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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ana's Birthday and Giant Snowfall 010309

Its the birthday of Anastasia. So coincidental that she shares the same birthday as Kang. Here we are on a Sunday March 1st morning at Mosaic Church. *Picture of Ana receiving a slice of cake from Kevin. So nice of him!

Her decorated room (done by i-fellows) and her next door neighbour from Hong Kong

Well we Yan Hao and I bought her a bag and a card so can't say we're totally heartless either. Hehe.

It was such a beautiful, cold, lazy Sunday afternoon and we just have to spend the day inside...

Doing WIL 2 what else? It was submission day and there was a ton of crap to clear. Fortunately we finished in time, partly because of a time extension due to time difference between Singapore and USA. Saved by Geography! Haha. I don't look too happy here do I? But who does? We were at the friggin computer for about 3 days back to back already. I'm just so glad that we finally got it off our chest! Good job members!

In my opinion Ana got the best room of all.

Right in the corner of the i-house (so you're far away from noise and drunk people) and also boasting of a great view!

You will usually spot squirrels running through the woods from this point of view

We were finally done with our work and went to the school pub to chill out.

Everybody loves to just hang out at Old Town opposite the Bryan School of Economics (where the studious me spend most of my time of course).

Why do UNCGians love Old town so much?

1. Good Food

2. Nice, comfortable bar tops and high stools to hang out on

3. Smashing Booze

4. Great hang loose chillout environment - You can see that this Frenchie loves Old Town at lot.

5. Great Televisions Programs - One showing an NBA match the other showing an NCAA College basketball match. What else could I ask for?

Lastly, its the companionship that counts! Ana here with her Austrian ex-roommate.

Hungry anyone?

Funny smile pictures...

It started snowing when we were in Old Town! But unlike the past few inches of snow, this time it snowed a whole deal more! So much so that school for Monday was canceled. Long weekend for everybody!

Its time to go out and celebrate!

Rika the Japanese with her erm.. Snow elf? Snowkid? Whatever.

Everyone was out celebrating in the snow. Especially more so when everyone received news at about 9pm that night that school would close totally the next day. Shiokness!

It looks kinda cute actually

Before long the whole Greensboro was covered in white. Talk about birthday snowfall of blessings! Some people have it all. Geez.

It was difficult to walk around

Snow covered school

We were prepared and we got our heaviest jackets with us!

We had a mini snowball fight on the way back but thought we'd decide to come back and let the dinner digest first before going out again. It was so fun!

Girls who came and wish the princess of the day happy birthday. See if you can spot the Koreans, Japanese, Taiwanese, Hongkong-er and Estonian. Haha. Its really easy in my opinion! They all got that typical 'look'. Maybe because I see them all the time hmmm.

After a couple of hours of rest and its time for the REAL snowball fight.

Yan Hao calls it the Snow World War

Yan Hao and I behind our 'fort'

Everybody was just picking up snow from everywhere and pelting whoever was in sight! We also had an Asia Vs the rest of the world snowball fight. Hahaha! We won!

I have never seen so much snow in my life. Unlike the past two times, this time it really snowed HARD. And it snowed through the night too.

Snow covered front of the Phillip-Hawkins building which we affectionately call the i-house. I for INTERNATIONAL. Haha.

Fight fight fight!!!

Ana making snow angel while the rest are fighting

Pictures of myself and Ann eating snow. Haha. Ann is an extremely talented pianist by the way. I've never seen such an insane pianist before.

We soon ran ourselves out of breath and were exhausted. So we went for a short walk within the school to the least explored part of it - The music building! Led by Ann of course.

My beanie is soaked

Leading the way!

I don't know why we're hugging this random tree along the way

Some cool group photos...

And some uber cool individual photos...

Its a long walk to the music building but we sure took our time to stroll. We also took time to play with the snow and just enjoy the magical whiteness enveloping the darkness. It was simply stunning. I never seen a more beautiful UNCG in my days here. And the locals tell us that this was the hardest it snowed for 4 years! So we were really really fortunate to witness this rarity.

Finally, the bridge to the music school from a distance

The beautiful bridge to the music building over a creek and the woods. Seems to be a building in the middle of the jungle. Haha. UNCG's huge on nature by the way. There are a lot of scenic walks and nice places for picnics and frisbee games.

Our tour guide LOL

The most beautiful bridge in UNCG. Leading to the dome-shaped 'hogwarts' as what Ana would have called the music building. The building is really in a world of its own. As of all talented musicians if you ask me.

Don't think its beautiful through the pictures above? Then check this out! I may not bring full justice to the scene, but I do my best! Its amazing right?!

The little girl with the giant snowball...

"I'm gonna bury Yan Hao's head in this pile of snow! MUWAHAHA!"

Pictures of the greenery erm I mean 'snowery' outside the music school...

You can't really see the pond in the darkness but its beautiful

Snow draped trees

A very cold Dallas with Yan Hao and Ann

Final group photo before we go back to our warm dorms!

I finally reach the comfort of my room. By the time I had a warm shower and a fresh change of clothes it was 3am. I'm so ready for bed then. But before I sleep I took out my camera to take a last picture of the wonder outside, right in the comfort of my bed.

The famous usual good ol' scene from my room. I must have uploaded this picture like 3 times at least I reckon.

It wasn't long before I closed my eyes with happy memories of a magical March 1st.