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Friday, April 27, 2007

Hit by the Spidey Craze....

Whee 2 papers down and I am hopeful for good grades for both. Wahaha. Spotted the right Law topics. I was fortunate I guess. Had a mini 'stress relieving' celebration with SIM buddies by going to Orchard Cineleisure. Ate at the HongKong Cafe there. Ok only lar. Ordered some baked rice set with chicken chop. But it's super filling. And the deep fried wantons are super mini!!! Hahaha. Choose your dishes wisely. The seven of us spent $88 there total so it's quite reasonable in the end.

This was followed with a movie. Caught a Korean show 200 pounds something something. Can't remember the title. Wahaha. But its about some talented obese singer who went for plastic surgery and became an instant superstar. Movie was so so. Touching at some parts funny at others. I felt it spreaded the wrong message. Many other young girls will be so tempted to go under the knife just to get the 'ideal' figure. I've always felt the most attractive trait of anyone would be the BRAIN. Looks will fade away. But wit and character will stand the test of time. Anyway, the fat girl became a swan overnight and was smoking hot!!! We guys were oogling at her right till the end of the movie. It was only when we got out that we found out that she is NOT a transverstite after all!!! But still to catch some pictures of this erm mistaken pretty '(fe)male', click here. But the girls thought it was a good movie. My advice, catch it on a weekend to be safe.

Headed to airport to study with Desmond today and I caught sight of the burger king collectables. It was then that I decided that I am going to collect all of them. Bought a kids meal and managed to convince Des to buy a kids meal as well so I can collect 2 toys. Should have seen the look on the BK aunty's face when we ordered the kids meal. Heh. Anyone else going to eat a burger king's meal please sms or call me first and help me buy the toys for 2 bucks also??? Pretty please??? Call me so that I know what's available and what collectables I need. I sound like a kid. Hahaha. But I'm going to spend a small fortune on them I don't care. Heh. The guys who have grown up reading, playing and watching Marvel would understand I suppose. I can't wait for the movie to open. Should I bring my giant stuffed spiderman to the movie? Hahaha.

I managed to buy a Sandman - in - truck toy and Desmond and I spent a good 30 mins figuring out how to make the toy work. All collectables come with some special features like glow in the dark, turn colour under cold water, shoot some web, stick on wall, whatever. Despite looking at the illustrative instructions we can't seem to figure out how to operate it. I remembered that the truck can move on its own but somehow we failed in unravelling the mystery step. So I stuffed it in my bag and carried on studying. Showed the Princess the toy just a couple of moments ago and she immediately made the toy move on its own. Arrgh!!!! We're such losers. And I thought the woman won't get it. Wind the freaking bottom of the detached Sandman figurine and insert it into the turck to make it move on its own!!! *slaps forehead* I'm going to bury myself in sand. The shame. And I call myself a Spiderman fan. Haiz. Will upload pics of the whole set if I successfully collect all 10 before its sold out.

I'm off to enjoy the rest of the Friday evening. The NUS peeps are ending their exams next week and I got 13 days to go. Sigh. To those with papers left study hard!!! To the rest... Erm how bout don't let me see you playing??? =P

Remember to get me if you're eating Burger King!

Monday, April 23, 2007

1 down 4 to go

Whee Macroecons paper is down!!! Should have one relatively GOOD grade in the bag if I'm not wrong. *BHB* But this is the easiest of the modules for this semester anyway. That leaves me with 3 more papers to go and another 17 days of sheer torture. Sigh. Seems like my exam is the second longest with Sok Wan's and Doris ending a day after mine.

But oh well we pay more skool fees therefore we have more time to study! Hahaha. And chao weasel's exams are already over!!! Arrgh. Bet he's enjoying his holiday now anyway. Probably weaseling in some corner now as I type??? Heh. Somemore Man U might even win the title before his birthday thanks to the recent draw by lousy Chelsea. Arrgh! Even worse. Darn you chao weasel... Hahaha... Please let Liverpool win champs league so I can laugh in Weasel's and Fergie's face...

I can't seem to keep the focus on the books these days. Mind's filled with places to go after exams, friends to meet, things to buy, places to find work in, new hobbies to discover, old hobbies to continue etc etc etc...

Speaking of work, I need to find a temporary job soon... Lobangs/Suggestions anyone???

Saturday, April 14, 2007

26 more days!!!

To the end of the exams!

But it has not even started... Haiz...

Man who am I trying to kid?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Ain't this one of the coolest skeleton you've seen?

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Can you guess where we were??
Thursday, 5th April, 2007.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Singnet or Starhub???

Hi all! Is my online presence sorely missed??? Hahaha. Cancelled my internet connection as of the 24th of March since it's out of contract anyway. Didint have time to consider any other offers as I was finishing off my marketing project at that time. So I've decided not to reconnect until after the end of my semester papers, which will end on the 10th of May. This will keep all online distractions out of the way. Especially maple story. And I save 2 months of bill too. But how? Which isp to sign on with next time? Haiz. Life without the net's great. It hurts at first but slowly I am getting used to not being online everyday.

Time sure files and so fast April has crept up on all of us. A quarter of 2007 has went by and it only seems like yesterday when I was counting the end of 2006 with the guyzos. The mid semester results are back and I didn't do as well as I could have. Had High D for Macroecons, D for Marketing, and NN for Management Accounting. Now WTH is NN? Well I do not know what it stands for exactly either but I know it denotes a fail in that particular subject. Wahaha. So that means I gotta work harder in the final Management paper then. Looks like paying more skool fees does not corelate directly to a decrease in expectations. Or so I've learnt. Hahaha.

The princess and I turned 5 over the weekend but we didn't celebrate it too elaborately. Went for a full day of shopping, kolo mee lunch, and dinner at Kenny Rogers at Marina Square. Thank you for the wonderful journey through this half decade my dear. What would I have done without you?

Finally we've handed up the crazy marketing report on the second of April. Lets see that's about 35 pages worth of report and a 126 pages full of appendices. Great job guys! Many thanks to project members Ade, Sharon, Ping and Jason for slogging it out with me. Felt like I could fly when I threw the thick booklet into the assignment collection bin on Monday. Phew. The nights are free now, and there's finally time to do things like newspaper reading, tv watching, strolling around the neighbourhood with the princess, kitty hunting and feeding etc. Oh for once I can actually listen to what the 933 deejay is saying.

*Stop that eyebrow guys! Don't think I dunno what's on those minds of yours!

Hahaha. Yes I do UNDERSTAND what the deejay says. Must I remind you all that I've never FAILED chinese before? Ahem! Show some respect please. K back to 933. I'm glad to hear Ma Li's voice on the night show again. I think she's a great deejay. Seems like it's back to Sec 4 and JC 1 days when I first listened to 933. She was the late night deejay then as well.

Went to celebrate by watching Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtle with the Sim guys. Yes its the show that woman will not understand. The turtles were cool as usual but the story line's crap. Don't watch it unless it's on a weekday. I miss long time turtle nemesis like 'Shredder', 'Beebork' (forgot how to spell it) and 'Rock Steady'. But I still absolutely love Michaelangelo. Still the number 1 joker turtle.

The fun's over. Now it's time to prepare for the exams! With that the mugging season begins! Sorry dear fellow bloggers that I've not been able to frequent your sites. Rest assured I'll visit it whenever I get to be online. Keep the tags coming! But for instant replies, sms. Till then! Study hard too all of you! God Bless!