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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Pictures Galore 3

The last (maybe) of my birthday pics. Will upload the rest of the pics soon. N.O T.I.M.E!

Family and Friends

Those that came earlier to help.

Foodie time! *Must be photogenic at all times!!

Disturbing them while they eat.. heh


Fun with (stick-on) tattoos


With ah ma and cousin

And how can miss our my favouritest person!!

With dad, brothers, grandparents and the kids. *I wish you were there too. I miss you*


The Otties!!

TPJC peeps!

With 02A04 peeps!

With cousin and brother's gf!!

Girls in jumpers!!


With ponekard and the lovely wallet!! *bling bling!!

That's the end of this time-consuming blog. I'm down with a sore throat, blocked ears, blocked nose, and occasional runny nose. And sometimes I cough like I'm going to cough up my whole insides - not a pretty sight. =( And my knees are giving me problems, hurting when i suddenly run for a short distance, or when i lock my knees for too long. Feel like an old lady.

I need more time. This week is actually my break week, and I'm down in school EVERY SINGLE DAY, with the exception of monday coz i have to go down to the nursing home to carry out my final year project. Phase 1 is done, so have to do up the proposal again to submit to the management, and present them with the results of Phase 1. Too many things to do!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I'm Hungry!

Blogging in the middle of business computing class now.

Cos I can't catch what on earth Dr Sim's (my lecturer) saying.

And all I can think of is lunch...

Hurry up clock...

Sunday, August 27, 2006

I'm blessed! - part 2-

Hoo! Look what came in the mail today!

I wonder what it is.. oh.. it's from !

Ooh.. smells nice! EARRINGS!!

Starry night! Lovely name!!

Thanx Sel for the lovely surprise! The earrings are gorgeous!! My first package after 21 years! Meet up soon!

And Florence! Thanx for the pic you sent mi too! I love mails!!

*hugs to both of you!!

This is the end of my first official post! Look out for more!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I'm not missing you

Well as my stand-in blogger has mentioned, I've been living in isolation, ie. without internet access for the past forthnight as some stoopid virus infected it again. Yes again. And I'm truly not missing being online in any aspect. Sorry I can't help using that as title since I'm listening to Stacie Orico on my player. Hahaha.

But then how did I happen to put this post up? I am currently mugging with good ol Cheers at the mac donalds near my secondary school. And I'm the first visitor of his NEW toshiba laptop to blog through it! Hahaha. Anyway the month of August flew by quickly. Almost too quick for me. I must say the full rhythmn of the cirriculum is beginning to hit me. The school free days are no longer being spent watching national geographic or just camping with a good novel under my blanket. However I find myself having lots of tuitorials to do and even projects to complete. Bleargh.

But still there's always time to indulge hence I've even managed to catch some recent but not too recent movies like Lakehouse and Click. 2 extremely good movies with pretty female leads! Hehehe. While I still think that it is not possible in any way for Keanu Reeves to do what he does, ie resurrect, turn back time or merge 2 different years chronologically into a single day, it is after all a touching movie after all. And the dear princess being more emotional was definitely able to look aside the technicalities and enjoy the movie more than I did anyway.

"You la think too much can't you just accept that Keanu survived and is now with Sandra? Such a nice movie... Good ending... Blah Blah Blah..."

" But how come he can suddenly just come back from life one?"

"Aiyah who cares??? He survived at least wad. He managed to read the note in time and he waited. And they got together. That's all that matters."

"But but.. I still don't understand..."

I didn't wanna probe more into it. He is Keanu Reeves. The CHOSEN ONE and if he can fly in Matrix, anything is possible. Ahahaha.

Click to me was the more inspirational movie. Funny man Adam Sandlers with smoking hot Kate Beckinsale certainly are 2 good enough reasons to catch the movie. Furthermore the movie although being marketed as a comical one had a rather emotional and sad scene which caused the row of jc girls seated behind us to sob uncontrollably. It taught me the importance of time and the perils of being an architect (I'm sorry Yeow). Hahaha. I dun wanna type more about it. Watch the movie to do it justice.

