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Friday, April 25, 2008

Can't stop laughing!!

Look what I found in Facebook!!

Try spotting me!!!

6 June 1998 at Pohlheim, Germany. 3rd Internationale Chortage, 'Musica Mundi' Choral Academy. Pictures from a decade ago!!!!

Sure brings back memories!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Horribly disgusted

by the Sri Lankan Housemate, hereafter known as MoH, i.e. mountain of hair.

MoH is the most disgusting female I have ever seen. Her room stinks like smelly feet, her cooking smells (too much coconut oil), she takes 2 hours to took ONE meal for ONE person and sometimes takes an hour to bath. Even saw her threw some stuffs she has on her hand onto the kitchen floor. Nearly slipped when we went inside as it was so wet. Bah! I think putting a sign there saying "Please keep the kitchen clean and dry" would not help as this is an administrative control. The best option would be to eliminate her. Hierarchy of risk control you know [too much Ergonomics].

Just wanted to do something other than school work, so here I am posting some random pics. Connection had been really bad recently, not sure why. Strong winds?? Hmmmm...

Random pics taken during lecture
A look at my lecture theatre.....

At another LT. Notice the guy on the table and the mayhem in the front of the LT?? This was during Ageing lecture where we have to sign up for slots and locations for an interview with an elderly in a residential care facility. Signs of kiasu-ism here. The four of us were given preferential treatment!! =)) We were the first to choose the slots and locations.

Worksite assessment for Ergonomics.....

Work boots bought from Salvos.

Goggles provided by workplace.


All geared up!!

A peak at the workplace.

YY and Cindy's birthday party - 22 March 2008

With the birthday girl who refuses to comply with the "Dress" theme.

Potluck -- Brocolli with mushroom, Assam fish, Bibimbap, Spaghetti, Coleslaw, Kim Chi Soup and Kim Chi!

All of us!

After eating, we went to the pool area....
Which was overlooking the swan river to the city skyline!
And the birthday girl was thrown into the pool.

Stranded as we don't have access key.

The birthday girls "blindfolded".

YY's 22nd and Cindy's 21st. P.S. The mini muffins were yum! They tastes like the chinese kuey!
Des and I with the oreo cheesecake.

And then we watch Saw 4!
Now, back to work. *bleagh

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The greatest mismatch

Yup. Investment studying along with my guitar. The greatest mismatch in life for now.
Eh Yu Hui teach me derivatives and fixed income securities lei, I still got many other topics other than those 2! I hate options and futures the most!!! HELP ME SOMEBODY. . .
But while the guitar sure does not help me secure the necessary DI or HD for the module, it has certainly kept me sane during this entire mugging period.
Now Shaun. . . Be a good boy and put the guitar away and start reading your notes again. . . Easy yes. . . Guitar at the corner. . . That's good! Pick up your notes and highlighter. . . Wait where are you going??? AND NOW YOU ON THE LAPTOP!!! Arrgh! I give up on you!!!
Ok enough of the voice of the 'Angelic Shaun'. Where was I? Ah yes guitaring. I suddenly rekindelled the passion I had for playing the guitar. The one I lost after JC times. While I can't say I have improved since then, but it sure has been an experience I reminisce. The feeling of one getting lost and totally absorbed in getting the right tune and music (if they sound like it) out of the instrument regardless of time or the pain and irritation caused by excessive tabbing, plucking and strumming of the metal strings. And I can't find the chords for the riff of Mandy Moore's Cry. Yeow!!! Enlighten me! Must learn from you during the holidays.
Another great mismatch recently was the spate of movies indulgence during all the mugging periods. Caught all the fighting movies from the Romance of 3 kingdoms early this month (Zhao Yun was uber cool and at least the movie is 75% historically accurate) to the Forbidden kingdom starring Jet Li and Jackie Chan just yesterday. Also looking forward to catch Red Cliff coming up real soon!
Kk. Gotta stop dreaming of Liu Yi Fei and start mugging!!! Or should I gamecast the Liverpool and Fulham match now???
Siao liao la you Shaun. . .

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Desmond Lim: Helping those that are sincere about helping themself is a joy but for the leechers, i got only 1 word, Out says:
but i going for men 21km open

There's gotta be more to life, than chasing down every temporary high... says:
open or closed ah

There's gotta be more to life, than chasing down every temporary high... says:
wads the diff

Desmond Lim: Helping those that are sincere about helping themself is a joy but for the leechers, i got only 1 word, Out says:
I go open

Desmond Lim: Helping those that are sincere about helping themself is a joy but for the leechers, i got only 1 word, Out says:
Dunno the diff...

