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Sunday, January 30, 2005

The parable of the RADICAL son

Haha.. My younger brother is now the newly crowned radical son. Though at a teeny 17 yrs old, he has to date done many radical things that none of his elders have ever accomplished. He is without a teeniest doubt the most precocious and unconventional youth in a fairly conservative family.

Some of his achievements includes:

-being the tallest in the family
-the youngest ever to get a girlfriend
-being the youngest to get a handphone, at age 14
-have the most girlfriends by the age 17
-the first in the family to dye his hair
-the youngest to chiong in a pub or club
-the first among the trio to sport a hipster cum act beng look
-the only one who Giodano underewear boxers around at home

And just today the radical revolutionary recalcitrant pulls away from the others once again with by far the greatest act in the history of the Foo family. He has overshadowed all in the family and the long Hainanese chain. He has, today, broke any last fibre and strand of conservancy left in the humble residence off Lengkong Tiga.

He is going to turn heads in this chinese new year among our relatives. He is going to cause the uncles and aunties to shake their heads. He is going to cause the ah mas to splutter on their drinks, the ah gongs to drop their cigarettes with their mouths wide opened. He will stun our cousins, charm our fellow radical female relatives this festive season.

Because he has PIERCED his ear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With a new shiny silver stud to boast of.

My mom gasped in half shock-half horror when she saw it. My elder brother threatened to pull it out when he returns from China next week the moment he heard of it. And my dad has not found out about it. Hahaha. It is going to be fun around here. Maybe not. Stay tuned folks!!!

To change or not to change? That is the question...

Why is everyone getting the coolest gadgets and gizmos except me??? Haha.. Xinyi juz bought a Nokia 7620.. Real jealous of her phone. Has a super cool functions layout for a start. Next, a resolution much better than mine!!! It also comes with the latest games, almost 3-D effect like. Has a powerful digi-cam like phone camera with God knows how many times zoom capabilities. Hrummph. How much more can you ask for? Sigh. She is able to use her phone as an MP3 player as well! Darn... Why does the latest gadgets go to anyone other than me?

Hrummph. I also wanna get a digital camera. Seems like evryone has one of those while I'm still using my dad's good ol, bulky ol, uncool ol, dull black ol, film based ol, super heavy ol minolta camera. Oh well. I just hope that I'll save up enough money as soon as possible.

Gadgets craze is becoming the latest fad in town. Turn any pages of newspapers on a saturday and you'll find advertisements for handphones, cameras, computers, song players, and much more. Are Singaporeans getting more lavish on their lifestyles?

Traditional school of thought: "A handphone is a handphone wad... Usable can alredy lor"

Recalcitrant school of thought: "But that phone is newer, and has more functions, got CAMERA and acts as an MP3 also!"

Traditional school of thought: " But what is the use of a phone? It is just used for communication right? Can call and sms good enough lor."

Recalcitrant school of thought: " Communication? Don't get me started! New phones now allows users to MMS and commuunicate via the WEB through E-MAILS! The latest phones allows VIDEO CONFERENCING as well!"

Traditional school of thought: " Are you prepared to pay more for your phone? As well as an increase in your monthly phone bills as you MMS and go WEB-SURFING and DOWNLOADING with your phone?"

Recalcitrant school of thought: " Hmmm......."

I am in caught a dilemma... While i yearn to have a new phone and a new camera, half my mind tells me not to waste money on something new as the old ones though have worn out their style but not their usage, the other half tells me to acquire the latest fandangles. Sheesh...

Im torn between the 2 schools... Help anyone?

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Outfield= MORE fun for sergeants

Hahaha... Why am i blogging in the specialist mess in the middle of my company's field camp??? Another one of the many perks of being an instructor in BMTC. You get benefits like going back to company line to bathe or pursue your admin interests while the recruits brave the mosquitoes and weathers out there for you. Heh.

Field camp so far has been pretty good. except for the usual report sick cases for fever, heat rashes and dizziness, there has only been 1 sprained ankle, 1 torn ligament, 1 right testicle with a lump on it and 2 teeths broken due to a recruit falling flat on his face as he tripped. Sigh... It really pains one to see anyone injured of scarred permanently just for the sake of fulfilling 2 years of service to the nation.