Well I'm finally caught in the avalanche of birthday parties this month with Su Qin's party coming up 2moro. Oh speaking of which, Happy Birthday Doris!!! Only 21 but still in some ways much older than me!!! =P Yup. Had to miss out on the chance to catch up with army buddies at a party last week due to heavy workload. But I try to strike a balance between social life and studies. I didn't get freed from being a slave of one to being a slave to another. That's why I still try to meet up with friends all over the week.

And Epl is back!!! Who better to watch it with than the guyzos. The reformation of Simpang watch soccer eat prata drink tea limau talk cock club is in order with the first meeting commencing at the whistle signalling the start of Arsenal and AstonVilla match last Saturday. Finally something to look forward to every weekend. But time is running out as Yeow mentioned. Nus guys seems to be buried under a mountain of unscalable homework readings and coursework. Haiz. Good times never last do they? Well we'll just have to try out best and meet up whenever weekend we can. Liverpool scraped only a draw but, I dun care cos' Man U sux!!! Hahaha. Totally biased and loving it.

Oh I sure miss one thing about the internet.

Blogging about anything and everything under the skies.

Once again I'm lost in another classic of Jules Verne. Good bye business stats homework!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Joke of the day

I just have to blog this down.

"I have SEGA cartilage!"
(*when discussing about computer programs and software. And all she wanna say was SEGA cartridge)

This is what happen when our brains are too fried to think properly. Thanx Elain for so much laughter today! =)

And who can forget your "why is the mouse not moving?", when your fingers are caressing every part of the laptop EXCEPT the touchpad.


Butterfly memories by XinYi

Monday, August 21, 2006


Sorry for the lack of entries from both of us. Shaun's comp is down (*yawns, what's new*), and I'm super busy with, what else, SCHOOL.

Sorry for taking so long with the birthday pics. Absolutely no time to upload them, or even catch a breather myself. All in the name of FYP. Think our group is the only group which has started implementation of our research. Hope our efforts will not be wasted

Conducted an interview with 6 clients in a particular nursing home which is SSSSSOOOOO far away. Now have to transcribe them verbatim. And together with EL, we have to transcribe the interviews which were in MANDARIN!! And my mandarin is not good at all! *Tears hair out!!!!

To cut everything short, we ae going down again next week, which is our break week (wait... what break week...), for 2 days to do some more initial study. I hope we would be able to get lunch. We had to go without lunch till 6+! My goodness. And most of us went without breakfast. Imagine that. All I had for the whole day till 6 was the curry bun (with crunchy potato) that ah ma's mom made, and a curry puff!!

Moment of humanity for me today:
Having an ice-cream with Shaun and sitting at the bus-stop dangling our legs. Just hope that it could be longer.

To end off, just wanna show all of you my loot!

Butterfly memories by XinYi

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Pictures Galore 2

The Kindergarten Kids.

On the swing

Ain't she just cute!!

Writing in my guestbook. Haha.

Still writing

Very serious about it.


I wanna blow too!

Catch the bubbles!

Birthday song time.

Yes, it was VERY loud!

And they had to blow the candles before mi!!

When it was time to cut the cake, the kids simply refuse to get away from the camera. Hence, lotsa of the pictures with the cake had them in it.

With the cake. I like this pic coz Yan is yawning. Cute!

Finally a nice picture where no one is covered

Butterfly memories by XinYi

Pictures Galore 1


Busy blowing balloons and packing the goody bags
The Goody Bag!

Rushing to put up all the balloons

Hanging it up!

And then it's done. Happy birthday!

The (vegetarian) buffet is here!

Steamboat.. YUM!

And the party is ready to begin!!

Butterfly memories by XinYi

Friday, August 11, 2006

Some quotes

Shopping is fun until you get to the cashier
- AXA financial planning advertisement

The secret to concentration is elimination.
- quote taken from MX

Some words which keep popping into my mind:
Qualitative research, quantitative research, Grounded Theory, Themetic Analysis, literature review, hypothesis, data analysis, audiotaped and transcribed verbatim, phenomenological, ethnographic interviews, neurological deficits, cognitive behavioral therapy, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, COPM, CMOP, financial management, roles, skills, metacognition.......

Butterfly memories by XinYi

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A wonderful day

The birthday party was a blast!I had so much fun, laughter, and not to mention presents! Haha. Make mi wanna hold a party every year for my birthday!

