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Sunday, April 23, 2006

I will never walk alone!!!

What a beautiful game...

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Revenge is so so sweet...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Chalet @ Changi again!!!

Chalet @ Changi is back again!!! Although I have not received all of the photos yet, I decided it's time to put em up anyway. Because its bloody raining heavily outside and I have nothing to do anyway. Hahaha.

The weather these days suck totally. The day would start off promising and bright. Sun shining softly, trees swaying mildly in tune with the slight breeze. Birds fly around singing melodiously, clouds remain far far away where they should be, it has the making of a perfect day. Then it changed totally in the afternoon. Clouds hoarded the skies, thunder rumble from a distance, then it would pour like nobody's business as bolts of lightning fly by. Sheesh. There goes the best period of sunlight. Then weather returns to normalcy say around 5 giving you 2 good hours of fading sunlight for what??? Sian. This for the whole of last week plus this week. Clearing leave have never been so painful. Haiz.

Anyway I'm not here to talk about the weather. But about the chalet. Hahaha. Digressed again. The chalet this time was a more quiet affair with not much major activities going on in the day except the usual mahjong and ps2. Therefore we spent 2 good afternoons in a lan shop at Tampines playing Dota!!! Cost quite a bomb but heck it sure was fun to play with so many of your colleagues face to face. We have pulled also the company clerk to the DARK side. Welcome my new Dota friend!

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Mahjong is a daily morning affair. Makes you "wake up" totally or risk your money being transferred to the more "awake" ones. Mahjong khakis from right Fabian, JJ and HQ.

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Hey it's an honour to take a picture of the "most boring chalet's main office". How many of you have ever been to a chalet with NO entertainment facilities and such ulu location? Hahaha.

Look at what we'll be having for dinner!!!

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Yes crabs!!! Kiam(my buddy since bmt days) got promoted to a major!!! He got a "crab" on his shoulder wad... We had to wash the rather small but yummy crabs for bbq.

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I spent my afternoon chasing cats and playing with them. This is the smallest of them! A kitten only. But she's flanked by very protective parents. (Parent cats are clawing me viciously as I picked up the kid for a pic hence the forced painful smile). Not to that exaggerated extent but close enough.

There were more cats than there was last time! And the best thing is I forgot to bring my camera!!! Thanks Fabian for tolerating a bunch of feline-ed pictures in your camera. Hahaha.

There she is again!!! Cute hor???

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The kitten got bored and decided to explore a drain. She looks big in the pictures as I took them all up close. See the small tinee winny gap? She got in through the gap a second after I took this shot.

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Then she got stuck! And the other kitties tried to rescue her. I lifted up the cover to free her. Hahaha. Very cute scene. Curiosity kills the kitten! How so very true.

Told ya! The kitten was well protected.

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BBQ!!!! Roll out the food and beer(coke for me pls) and let the partying begin! See those pretty red crabs??? Slurp!

Yes I know girls. Hardly anyone loves cats than guys. Who on earth's blog has more pictures of cats than humans right... Hahaha. So here are some pictures of handsome guys for you all to drool over! If you all need an intro just ask me ok??? Don't be shy. What are freinds for right?

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My PC Jacky. He's a pro skater. Not those malay ah-bang like 'skater' but a real professional one. Catch him at Youth Park doing his stuffs.

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Ah beng Kok and cute Andrew... All ord-ed le. Sigh. Ex-sec com and pc. We invited all ex-mohawk instructors back. Once a MOHAWK WARRIOR always a mohawk warrior.

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Canadian Vick! Aka the man with the big d**k as he calls himself. Hahaha! I didnt know this pic is so gay until I saw it. *Shudders incontrollably* DAMN BLOODY GAY PIC!!! But check out his biceps and triceps as compared to my scrawny arms... Oh and you gals miss his funky hairdo as it's too dark.

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Leo, Zheng Xi and Jon. Cute guys if you ask me. Arrgh I'm turning gay! Any girls need their numbers??? Hehehe.

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This is the last of em as I'm still awaiting more photos as I said. Yup much much more.

That's it! As the chalet draws to a close, it was nice just to be able to relax with colleagues past and present. Hearing all the ORD personnels share their working or schooling lives just makes me more jealous only. But it'll be sad when I leave my present colleagues behind in a couple of months time. Sigh.

