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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cause and effect

Handed in the last assignment today!! And it sure feels good hearing it drop into the assignement cupboard. Until we (HuiHui and I) realised that we forgot to hand in the DVD. It was then a mad rush to get it attached to the bounded report. With much anxiety, scotchtape, staples and a friendly receptionist, we (finally) handed in the last assignment.
Dark corners in an art gallery is scary. Its even scarier that at the end of the 2nd corner are voices. And it's the scariest when there are 4 girls around! Result: lotsa screams and laughter.
In an art gallery, what could be moved will be labelled. Do not attempt to move anything that is not labelled. Even though they are chess pieces. Result will be a loud piak and culprit (guess who) getting away from crime scene as fast as possible.
Crossing train tracks are scary. It's even scarier when there's another train on the other train track, running at full speed and blaring its horn as it passes you by. Especially after you've seen posters which goes "Your family does not have to scatter your ashes, the train does that for you" to deter you from jumping in front of the train. Result: 2 (HuiHui and I) very wary girls with dodgy hearts when crossing train tracks.

Autumn is here, and has been here for some time. But this is the only picture I have now coz most of them are almost bare! I love red leaves!! Autumn makes me happy! =)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Shoe Shopping!!

I like Facebook coz it allows me to go shoe shopping!! With no worries about money, practicality or space constraints!! Wheeeee!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Food Day Out 2

I swore my waistline crept up a couple of inches. Almost could not put on my business pants today as I head back to work after a sinful long weekend.

Let's see, here's the Food roll for the past few days:

150508 - Thursday
Andy came over and play basketball at my place. We went out for a heavy dinner of oily and cholesterol rich malay zi cha and roti pratas. Washed down with iced tea and hundred plus.

160508 - Friday
Went to Billy Bombers at Central for a super belated birthday celebration for Weasel. Met up after my work and all I had to do was to take a short stroll from Chevron House to reach Central. I love the location of my office! We got the best table by the river! Had a Mixed grill set plus top up - Additional mushroom soup, US lemonade and a scoop of ice cream for dessert. AND I FORGOT TO BRING MY CAMERA FOR THAT DAY!!! ARRGH.

170508 - Saturday
Had dinner with my aunt, brothers and cindy at a quaint quiet little zi char joint called Bali Village at Lock Road, somewhere near CMPB. We then drove down to Dempsey road and had Ben and Jerry's. Gosh the calories are really pilling up.

180508 - Sunday
FOO house dinner - See last post below for details. . .

190508 - Monday

Went to Desmond's place to do module planning with him. I really hope that we can somehow find a favourable college in the US so I could go for the Overseas Exchange program with the minimal disruptions to the modules.

After a hard day to sieveing through countless user unfriendly universities websites, its time to head down to the Steamboat joint near his place that we've been vowing to try but never had a chance to. We managed to meet up with Vivian who happened to be shopping at the hub that day! Neat.

Those were the days when we had only 1 motive for being at AMK - doing work like nobody's business. Well its totally different now! Finally a time to sit down over a nice steamboat with some of the best people in the world.

A watched pot never boils. . . No wonder my kiao take so long to cook. Basketball Desmond! Stop staring!!!

The soup turned out to be pretty sweet. And the ingredients were much fresher than that of the joints in Marina. At 12 buckes per pax its reasonably priced I must say. . .

Hurry up. . .

This pic is dedicated to dear Nightstar. I successfully ate at least 18 prawns without using my hands to shell them. So you can imagine how long we ate. We ate from when it was bright to dark. Hahaha.
There's gotta be more to life, than chasing down every temporary high... says:
I ate lotsa prawns today!!!
nightstar is a pistachio popping machine says:
oh how many??
There's gotta be more to life, than chasing down every temporary high... says:
At least 18!!!

nightstar is a pistachio popping machine says:
You call that many?!?!?! WAHAHAH!
nightstar is a pistachio popping machine says:
Remember my mountain of prawn shells in Seoul Garden many many years ago???
There's gotta be more to life, than chasing down every temporary high... says:
Ok. I was 鲁班门前舞大斧-ing. Hahaha. Nightstar is still the undisputed Queen (killer) of the tiny crustaceans. But hey its a start!

Good food good companionship. Life is good!

I refuse to give up eating despite the rest stopping. . . Greedy Shaun!!! No wonder my pull-ups dropped to 5. And my IPPT window will be opened soon. Gosh. . . I'm dead. . .

We wiped out everything. First steamboat that I went to when we didn't have to hide the wastages under the soup, plates or in the bowls or among the prawn shells or something. Hahah.

We took a short stroll and a longer route to Vivian's and my bus stop to catch the rides back. We detoured past this hilly mini park with an alternate see-saw. How cool is that? Time for Desmond and Vivian to relieve some good old childhood memories. Awww. They look so cute together. . .

The best post-dinner exercise routine. I'd had the perfect 'postcard' picture if only they were about 16 years younger each. Hahaha.

K I need to work on my 自拍 techniques. Teach me the way Edison!!! Hahaha. Kidding.
Wonder what would Kang say if he heard of all these 'Food horror' stories! I'm going to be a vegan this week! *As if ah. . . Think I had way too much good food to last me till the end of the month.
Anyway its time to sign off! I hope the 'on-form' blogging spirit in me keeps going! Have lotsa tales from the office to share! I'd try to be back soon! Night all!!!
PS. Please let MAN U win the Champions League tomorrow so I can laugh in Chelsea's face. . .

Monday, May 19, 2008

FOOd Day Out

Its the weekend and its been a long time since the family ate together because of the busy schedules and also because of Jermaine's 'dedication' to the nation. So when we get a chance like these, we make the most out of it!

So where are we???