There's gotta be more to life, than chasing down every temporary high... says:
open is with all foreginers

There's gotta be more to life, than chasing down every temporary high... says:
closed is u compete with locals only

Desmond Lim: Helping those that are sincere about helping themself is a joy but for the leechers, i got only 1 word, Out says:
never mind lar

Desmond Lim: Helping those that are sincere about helping themself is a joy but for the leechers, i got only 1 word, Out says:
whats the diff

Desmond Lim: Helping those that are sincere about helping themself is a joy but for the leechers, i got only 1 word, Out says:
not that we can be no 1

Desmond Lim: Helping those that are sincere about helping themself is a joy but for the leechers, i got only 1 word, Out says:
lets fight with africans

Desmond Lim: Helping those that are sincere about helping themself is a joy but for the leechers, i got only 1 word, Out says:

There's gotta be more to life, than chasing down every temporary high... says:

There's gotta be more to life, than chasing down every temporary high... says:
Crazy but I like!!!!

In case you folks are wondering what on earth this is. . . Its its its.....

ITS THE ANNUAL ARMY HALF MARATHON!!! Now of course known as the Singapore Bay Run. And don't say I didn't recommend but here's the early bird sign-up form!

Yup so crazy people like me, Desmond, Kang and hopefully many more will be in audacious dream land at 630am on Sunday 24th August running like mad and thinking we can somehow win Kenya-ians or Ethiopians and be the FIRST for the SBR!!!

Hence with good weather and adequate preparation, yours truly will be attempting to run the 21km with a decent timing, hopefully can win the timing of the last attempt way back in 2004...


Which was only introduced in 2005... ARRGH!!!!! WHY INTORDUCED THE MEDAL AFTER I COMPLETE IT!!!??? Come on guys... We must finish it with decent timings!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Man U vs Arsenal

It's a pity I'm at home gamecasting this match instead if watching it at a sell out kopitiam with the best buddies one could ever have. Well if you know NUTS about the EPL, ("EH? WADS EPL AH???") then you can jolly well skip this post... Hahaha.

But still its funny commentaries like these that makes the loss a little better:

"Can you believe Arsenal have committed suicide in an identical way to Wednesday night at Anfield? Unbelievable. Gallas may well burst into tears again when he sees the replay of his handball. Crazy. Just crazy."

"Lehamnn was booked during the penalty row for complaining about something. He doesn't need a reason though does he? Lock him in a cupboard on his own and he'd get into a fight, that Lehmann."

"Arsenal are their own worst enemy yet again. Just like on Wednesday, when they surrendered a penalty just seconds after going in front, one of their defenders loses his head and concedes a spot kick with a mindless piece of football. Wenger must have aged 50 years in four days!"

"Fabio Capello has dashed over from Anfield to take his place in the stands. He's a busy boy ain't he? Perhaps that's why his finances are a bit dod, err, in order I mean. Innocent until proven guilty and all that."

"Manchester United nearly profit from a corner, which falls to the edge of the box and Wayne Rooney. The shrek lookalike shanks his half volley though and when Carrick pokes goal wards the ball is too deep for Tevez to do anything with it. Phew!"

"You can't help but feel for Arsenal. Again today they have played some wonderfully slick football, but within seconds of creating their deserved breakthrough they have (quite literally) handed the initiative back to their opponents within seconds of their goal. And now they need two goals in the last 15 minutes. Possible, but highly unlikely."

"United are showboating a little here, far too prematurely."

All these comments are real hilarious! Anyway Manchester United won the match 2-1. Sorry for those who do not understand a word of it!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Suffering from can't-seem-to-put-any-words-on-my-assignment syndrome. Going crazy from looking at poverty, young children, MoHO, unemployment, policies and legislation.

I wanna run away and find William!!!! I need William!!

P.S. William is my best shopping partner in Australia.

P.P.S. William aka King William Chocolate is my favourite Boost Juice!!

Friday, April 11, 2008


I don't mean to be rude or anything, but I can't stand the new Sri Lankan housemate that has moved in. Especially after I've wiped clean the kitchen bench top after I've finishing preparing dinner. She makes the kitchen floor really wet, and the kitchen bench top really soapy/foamy. It doesn't help that she has really long hair which she leaves behind.

Really feel sorry for Tricia for sharing the toilet with her. The state of the toilet after she used it is horrible. First, she bath for as long as an hour. Then she wets the whole floor, and leaves her hair all over the bath-tub and sink. I can still remember the "mountain of hair" that Tricia described to have removed it from the bath-tub. *gross!

One good thing though - Housemate 3 has been keeping to his room most of the time, so we have not been smelling him around. Don't understand why he stinks when he spends his whole day in his room, with the air con on. In addition, he occupies the washing machine and dryer at least 3 days a week! Dunno why he has so much clothes to wash! And he only washes his dishes when he needs to use it. And, and and, he left (at least I think it's him) left the stove on, on 2 occasions, and the exhaust on after he cooks. Oh, did I mention he is from Dubai (or somewhere there)?

Another scenario:
Heard from previous coursemates that their Indian housemates (in Melbourne) threw 3 different things on 3 different occasions down the toilet, causing it to be blocked. Paper towels, pads and condoms does not belong to the toilet!!