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I'm so evil! I disturb cats even when they are sleeping. Hahaha. More catty pictures to irritate you anti-cat fans. Hahaha.

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I got too carried away. Sorry for waking you up! Hell hath no fury like a cat awaken...

Right. These days I'm stuck at home with nothing to do as my com got infected by some dunno what shit virus, thereby not allowing me to MAPLE! Sigh. That's why you don't catch me on msn too. It has almost full control of my computer and I can't open any files or change any settings. Help!!! I don't wanna reformat my com... Too many pictures, files and MP3s to sacrifice. Fortunately I still can surf the net. If not that's it liao.

I'm bored to tears but anyway the weekend's round the corner! Yay! At least I can put of the procrastination and finished all the books that are on my reading lists. Will blog again soon since I have so much time. Catch you guys soon!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

They say that guys suck at this!

Can some guy pls pls try this game and get a score above 2700?

Cos the princess claims that guys can't multi-task hence not being able to score in this game.

Try it anyway cos it's damn addictive... And gals if u got a high score pls dun tag cos I dun wanna hear about it!!! Guys if you get a score 2700 or more pls tag and laugh at XinYi!!!!

XinYi played the game twice before hitting 2620. Bugger.......

Here's the link...

Have fun folks!!!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Food glorious food!!!

I'm so sorry that it's been a long time since I last blogged. Hahaha. Well I was not exactly busy but I've been plain lazy. Anyway the fairy tale lull period has came to an end. I have spent a record 27 staggering and undisturbed nights at home. The longest every period spent away from camp since I enlisted. =)

ANd here's some little pics of our past few outings! First up would of course be our anniversary evening! We went to Changing Appettites at Marina Square as the princess wanted to try the food there. After I told her that their deep fried food has more oil than my forehead, from my last experience dining there during Yong Ling's birthday, she decided it's safer that she tries some non-deep fried stuff.

The princess decided on a spicy chicken and mushroom spaghetti while I being the total bo hue and indiscriminate grubbie ordered a deep-fried chicken terriyaki rice set with curry. Hahaha. After kapo-ing a bit of Xiang Ning's curry the last time I decided that my taste buds are strong enough for it. And for starters we have mushroom tempuras!

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The mushrooms were sinful but spiffing! Especially the juicy abalone mushroom.

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Their Lychee Kooler was cool too. A large cup is more than enough for 2 persons.

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Waaalaaa. And I'm sorry these are long-overdued dear but here it is!

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The happy princess with her bouquet. The saucy red sports car behind is not mine(I wish though), it's her neighbour's. =(

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I did not look too happy cos the flowers cost a bomb even though it's a month and a half after v-day. Just kidding! I would give anything to make the princess happy...

Can't believe that it's already been 4 years. Indeed time flies when you are enjoying. And my JC and Army Days were enjoyable because of You. Thank You for being part of me!

Hehehe. Back to foodie! You know what's the best thing about being out is? It is being able to have dinner WHEREVER you want. And our tummies brought us to obscure Changi Airport just 2 days ago! We had the sudden craving for Popeye's Chicken! It is the bestest and my favouritest fried chicken joint in Singapore and if I had my way all KFC's should be taken over by Popeye and Co. Bwahahaha!

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"Aiyoh you order so much let's see you wipe them up!"

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"Aiyah sure can one la. Not say a lot wad..."

And it was some meal. The 2-pc meal with 2 side dishes each turned out to be almost more than we were able to handle. But I summoned the extra will and stomach might to polish it all off in the final momemts. There's no such thing as too much food! I'm drooling just thinking of the deep fried skin off a chicken thigh. Yummy!

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Here's an out of point sign at the airport. There cant be any inconvenience caused to people when the all the work is being done on the OTHER side of the glass in the transition area only. Maybe this is part of our S'porean campaign to be a gracious society. Apologise even when you are not in the wrong! No shit can happen when you say sorry. Hahaha.

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The princess just wants to show off her new mickey mouse shoes...

I'm now enjoying the final night of my holiday as it draws to a close. After that I'll be in camp to take my last and final batch of my army career. Only for 5 days though. And then it'll be another long break till May for fieldcamp!!!

I'll be blogging bout the Chalet at Changi soon k? Still waiting for some pictures from my colleagues. Hehe.