Tonight: Operation Stealing Rifle.

Hahaha... A highly coveted operation involving us instructors leopard crawling in the dead of the night just to steal rifle or rifle parts from recruits who would probably be sleeping soundly by then. Heh. Looks like extra PT sessions' coming up first thing tomorrow.

My praying mantis has been good so far. He was put together with a centepide twice his size and i must say he has been putting up a good struggle so far. Its amazing to see how the insects try to outwit or avoid each other. Should be seperating them soon i guess. Hmmm... My first field camp as an instructor has been real smooth sailing so far. Hope its the same for all you folks out there. Take care ya... Adios!

Friday, January 21, 2005

Outfield = Fun for Sergeants

Today was IFC ( individual field craft) lesson 3: Cover and concealment. Super fun deluxe. Brought the recruits to Salabin. Haha. Sure brings back memories seeing the recruits putting on camo cream on their faces, necks, chests and hands for the first time. Some looked like the "Incredible Hulk", a group like "Shrek", others like "Swamp thing", a handful like they had mud on their faces, some like frogs with beige spots, and a few beyond recognition. Heh.

Camouflage done. Now comes concealment. The recruits were given 10 mins to stuff grass, shrubs, leaves, sticks, whatever they can find from the jungle, around their whole body, in the event breaking the overall shape of the body. This will provide better concealment among the surroundings. Its real fun to see the recruits stuffing all sorts of plants into their buddies' webbings, helmets, etc. They all came out looking like garden hedges. Cute!

Now for the durability test. "Jumping jacks in position ready!!!" After 10 counts of 4, disaster strikes. There goes all the weeds. Most of them are now reduced to their usual self. So much for "being possessed by the plant spirit" as 1 of my recruit puts it. Hahaha.Those who past this test proceed to the final test.....

The recruits are then divided into 2 groups. 1 group will hide among the vegetation while the other group will try to spot them after they have settled down. This is the most enjoyable part of IFC 3. Hehehe. Those chao recruits think of the best spots to hide. Juz like they always do when we need volunteers for sai kangs. Sheesh. Wonder where they honed their dodging skills. Those who were spotted? The usual. Carry on 20.

And i got a new pet! its a pet praying mantis that i caught outfield today. It is brown in colur about 5 cm long. Has to date polished off 2 spiders and 1 cockroach for meals. Heh. Reliving those good ol insect catching childhood days. Fun. Haven thought of a name for it either. Hahaha. Suggestions anyone???

Thursday, January 20, 2005

This is for especially for you...

This is my favourite Jap song.
Open Up Your Mind
Sung by: Mirai
Lyrics: Mitsui Yukiko, Sheila De Niro
Composition: Takahashi Kei'ichi
Arrangement: Takahashi Kei'ichi, "Snow Man"

I've found the translated lyrics of the song to be most meaningful. They are especially for YOU. The ONE who was behind me always these past coming 3 years... I love you dear...


Even when it seems that nothing can go right
and you want to just give up,
if you close your eyes,
you can see the world from your heart.

In this world when life can be so tough
You must be strong
Just believe in yourself and don't you fear
So open up your mind and close your eyes
Take another look from the other side

Even on a lonely night, when you wander afraid,
you may be alone now, but
your feet can take you however far you want to go, so

Just hold on tight, because if you close your eyes,
look inside yourself, there's a shining light there.
Yes, I want you to believe in everything.
You can take another look from the other side

Just hold on tight, even if your heart is breaking.
Reach into your soul, even if you can't see tomorrow.
Yes, if you have the strength to live,
You can take another look from the other side,
until you find all that is love...

I wish for you to have the strength
to make it through this world,
so open up your mind,
and you'll be able to see...

Just remember you are not alone
So don't you fear
Even though you're miles away
I'm by your side
So open up your mind and close your eyes
I'll be there for you no matter where you are

The stars may live for a long time, but that doesn't mean
that the same days will repeat over and over forever.
No one can see into tomorrow.

Just hold on tight, because if you close your eyes,
look inside yourself, you'll feel a heartbeat.
Yes, I want you to believe in the future.
You can take another look from the other side.

