frequent from tomorrow onwards I guess. This coming week will be the last week of skool. Then its mugging break for more mugging mugging and more mugging for the finals.

Exams end on November 10. And its a long long way there...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

To Uranus with Finance and Management!

Cos I wanna be a philosopher!

歌手:范玮琪 专辑:哲学家









Must be the blues felt while tackling this bloody History of Management Thoughts paper...

Monday, September 24, 2007

Mid-Autumn Festival


We are going to watch Hairspray!! Tuesday is student's concession day!! But tix would cost about AUD$12?? And after that we gonna go to Rui's village and carry lantern and eat mooncakes at the volleyball court under the full moon!! So exciting!!

And another thing. Anyone knows the significance of lantern carrying and mooncake eating??

Ciao back to my 4000word case study report!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

When life gives you lemon...

I finally got this photo! Taken during Yeow's mailbox exhibition...

I must be the most 'lok kock' joker around. But I really hate dressing up. Hahaha.

Oh I was blogging mainly for this...

Was chatting with the Princess when I decided to mimc her msn nick.

Hence started the series of "When life gives you a lemon, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (fill the second part in yourself) MSN sub-nicks.

The Princess: when life gives u lemon, ask for salt and tequila!

Me: When life gives you lemon, ask for some fish and chips as well!

Cheers: When life gives you lemon, ask for ice water as well too!

Hahah we're all msn copy-kittys. So start you're own "When life gives you lemon" series today!

Because when life gives you lemon, you can do wonders with it other than lemonade! =)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ripped from Sil's Blog...

The Occupational Therapy Song

I woke up this morning
I couldn't even get out of bed
I stumbled on my feet to brush my teeth
And I didn't have the find my sink

It sounds like I need some OT
It sounds like I need some OT
It sounds like I need some Occupational Therapy

So they dragged me out of bed
To do some therapy activity
To bake a cake and fold some clothes
They told me I can't go home
Unless I'm safe when I'm alone
It looks to me instead...that someone is just plain lazy

It sounds like I need some OT
It sounds like I need some OT
It sounds like I need some Occupational Therapy

So if you find yourself putting on your tee shirt wrong
Or sometimes wondering if you've left your stove on
Let’s make it very clear...You don't need physical therapy

It sounds like you need some OT
It sounds like you need some OT
It sounds like you need some Occupational Therapy


Now wait a minute, is there a speech therapist in the house?

It sounds like you need some OT
It sounds like you need some OT
It sounds like you need some Occupational Therapy

Sometimes we forget about that other therapy
We always seem to think physical therapy
But without OT, people aren’t going to think...and they would be stinky

So thank you, OT
For all you do, thank you
Thank you, thank you… Occupational Therapy

You need some OT? You know you do!
Who's the vice president?
You need some OT? Your shoelaces are untied
You need some OT? Come on… your fly is open
You need some OT? You know you want some
You need some OT? You know you do.

Hope this song sheds more light into what an Occupational Therapist does.

Thanx Sil for the great find. We'll see each other sooooooooonnnnnnnn!!! =))

Got nothing much to blog nowadays. Bogged down with schoolwork, and project mates who dun wanna meet up, wun reply to ur emails or sms-es, and would rather "email each other what we've done". Sigh.


Jermaine got into OCS!

That joker. . .

Somehow someway he did it!


Its a wonderful weekend!

Friday, September 21, 2007


I saw my eye candy just now and today he looks even cuter!! Hahahahahahahaha

*Silly grin! Oh.. We were guessing he's from psychology since HuiHui and Rui saw him near the common room which we share with the Psych students. Cool hey?!?!?!

Ok back to work! Ciao!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Seen on Australian National TV

A local vocal couch.

What is a vocal couch? A couch that can talk very well???

And they still dare to comment on the standard of SG's English!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Training to be soldiers....

I'm on a cruise!
Well you'll be forgiven if you think I'm on one. They have revamped the fast craft such that it looks as if I'm on a luxurious boat with a liquor bar in it. But I'm actually heading to Tekong to see younger bro complete his Basic Military Training.
Yup Jermaine 'passed out' last Wednesday along with several hundreds of recruits. And for the parade he is the flag bearer of the company!!! YES THE FRIGGIN FLAG BEARER. Mom was so proud. That's because he happens to be the company's tallest man. Hahaha. Good job bro!
There he is, the solitary recruit of Yankee company, awaiting the the arrival of the rest of the recruits.

He stands at attention at the arrival of the parade commander. Was telling him that if he drops the flag during the parade he will 'drop' along with it. LOL!