Think the birthday song was one of the loudest that I've heard, due to the presence of many little screaming voices, singing i-dunno-wat to the tune of happy birthday. But they sure do liven up the atmosphere.

Thanx ZQ for coming, esp Jun, who so sportingly wore an old skool dress; Jess, Sil, Min and Ah ma for coming down earlier to help mi with the goody bags and blowing of balloons! Thanx ponecard clique for the lovely wallet! Thanx to the TP Choir peeps and S09 girls for coming down [sorry for being a bad host to u all]! Thanx to Wee Cheer, Weihao, Yeow and Phyllis for the lovely champagne, and making my mahjong-crazy younger brother happy! And last of all, I wanna thank my elder brother for helping mi plan this wonderful birthday party and the spa voucher (WOOHOO!)

A more detailed photoblog will be up once I get the pics and have the time! Now, it's back to reality: Books and papers and studies..............

PS: I've been blogging more than Shaun!!

Butterfly memories by XinYi

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Random Tots

I wanna thank the government (or watever organization) for the lovely fireworks today at the Esplanade. 12 mins of painting in the dark! It must have cost you so much money! Thanks for helping mi celebrate my birthday! But next time, can dun have so many people there or not! So squeezy! Got stubbed in the butt, diao-ed and tsk-ed by so many people!


Went New York New York to have dinner with Shaun. Luckily we were there early, the queue that formed after us could rival that of the queues during GSS! Yummy deep fried cheesy baked rice (as we would like to call it!), with roast chicken and shrimp combo, and ended off with a frozen lime magarita! Slearp! Maybe would go back there when the dust of novelty settles down abit more.

My younger brother is so cute! I remember asking him to pass mi the TK 50th anniversary towel (as he had extra), and today he passed it to mi. As I was busy, I asked him to put it on the bed. And when i went to look at it, hidden inside was a bag with a keychain with my name. Ain't he sweet?

He tried to catch a flying cockroach with a plastic box and paper. And before he cup the box over the cockroach, he said "ladies and gentlemen, please do not scream". And the next thing I know, he sorta screamed, as the cockroach crawled out from under a hole! Haha!


Party stuffs are ready. Goodie bags, guest book, sweets, food, drinks are all ready. Gotta wake up early to pack goodie bags, prepare some food, do up decorations, dress up, clear the house abit more!! So much to do! Cross fingers and hope all turns out well. Wait! Where's the birthday cake?!?!?!


Lotsa readings to be done over these 2 days and not enough time!

Butterfly memories by XinYi

Monday, August 07, 2006

I am blessed!

Watched "Now and Forever" after skool today. It's a comedy at the start, and a tragedy at the end. Super nice show. Shall not post any spoilers here. And after that, Sil and I went to Sushi Tei to have our dinner. And along the way, I was thinking of having dinner at some place that is more healthy on my wallet. But in the end decided to go Sushi Tei as I wanted to try it's food also.

So, mi and Sil went into the restaurant. And the waited showed us the first 2 seats near the conveyor belt. I was about to sit down when Sil said "Can we have the table instead?" And so the waiter showed us round the corner to the tables. And when I turn round the corner, I saw the rest of the ZQ gang! And they bursted out in "Happy Birthday!" And boy! Was I surprised! But the embarrassing thing was that I had to walk down this passageway with the whole restaurant of people looking at me! Haha. Aniway, that was not the point. The point is that most of them waited for us since 5+. Touched.We then had dinner and they gave mi my present. I love all of them, especially the specially designed "card".

Mi with the yummilicious tiramisu (?) cake, but with raisins (bleargh!)

ZQ minus Jess and Elain

The rest of the pictures are still processing. So these are the only 2 pics I have now.

Thank You Ah Ma for the pics!
Thank You Silvana for the birthday card, and also acting as the decoy!Thank You ZQ for making my birthday so special!

Butterfly memories by XinYi

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Tingling feeling!

I'm having my 21st birthday party at my house and I'm feeling it in my bones. Theme is "Old Skool", and I hope that everyone will turn up dressed! Hope no one will turn up in their school uniform though. Haha. And I present you with the mini poster that Sel had helped mi edit from a postcard.

This is supposed to be BLACK with GOLD letterings, but i dunno what happened to it.

So which one is nicer??

Butterfly memories by XinYi