Just hold on tight, even if your heart is breaking.
Reach into your soul, even if you can't see tomorrow.
Yes, there's another world out there.
You can take another look from the other side,
and you'll be able to find all that is love...

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Where did all the time go???

You guys muz be wondering why frequent blogger me didnt have any entries recently rite???It's because I do not have time!!!!! Bmt has started and there are a million and 1 things to accomplish daily. Besides the daily duties, we specialists have to prepare all the different equipments needed for the various activities. Furthermore, the day starts at around 530am and ends no earlier than 9pm.

As if its not bad enough working your butt off for an organisation that pays you peanuts,our weekends and holidays are often (eg, tomorrow, Hari Raya Haji Day) burnt! Friggin !@#$%^&* COS (Company Orderly Slave) duties! Despite being in the joint for almost a year, I still cant believe I'm wasting my youth here. Sigh... To all my friends whom I've turn down invitations for squash games, pool matches, kopitiam yakking while watching saturday soccer, chill out sessions at Siglap, class outings, basketball games, shopping sessions, chalets, etc, I am truly sorry. Believe me, I would pay any amount to get out of that wretched island for the party. Dang, too bad I ain't no proficient swimmer.

On the bright side, time passes pretty fast. It's already coming to the 4th week of Bmt already. I can still clearly remember the first day (6 weeks ago) when my recruits first came in as blur individuals. Gosh, where did all the time go?

I miss my family. I miss being able to have home-cooked food daily, conversing with my gram, playing basketball and pool with my brothers, lying on my own comfy bed, man the list can go on forever.

The robber of freedom, pilferer of rights, destroyer of youth, raider of time, pillager of the essentials of teenage years, lick my goretex boots! 17 months to go, do your worst Mr.SAF, there is only so much time that you can keep me..l. Nyahnyahnyah...

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Canine Frenzy II

Ok. The dog looked much better today than it did yesterday. It wagged its tail for the first time! Haha.. My friend said that it means that the puppy is happy. If only humans have a happiness indicator. Then we could probably avoid provoking anyone in a bad mood. Heh. In the last 2 days it had consumed aroung 3 packets of milk and 1 packet of pedigree premium doggie nosh(bought by one of the instructors who booked in yesterday). A tremendous appetite for someone so small in size. Heh..

It was able to also make small but still clearly audible high pitched barks or rather "yelps". We kept it in a basket and lined the base of the basket with newspaper. We also put lots of towel in the basket for the it to cuddle in. It has not enough fur to keep itself warm for now. We put her on top of our platoon commander's table today to clean its "nest", and that cheeky canine pee-ed all over the table and ran away! Sheesh! So rebellious for someone so small.

She has obviously recovered almost fully and we're are having a hard time entertaining her. She has a tremendous amount of energy. Sheesh. She ran all the way to the costal route tracks across the basket ball court, eluding 4 instructors along the way before we managed to catch her and bring her back to the company line. Bad dog! We were all panting by the time we caught her. Yay! Someone's bringing in a leash tonight so we can walk her properly tomorrow.

We have not been able to think of a name for her yet. Guess "mohican" is too crude a name for a puppy so small and cute right? Hahaha.. Sugestions anyone???

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Canine Frenzy!

Heh. This is all the rage in MOHAWK company now. Recetnly, there has been an invasion of super cute dogs in BMTC. I suspect they came from SISPEC as the have the familiar brown markings on them. Just 3 days ago when i was doing COS in sunday, a litter of puppies happily trooped past the company line, walking casually past me with the proud mother leading the litter. Super cute!

Just yesterday, it was raining heavily, a poor cold puppy returned back to the company line. It was wet, cold, hungry and shivering. So poor thing! We tried to feed it some milk. But i guess the puppy was not used to humans feeding it. Besides, it is barely a week old. So we left it all cuddled up in towels which we brought from the store. It really looked so pitiful. Fortunatey, the mother soon came along and fed the puppy. They then trotted off away.

Later that evening we heard that the puppy fell into a drain which was full of vehicle oil discharge as it was near the tonner and landrover(MT line) unit. We went around the school looking for it But the puppy was no where to be found. One of my colleague (he owns 8 dogs) was especially anxious to find it as he wanted to have it cleaned. If not the parents of the dog would snub it and would not let the puppy go near them. Sheesh!