And the rest arrives...
The salute for the guest of honour...
I couldn't care less for the rest of the parade. I mean who ever listens to the speech by the G.O.H.? The only entertainment was one recruit DROPPING his rifle as he executed his 'hormat-senjata' (pardon me if I spelled it wrongly... but ORD LOH!) stance. The crowd went "Oooooph". I can see the commanders at the side smacking their foreheads in disgust. Hahah. I would have killed that recruit if he was under my company too. Other than that, I was just waiting for the march pass so that I could rush down to the front of the stadium and take a picture of Jermaine leading the company in the march past. But I was to be sorely disappointed.
March pass! Bronco company, the first company of the march pass. I was already at the front of the stadium before it started.
There's my brother carrying the flag!!!
And yes, he had to have his face blocked by the flag as he march passed. WASTED! The wind was blowing the flag snuggly into his face. What a waste. Would have been a perfect shot. Too bad he was unable to adjust the flag in any way on the parade square.
Oh well I got a nice shot of his back though... LOL...
Well the re-entry was quite a joke. The company right in front, Bronco was totally screwed up in their drills. No alignment, no dressing, no coordinated movements. And they so happen to be placed right in front. Well we can't ignore it even if we wanted to. Incidentally the soldier that dropped the rifle was from that company as well. There was a chap behind me who commented loudly that the company should be renamed "Buang" company instead. B is for BUANG! Hahaha! That chap may be evil but I can't agree more.

We're so proud of him!

Mom and Sophie (Jermaine's GF) had the honour of putting the jockey cap on his head.

POP loh!
Good ol Jermaine. One parent commented that its hard to find someone with the initials X.L. (see uniform initials) Hahaha. Well he was X-tra large once. But now he's freaking buff! Like a monster. His biceps are freaking me out daily.

I love my bro... Really we don't look a least bit alike. You better go OCS!!! Ok Sispec at least... I believe you can do it.

Click to see the Infantry Roar and the Cap tossing!
The lighting sucks that day. Dark clouds. Poor visibility. Every photographer's nightmare. Well I did my best as the day's Duty Orderly Cameraman, so better appreciate the video! It takes a short while to load but it's worth the wait. Hahah.
Ok! Blog break over. I better go back to studying for the Prices and Market Paper tomorrow. =)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I'm back!!!

Yes after a week of crazy struggle with my modem I'm finally online!

Problem started on Wednesday night when I could not connect to the internet. The cable modem had these bunch of funny flashing lights that I never see before. Anyway to cut the long story short, I tried every trouble shoot method that I knew of (which probably didn't take long) and called the service hotline as the last resort.

Called them around 10pm and went through a whole lot of instructions and button pressing so as to have my call directed to the internet and modem problem department. It so happens that all their lines are engaged. I received their friendly taped voiced message:

"Sorry our lines are busy at the moment... blah blah blah... However your call is important to us... blah blah... PLEASE DROP US AN EMAIL REGARDING THE PROBLEM YOU ARE FACING... We will then get back to you shortly..."

I didn't call and reach this specific department just to hear a taped message telling me to do what I can't. How can I send an email if I can't get online? LOL. Its akin to asking a crippled to walk to the wheelchair. -_-"
Jokers. Well I did get through in the end. So the Starhub dude came on Friday morn and replaced my faulty modem foc as it was under warranty. Everything was fine till I came back at night. Same problem. SIGH. Called them again, got the same message again, waited again, and finally got through again. They did a check and called me this morning. The reason for the screw up?

They gave me a new modem but forgot to activate my account.

Talk about jokers indeed. So after a half week internet ordeal, I'm finally back!

Lotsa lotsa stuff to post. I'll be blogging more. =)

But for now...

Sunset in LT 2
The indecisive force kicked in. So its both photos again then.
Night time! The sun seems so far away. Its as if the sun's putting up a good fight not to be irrelevant.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Girls and their hormones

We (i.e. HuiHui, Tricia and I) just watched "A Walk to Remember" and we were in the mood for some crying. And so we are downloading "A Moment to Remember" to watch now! Wheeeee!!

Can the walls in the house be any thinner??

This blog had been stagnant for some time hey. I'm having this blogger's block, and it doesn't help that Shaun's internet is down. Heh. Anyway, I like singing along to music in my own room, and I always have this constant worry that my housemate will hear me screeching those Kelly Clarkson/Avril Lavinge/Ah Mei songs (which are mostly well... screechy coz of my low range). It also happens while I'm bathing. Singing while the water's running is ok, coz the water sound will mask my voice. But when the water's turned off, my voice had to be "turned off" too!

The walls are so thin, that when my housemate went to pee, we can hear ermm... the peeing sound. Eh... you get it. So when we do need to do some big business, it gets rather embarrassing. Especially when we are sharing the house with 3 other guys. Hmmmm....