Why do racism occur?? Because there is SOME element of truth in it! Or rather, because of a few black sheeps. Grrr...

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Latest Family Picture

This has gotta be the funkiest Family Portrait ever...

Monday, April 07, 2008

Winter Shopping

It started off with a simple blog post on winter shopping (by Sel). And it morphed into a last minute shopping in the city. We bought boots, scarves and hat! Heh! It's funny how a shopping trip can motivate you so much when you are doing assignment.

Then it was dinner with Claudia (she's a PT!!), Caleb and Yorkie, then some bubble tea. Yum!

Collage by Sel!! Check out my new boots!!

More meetups k girl. =))

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Perth Adventure Day 11

I just realised that the last Perth entry was penned 2 months ago in early February. Oh gosh. The great procrastinator has did it again. But better late than never so here it is!

I doubt anybody will recall but in the last entry, we reached the last pit stop of our road trip - Albany City. This was only possible as I successfully extended my trip. Had to cough up an extra charge of about SGD 75 I think to change my departure date. I was able to depart on the same flight as the XinYi's bros and WenQi back to Singapore.

The dark clouds were prevalent throughout the day with sporadic rainfalls at intervals. We drove around the hilltop city in the morning for some local sightseeing.

Imagine waking up to such at view at your balcony daily.

Some very pretty flowers in some random gardens.

The weekly open Albany Farmers Market is a must visit to sample the best of the local fare and produce.

The market is a good place for the locals to interact.

Everyone's having a rolling time except for pets. Which were not allowed into the markets. So unattended dogs strapped to lampost and trees outside the markets are a common sight.

The market's sorta formed by the erection of makeshift tents. Then just put up prices, signs and your goods and its done!

Stuffs sold are not that cheap though...

We got berries at a much cheaper price in Margaret River.

They're huge on this father-son thingy. A son badgering his dad for some honey.

A kid refuses to stop playing in the puddle...

So daddy just scoop em right up and proceeded. Hahaha. Cute or what?

Since we were heading back to Perth city that day, we bought some potatoes for dinner.

And lots of their local veggies as well.

Super cheap strawberries! Huge punnet style.

We loaded up with some asparagus...

And fresh bread!

There were so many to choose from...

One of the more unique bread that we tried was this bread. Looks ordinary but its loaded with POPPY seeds. Yup. The very same plant used to make opium. Taste very much like sour sesame.
We drove through the road named Avenue of Honour.

Trees were planted along the roads with a sign at its roots. Every tree represent a fallen 'Albanian' that represented Australia in WWI, WWII and the Korean War.

The road led us to this attraction at the top of the hill.

Its a long walk up to the monument.

A historical monument recognising the contribution of those in past wars.

Perhaps the gloomy weather was orchastrated to sync with the more solemn attractions of this trip.

You can see the whole city from the top of the attraction.

Another Father-Son bonding session.

"Let's climb to the top of the other hill!'

'Are you nuts? I hope I don't get blown away first! Let's take the car instead!'

A queer looking metal plated map? compass? pointing the direction and distance to major cities of the world.

No joke. It was really cold and windy or rather gusty that day.
We drove to the beach and enjoyed the scenery and pristine unpolluted sand before dining at one of the beachside restaurants.

If its anything I miss about the trip, its the beaches, really.

A flock of cute black headed birds. Can you spot the 2 seagull infiltrators?

We had a ball of time picking pretty seashells.


Playing with hermit crabs! There are tons of them walking around just beneath the gentle water. You can see the trail they leave in the previous picture.

We picked a new 'home' for this crab...

The crab checks out the new home...
But prefers the current one. So it throttles off.
Lunch time! Check out the size of this burger! Its as big as Jian Yong's palm. Have you seen how 'big' a fillet O fish is lately? Compared to this, I can't help but cry. Haiz...
Soon it was time to leave the pretty coastal city of Albany and head back to Perth.

One last look and we embark on our 4 and a half hour 432km straight drive through Albany Highway back to Perth.

We stopped at this old railstation attraction for the routine toilet break and stumbled into a visitor centre filled with relics.

Here's one such relic - A typical 'postcard' sent by an Australian soldier fighting a war. The letter contents are decided 'pre written' by the army. Nothing more can be written or the letter would be destroyed. Pretty sad huh?

Its a long way back...

But thank God for petrol stations like these! Free coffee for all drivers! Whee! The owner of this station has a daughter living in Singapore. She is a frequent traveller to Singapore too and would reside in SIGLAP when she visits. The world is too tiny indeed.

Some random pics along the way...

We made it back in good time and got right to the kitchen. Soon an excellent dinner is whipped up! Lotsa greens eh? Perhaps its to counter balance the lack of greens throughout the whole trip! Hahaha.
Once again we're back in lovely Perth City. It was an exciting road trip. Its with nostalgic fondness that I blog back about it now. To be continued!