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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

London Day 3: Walking day...

First stop: Borough Market (just outside London Bridge Station)

Let the shopping begin!!



And more! Spy the giant artichokes at the bottom right hand corner?

Lovely red and yellow tomatoes!!

Beautiful flowers!!

Giant paella!! Feel like having one now!!
The next few pictures are our favourite thing in the market-- RACLETTE!!

Potatoes and pickles....

And giant mozarella halves sizzling under the fire!!! Smells yummy!!

There you have it!! Simply delicious!! But it costs 5pounds!! Oh well..... would love another plate of it now!!

Sel and I enjoying the raclette while sitting on the grass outside the cathedral...

Sangria for me and sparkling white wine for sel...

And another chicken wrap!!

And fresh oyster for Sel!

Pretty pretty plates!!

Cool camera! (Sel calls me a stalker.... haha!)

Then we made our way to Tate Modern....

where there was a children/family carnival going on....

Fun obstacles for the young and old alike!

Yarn spinning...

Ice cream vans.... lotsa these around....

A cardboard "ice cream van". Feels like flintstones!! The "ice cream" he has is actually cardboard shaped in icecream cone shaped, then topped with paint dipped newspapers. Fun thing is there are different flavours!
After spending some time there, we realised that we made a wrong choice of going Tate Modern! Coz we missed the Tower Bridge and the London Eye and there are at opposite ends of where we are going! So we kinda walked the whole of Thames River that day!
Start at London Bridge Station, to Tate Modern, then to Tower Bridge and London Bridge, then back to London Eye again!

London Bridge... Sel and I were "that's it?!?!"
Dirty Thames River and Tower Bridge

My scarf covered the chocolate stains that I got from the chocolate gelato that we had earlier! Haha.. Super clumsy!

On the way back to Tate Modern and then to London Eye... Love this pic!

Tired feet....

Father and son's day out: Making sand sculptures and busking at the same time! Nice! There was a blanket where people can drop down money for them!

Giant chair along the way... Wonder who the crutches belong to!
Smoothie break!



Cute little alley on the way....

I spy the Big Ben!!

And the London Eye!!

We spent lotsa time on the Golden Jubilee Bridge as every few steps we take, there was a different angle of picture to take. At this point, we do feel like we are REALLY in London!!

Another of my favourite pic too...

Then we made our way to Trafalgar Square.....

Lost in the city...

Through my sun glasses (which sadly broke one day... but I bought a new one from H&M for 6pounds!)

Trafalgar Square... it was so crowded!!

It's like the meeting place of everyone. And there are alot of ermm... people of dark skin there... and it's kinda weird!!

Then it was to the trusty tube to send us back home to.....

Northwick Park Station!

Our home for the week we were in London

Where we watch Britain Got Talent, and had port and plum wine...

All thanks to Uncle and Auntie Yong! =))
Next up... London Day 4: Market/Shopping day!