What better place to head for a Foo Family outing than the Foo House anyway??? Wanted to surprise Dada and Mom by bringing them there but they gave us the surprise instead!

"Orh Foo House ah! Robert Foo 开的! 我认识他! 也是海南人的啊! Sheesh. Turns out that the owner and chief chef of this joint was a colleague of Dada and Mom from Hyatt! Ex-Executive Sous Chef of Pete's place at Hyatt. So no surprises on that side there.

While we surveyed the menu, Dada and Mom went into the kitchen to have a chat with their old friend. Arrgh! PAIN. The prices of food on this mediterranean-italian joint ain't that cheap. With mains ranging from 15-78. Yeah! A whopping 78 bucks!

The FOO brothers. . . I love my brothers. . .

Dada and Mom. . .

A brief intro of Mr. Robert. . . Cooked for Queen Elizabeth II??? Zhun Bo??? I will reserve my judgement till after I had my fill.

The restaurant was jammed packed! But fortunately elder bro made reservations in the afternoon already. So space for the 8 of us was not an issue.

The crowd was huge and the production rate was slow. So elder bro and soon-to-be elder-sister-in-law Cindy were practising how best to diao the waiter who repeatedly came to apologise for our long wait. . .

Cindy with 4th Aunt who is also called Cindy. . .

Mom with close friend and neighbour. . .

I didn't have any chance to try the desserts though, but they do have a mean stock of wine which elder bro was eyeing constantly.

Younger bro Jermaine told me to take a picture of his grossly bulging dark toned triceps. . .

Which started off a biceps war with elder bro claiming that he has bigger biceps than Jermaine.

Not wanting to feel left out, Dad joint in the fun. And went on to recount how 'V-shaped' his figure was when he was in his twenties and how many pecs he had at that time. Hahaha!

Ok so I was having so much fun taking photos then younger bro seized the olympus and insisted that I 'showed-off' mine as well.
"You call these Biceps? Eh its not call Bamboo Shoots meh?" WAHAHAH!!!!
Once again I got mocked at by the bicepmic duo. Haiz. . .

Finally our starter, the seafood platter arrive! The platter consists of Oysters, Dory Fish, Prawns, and Calamari. Unhealthy but yummy. Especially the deep fried oyster. Has a unique taste to it.

Some random shots of the shop. . .

And its attempts to turn it European. . .

First up: the Chef Robert's grilled pork chops with mushroom cheese meltz. Its was good I tell you. Although this turn out to be the smallest portion of all the dishes, its worth its weight in bite. The melted cheese goes totally well with the succulent meat grilled to perfection.

Next up: Sheva Supreme Chicken Kiev. Dont't know what it means but its chicken cutlet with some special sauce and a totally sinful secret.

Which Jermaine discovered when he sliced it up. Some herb butter sauce ooze generously from its core. Awesome!

I was still bored and frustrated that the rest of the food took so long to arrive. So I wondered what happen if George Lucas' heroes faced off with the best of Marvel?

Dada's steak finally arrived! This grilled Angus Rib-eye steak cost a sensational $25.90 but it sure was worth it! True they goofed up the order and delivered a steak that was medium rare instead of Dada's order of medium well. But as a chef Dada understands the frustration of the kitchen at its busiest and insisted not to change his steak despite the repeated offer from the waitress to do so. Dada's never fussy anyway so he gamely took the rib-eye at the medium rare level.
After learning a few pointers on the difference between a well-done, medium-well, medium-rare and rare steak, I stole a piece of his steak. Despite it being semi-cooked, the meat went down well and was not chewy or tough on the palate. Dada attributed it to the quality of the meat and the perfect timing of the searing it.
It was also nice that the offered us a complimentary huge plate of french fries, after seeing how fast we wiped out the seafood platter, and also as a form of apology for mixing up the order. Neat!

Aunt Cindy's Fish and Chips. Not of the usual Dory fish, but of the more expensive Sea-bass. The smooth white mealy flakes under the golden crust makes one hanker for more.

The portobello steak burger on a melted cheese. Huge, generous and totally satisfying.

My French Beef Burgoignon. . . Don't ask me how to pronounce it. But the obvious taste of red wine in it sure turn this simple beef stew into a bowl of pleasure. I slurped it up to the last drop.

Lastly, the North Sea Salmon Steak arrives! The mushroom sauce was exotic and goes very well with the fresh salmon steak.
Since this was a combined Parent's day meal, the bill was down to the 3 (Leslie, Jermaine and I) of us to settle. Total damage? $199! Hmmm. Was wondering why so cheap seems like there must be some discount given somehow??? $199 for a total of 9 quality dishes is a steal if you ask me. Finally I've located a joint that offers true quality for its price. While its price is comparable and similar to many other restaurants' like Fish and Co or Billy Bombers, personally I felt that the quality of the food and its staff trumped those establishments in every aspect.
Guess I really can't expect too much from a kitchen who has only 2 chefs and with the head chef insisting in personally having a hand in all dishes. The wait is definitely worth it.
A night with the family and good food? Its $199 well spent if you ask me. . .

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Gosh. Am so deconditioned I can't do this now!!

Stand with your arms straight overhead in a “Y”, shoulderblades pulled back. With feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, sit back at your hips to lower your body. Go as low as possible without allowing your back to round. Then squeeze your glutes and push yourself back up to the starting position. Do 12 reps.

Nearly died when I reached 10! Haha. Now my quads are screaming murder. Think I'm too heavy le. Opps!

I'm giving too much excuses for not exercising. It was: weather was too hot to run. Now that it has turned cooler, I'm saying it's too cold to run! But I ran in winter weather last semester also! Gosh. Time to pick up my running shoes again! And run with the nose running too!

But why am I craving for gyoza right now?!?