Fortunately today, we saw it loitering near the parade square behind our company line. It is a funny sight to see 4 specialist, 3 officers, 1 company clerk and 1 OOT trying to catch the puppy. We finally managed to catch it and left the cleaning to the hands of the 2 canine experts. It was really oily, and it looks skinnier than ever.

After 30mins of scrubbing, we put it in a basket as we felt that the puppy was to weak to be walking around (it is about the size of my new balance). The clerk bought a bit of milk from the canteen and we managed to find something to use as a doggie dish. The puppy is now resting happily in the company line.

And the puppy is proud to be.... Mohawk's first canine!

Sunday, January 02, 2005

You're the first person who PISSED me off in the new year! CONGRATS!!!

Yay! First blog for the new year! All right.. Enough celebration.

On a more solemn note, a not so happy new year for lotsa people elsewhere. Darn, the death tolls for the tsunami keeps climbing. I feel bad collecting my newly bought spectacles costing over a hundred when people are out there suffering and dying. Sheesh. The irony of life.

Was ambushed by a teenager today outside Kembangan mrt "selling" coupons in the aid of malay children who have not enough money to go to school. on any ordinary ocassion i would have bought the ticket. But he looked so screwed up and was kinda snorting when he asked for the donation, i rejected him initially to see his reaction. Haha. Of all the cheek! He went on ranting about me not knowing importance of education.

Xin Yi then came along(i was waiting for her you see). She was nicer. She bought 2 tickets from another kid some time back. When i told him that she bought already, instead of thanking her, he went "Oh, many people have bought too, but they buy more again. So can you buy another one?" PUH-Leeze! Do you have a better response than that???

I was going to give him a piece of my mind, but then the train was coming. I ignored him and walked off. He followed us for a few step saying "Sir, i cant believe you do not know the importance of education" repeatedly.

SHUT UP YOU PEA-BRAIN! And what do YOU know about the importance of LIFE? I wished i had asked him to follow me into the station where i would tip the whole amount of money in my wallet into the "tidal wave donation box" in his face while smirking at him. HAHAHA! EAT DUNG YOU NINCOMPOOP!

Rule 1: If you want people to help you, do it with a smile.
Rule 2: Be polite, patient, not pushy.Rule
Rule 3: Do not piss anyone off!

That kid spoilt my day. Hrummph.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

How to help if you wanna...

How you can contribute:

A. Monetary contributions:

Singtel sets up donation hotlines: From 30 Dec 2004, 0001, the following donation hotlines will be set up:
For a $10 donation, call 1900 112 1226 or *12261
For a $50 donation, call 1900 112 1227 or *1227.

B. Non-monetary contributions:

Emergency items needed for the survivors of the recent disaster.
1. Tents
2. Food (Pre-cooked or ready-to-eat meal packs)
3. Water Purification Tablets
4. Wheat Flour, rice, other staples
5. Drugs: Paracetamol, anti-biotics, suture material, disposable syringes, vitamins, and vaccinations for diarrhea, cholera and malaria.
6. Intravenous infusion (saline and dextrose)
7. Portable generators
8. Medical Supplies like wound dressing, bandages etc.

The address and opening hours of the branches of collection centres are as follows.

36 Robinson Road #01-01 Singapore 068877
Opening Hours:Weekdays: 10am to 7pmWeekends: 10am to 6pmTel: 6372 3555

1 Raffles Place, #37-00 OUB Centre Singapore 048616
Opening Hours:Weekdays: 9am to 7pmSaturdays: 9am to 5pmTel: 6435 8435

101 Upper Cross Street #B1-23/24 Singapore 058357
Opening Hours:10am to 9pm dailyTel: 6535 1138

1 Woodlands Square #01-37Singapore 738099
Opening Hours:10am to 6pm dailyTel: 6894 0818

NOTE: To any BMTC permstaff or recruits who happen to chance upon this blog, for your info if you are unaware, BMTC is collecting donations for these above mentioned items as well. Please make contributions if you want to by this book in on Sunday night, 020105 or Monday morning, 030105. For more details do contact your superiors.