The old...

And the new...

I prefer the old one's though. But since the new one's free, I've got nothing much to complain.

Monday, September 10, 2007

You know you need to stop going out at night if there's no car when

You get eggs (x2) thrown at you when you are waiting at the bus stop for the cab.

The 4 of us were sitting at the bus stop waiting for a cab after we went for greyhound racing (refer to Rui's blog) when a white car drove past us, slowed down and threw stuffs at us. Our first reaction was anger and fear. Then after that we broke out into laughter. Coz they had thrown 2 eggs at us, and missed all 4 of us, within that small constraints of the bus stop. Oh wells, 2 less eggs for them to eat.

Point is, this happened at a bus-stop just ~20m away from the police station! Tells you much about the security here yea? Luckily it was "just" eggs, and it missed us. Can't imagine if they are stones or sharps.

Sunset in LT 1

LT or Lengkong Tiga, where I grew up!

After all these 19 years that I lived here it's only last year that I discovered or rather paid a closer attention to the daily breath-taking sunset view from my house. Just outside my room at the balcony. Slow or what?

So I shall start a series of sunset pictures. For those who love watching but do not have the time to, let yours truly do the appreciating of the day's last lights for you, my faithful readers. Then you just have to catch it off the blog! =) Like a tough job eh? =P

Anyway elder bro saw me taking photos of sunset and he said it'll spoil my olympus lens. But I dunno how true is that.

I can't decide the better of 2 so I kept both. Hahaha

I had to hide behind my camera to take this one. The sun ray's pretty strong.

Will be back with part 2 and so on soon.

Younger bro is going to 'pop' (Passing out Parade) on Wednesday!!! Gonna be heading down to Tekong again. =) Well no more a tekong maggot now. All trained as a basic soldier. That makes him housefly right? Hahaha! Kidding! But I'm really proud of him.

Pop loh!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

The downfalls of Singlish

A classmate ask if we take exams in English in Singapore.

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Kinda cool right?

What if you have only 5 years to live???

If these guys are right that is...

Check this video out.

And this too.

It'll take 40 mins of your time but it's highly interesting.

A totally informative and chilling doomsday documentary video, with predictions, debates by experts past and present etc etc etc.

If the world really ends in 2012, what will you do today? The day after? The next 5 years?

I won't be blogging so often that's for sure. =) Time to sleep!

*Thanks Desmond for these excellent links!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Back from Northam!

Arghh!! I badly need some civilization (i.e. internet), but when I got back, I realized that Tricia had turned off the router and the modem! That means no internet for me!! They had went to Araluen for the tulips!! Wanted to meet them there but we woke up late ad thus left Northam rather late.

Went to Northam which is about 1.5 hours drive east of Perth to do our NeuroScience Assignment. We were supposed to meet someone with neurological deficits and write up our treatment plans, blah blah blah. And so Marie, Shan and Bel decided that they wanted to meet this lady with MS up at Northam. They are a real cool bunch of ppl, with lotsa experience and are really friendly!

It was a trips of many firsts. This is the first time I’ve been to the country, the first time I been on a road trip with (almost) complete strangers; the first time I ate beetroot (pickled) and had vegemite; the first time I had vodka lemon lime bitters.

We stayed at this place which is part of Curtin – Muresk, School of Agriculture or something like that. We had a house with 6 rooms for the 4 of us, and each of us had one room to ourselves! And the room’s bigger than the one I got at Curtin 6, with a wardrobe 3 times mine, and another cupboard to put your private stash of food/stuffs. The study table was huge too! How I wish the rooms at Curtin 6 was like that. The best part – we only had to pay 45 bucks per night (considering that we would pay much more for a hotel stay!)

Our client, Kathy, is a really cool lady. She has a really sweet family and I love her house! She’s really good at problem solving and is really creative (we reckon she would be a good OT!). She was and still is a great inspiration to me and the rest of my group, coz she had such optimism about life! It’s really great that I had the chance to meet her.

You must be wondering why I am able to write so much about her. Well, she had published a book named My Story (abbreviation is MS) and is writing the 2nd book now! All of us had a copy of the book autographed by her. =))

Anyway, we had both nights of dinner at this pub/restaurant thingy and for both nights we had alcohol. That means I had 3 consecutive nights of alcohol (29th was Rui’s Birthday, 30th and 31st at Northam). Hmmm…. Need to stay away from alcohol for a while. Haha…. enough talking… pictures now!

Her quote by the office.

This little boy has been standing there for ages... Look real right?

Right outside where we stayed

Beautiful Canola Fields

New game I learnt - Sequence

Views on the way back


Another one.... I love the colours.. =))

Lastly, the book that's writen by Kathy, authographed too!