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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Adventures of Tako, Ebi and Sakana: Day 4 (Miyajima, Hiroshima)

Hiroshima and Miyajima is one of my favouritest place in Japan!

Took the Shinkansen from Shin-Osaka to Hiroshima (2hours!). Went to Miyajima first in the morning. To reach there, we need to take a ferry! =)) I love ferries coz it makes you feel like you are really on vacation!



Some of the views on board.

And we finally see the infamous Tori gate! Apparently, can walk under it during low tide but we din manage to wait till low tide.

Deers! Really silly though. They like to eat paper! And many were seen snatching and eating tourists maps!

And of course shots with the Tori gate!

Steps leading the route to the tori gate.

Got something about the lamp posts that I like!

View of the red houses coz we dun wanna pay the entrance fee to go in! Haha!

The boat to bring tourists through the tori gate during high tide!

Shops along the way.

Big spatula! And the "postcards" that can only be sent locally. =(


Honestly, I could not get tired of these shrines!

Of course when you go up, you need to go down!

After lunch at Okonomimura, we headed to the Atomic Bomb site.

This is the A-Dome, serving as a reminder of the tragedy of the first nuclear bomb use.

Being a little cheeky.

Children memorial.

Not sure what this place is called but it houses the paper cranes made by students, as a symbol of world peace.

Pretty aren't they?

The memorial sculture.

Sculpture with part of the museum behind.

One of the exhibit in the museum which showed the time when the atomic bomb was dropped (8.15am, 6 Aug 1945).

A jump shot collage to lighten up the post.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Operating theatres are scary place!

Was made to change into operating gowns (with disposable undies no less!) and made to wait in the lounge with other patients. Lucky I had a book to accompany me.

After being ushered to the operating area, I was asked the same questions that was asked earlier (when was my last meal? any drug allergies?) and finally led to the cold cold operating theatre. And that was when my heart went thumping so so so fast! And I had to calm myself down (and wishing that Jasper was around!). Lied down on the operating table and it was nicely warm. So I was telling myself that it's gonna be like a facial with my mouth open! Haha!

The LA went on and it was painful! While it worked it's magic, I was covered by and felt things placed on my tummy. Weird! Haha! And the procedures started and I was calming myself my listening to my heartbeat on the heartrate monitor to drown the drilling and cracking sounds inside my mouth! Was painful at some times when he was playing tug-of-war with my teeth! And it was finally over! Not after him sewing in my mouth. Luckily I could not see anything or else I think I would be freaked out!

My left lower tooth all drilled to pieces while my 3-legged top left tooth was pulled out whole!
Can feel a gapping hole in place now. Was super miserable when the LA wore off but lucky for painkillers! Now a dull aching pain is in place. With occasionally sharp aching pain whenever I open my mouth. And I survived dinner! No need for liquid diets! =)

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Adventures of Tako, Ebi and Sakana: Day 3 (Osaka)

This was the famous Tokyo-Peak-Hour-Squeeze-With-Our-Luggages-Day.

After about 3hours on the Shinkansen, we finally reaches Shin-Osaka. Transferred to Osaka then to our hotel (Kinki Hotel) which was right smack in the middle of the red-light district! Haha.

Stamp at Osaka Station. Love these stamps!

After leaving our luggages at the hotel, we headed to Osaka Castle for some walk around! It was a rather hot day!

Clear blue skies and empty space screams for a jump shot!


Me too!

Lake aound Osaka Castle

Entrance towards Osaka Castle.

Love the creeplies! (dunno what they are called though!)

Happy Bridge? The link bridge to Osaka Castle.

Another Tori Gate!

Shop selling charms along the way. Spent quite a sum of money on charms!

Cute birds on the road blocks!

I spy the Osaka Castle!

Great weather!

This ah pek draws some good stuffs of the castle!

HUGE camera!

Headed to Shinsaibashi where the town of Osaka is. This was where I bought my Samantha Thavasa wallet and blew my whole budget for the trip! Haha!

Street scenes...

This seems like the "must take" pic of this place!

And of course, the takoyaki feast here!

And takoyaki biscuits!