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Monday, September 28, 2009


Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Guess what? The photo function is back again! And I can finally upload photos. But as always timing is making a fool of out of me.... I don't have so much time to blog now.

I do have a ton of photos to upload though and many stories to tell as well but I guess they just have to wait. But here's one photo that I've been itching to get out!

Poth the king tiger taking a majestic yawn

I love this picture so much its even my FB profile picture as many of you would have noticed. I have also been proudly showing every and almost anyone this picture through my handphone because it was taken from my phone camera itself too. Neat eh?

Besides my boring caption under the picture here's some alternative captions that I have thought about or was suggested by some of you:

"I'm Pooped..."

"Yawwwwn..." (Duh)

"Ok why is my dinner taking so long..."

"Darn who removed those crocs (the other more comfortable footware he uses as a pillow)? I guess the Havais will do for now... Zzzzz..."

"Peeee-ewwwww!" Where have you been with those???

"Ooooof! How long was it since you washed your feet!" - suggested by elder bro

"That was boring Mimi!" (mocking the other cat)

Well about why you guys are seeing this half-effort-created post is because I will be starting work tomorrow! Will be working the standard office hours at city hall. So find me there for lunch if any of you are free!

Before any of you get the idea of asking for a treat I'm only working till the end of the year! So the treat will have to wait until further notice! Heh. But I really do hope that by doing my best in this job I get to open other windows for personal growth and as well as opportunities growth. I have been praying since I graduated for God to guide my career path and if this is not the route for me then definitely I will know some way or the other. But in the meanwhile I guess its time to tune my mentality to the start of the rat race officially.

Soon more responsibilities will follow and with an income comes greater commitments. I've always wondered how it is to be working for years and years without any respite. I really wonder. Now its time for me to begin the journey myself. I can only pray that God will continue to make it a meaningful one.

So its off to work for me soon! And I hope I won't be yawning so soon...

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Well seems like blogger is still down with the picture functions. So its gonna be a wordy post!

I have not updated since before my reservist that ended a month ago. Well I've just been pretty much bumming around for the past month while searching for a job at a leisurely pace.

Let's start with reservist. It was really fun to meet all my fellow reservist mates again. And we hit on right from the start from the command phase to the phase when the rest of the men comes in. As one of the youngest NSmen in the company, I am really glad that I was able to interact and network with many others years my senior. The wide array of occupations and experience within the company is staggering. I was able to gain valuable insights to the different perspectives of the corporate world and as well as what we all know 'life'. To add to the joy of interaction one my man is getting married next year and will be inviting the closest of us to his wedding! Awesome! But ouch! I better find a job by then. Hahaha. This year's in-camp was definitely more challenging than the last but it was definitely more fun as well. And I really glad that the increased level of difficulty of the tasks helped to gel the whole company closer. I am really looking forward to any interactions with the rest of the company either before next year's ict or at next year's in camp.

The end of yet another year of reservist signals the start of the job hunting process for myself and I must say that I have not been having much luck with it. Maybe its because I have been very choosy with the positions that I have applied for. Maybe its due to a lousy cover letter. Maybe its the fledging economy. Maybe my CV was not impressive enough in face of competition. Maybe I didn't send enough job applications. Endless possibilities but I know that there will be only one end: I will get a job in the end. Essentially I recognise the one key link to it all: I have not been trying hard enough. Hahaha.

The recent graduation on the 28th of August was so much fun. It is really nice meeting all my schoolmates once again, some I'm sure for what might very well be the last time in my life I'm seeing them. And to top it all off I was really thrilled to discover that very day itself that I qualified for the degree with distinction! I am glad that I was able to make my mom (the kind sole sponsor for the Shaun's Graduate Funds Scholarship) extra proud by being the top 20 of my cohort and the first few receipients of my degree at the convocation ceremony. Indeed my success would not have been remotely possible if not for the support of those closest to my heart - My dear family and friends. We took photos all over the campus till the very evening before proceeding to town for dinner and just having a good time chilling out.

But hey no degree, with distinction or not, will get one a job that one really enjoys. And I am still praying that somewhere God has already reserved that special place for me. I really do not want to jump into a job that I will regret a few months later on. But its getting increasingly difficult to keep searching. Although its only been a month in the job hunt. Hahah. I have the concentration span of half a 15 cm ruler. Ah wells. I will continue to keep working on it while enjoying my holidays!

I really hope that the picture funtion of blogger returns soon. I got a ton of pictures to upload! Gaaaaaaaa....