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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Of revelations and confusions

Why is it that Singapore is a Lion City, and the beer made here is called Tiger Beer?

Singapore won against Malaysia against last night’s match. Super taiko. And I only realized last night that the Tiger in Tiger Cup means Tiger Beer. That happens when I don’t watch soccer at all.

I dun understand how people can smoke around their own children.

Why is cigarettes invented?

Regarding the GST increase, PM Lee said that he rather take medicine in one shot, than to split it up into two times. But I think it would be better if you are never ill at all.

Dad mentioned this sometime this week: why is it that people who are poorer than to pay more? He gave the example of taking public transport. We, the non-poor ppl, use the EZ-link card, and pay, let’s say 65cents for a bus ride. But people who are really poor, have to pay 80 cents for the same bus ride, coz they are unable to fork out the $7 at one go to get an EZ-link card. So the 15cents more gets multiplied, and they pay much more.

Another example is the buying of groceries. A 250ml carton of milk cost 85cents, and a 1L tetra-pack milk costs $2.20. Which one would someone who is really poor buy? The one which cost lesser right? And in this case, the 85cents, 250ml milk, because they are only able to pay that much, at that moment.

Too much thinking done in one post. Toodloos!

Friday, January 26, 2007


Pictures from dear ol' Flo!! I wish I was there to enjoy the scene with you.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Whee! 2nd post of the day! Need to get back to my readingS after this.


This is a translation of a letter sent by a young Croatian man to the
Croatian Minister of Defence to avoid military service. An extraordinary
piece of reasoning, worthy of attention of anyone interested in logic and
related matters.

Dear Minister of Defence,

Please allow me to explain my situation in a hope that you will be able
to resolve my case.

I am expecting to get the call to serve in the Croatian Army. I am 23 and
I married a 47 year old widow who has a 26 year old daughter. Her
daughter subsequently married my father. By marrying my wife's
daughter, my father became my son-in-law. In the same time, my wife is
a mother-in-law of my father, and her daughter is now also my stepmother.
In September my wife and I had a son. Clearly this child is a brother of
my father's wife, and thus a brother-in-law of my father. In the same
time, my son is also my uncle because he is a brother of my stepmother

In October my father's wife had a son as well. This child is now also my
brother because he is a son of my father. But I am the step-father of my
wife's daughter and also a brother of her son whose father is also my
father. Thus, my father's son is also my step-grand son because he is a
son of my wife's daughter. Consequently, I am a brother of my own
step-grandson, so I am also my own step-grandfather. However,
according to the law, not more then two consecutive generations of
fathers and sons (grand-father, father, son) can be called for military
duty simultaneously, so I should be relieved from the military duty.
Thank you for your understanding.

The reply of the Croatian Ministry of Defence was sent only two weeks
later, and it read:

The applicant is permanently relieved from the military duty due to
possible mental problems and mental instability caused by the chaotic
situation within his family.

I ish confused....

More pics!! Taken on 19th Jan 2007, OT day exhibition, with HB and Andrea!

Our OT t-shirt.

Random updates

I don't like the way our FYP is going, but there's nothing much we can do. We gotta change our Qualitative research to a SURVEY!! How low class is that. Ever read in a journal a title which read something like: "Using computers as leisure: A survey blah blah blah". Gotta contend with ourselves that it is a exploratory study.

Anyway, had a great time with Rui, and Funk-p' on saturday k-ster-ing. Learnt lotsa new songs from them. As usual, Rui's the queen of Sammi's songs, and Funk-p' can sing louder (without mike) that the 2 of us with mikes. We gotta go explore Chinatown again, for all the food and the cheap stuffs! Chinese New Year's coming! I like karaoke!

I've got a Citibank credit (supp) card from my aunt! Whee!! =)

NYP open house is from Thurday to Saturday (25th -27th). Do come down if you wanna noe about OT!!

I wanna get a new MP3 player. Any good and cheap ones to recommend? Brands doesn't matter.
My hair's getting really messy. Gotta go cut it before new year. Feel like going for QB house $10 haircut, but am scared. Haha.

This blog's rather full of words nowadays (*looks at Shaun. heh). So here's a pic taken during choir practice last Sep/Oct. (Yes, we started practice so early), when my hair was still long.
I miss singing...
I like carefree days like this where we can go for dinner, and go for a short walk together. No agenda, just walking hand in hand and enjoying each other's company. This is life....

Friday, January 19, 2007

Sporting Greens and Marketing Blues...

Thanks to all who showed concern but really there is nothing to be alarmed about. Thanks for the tags, msn chats, sms-es, etc. But fret not!
Like *Since when have I ever let studies bother me right?* or *Since when was Shaun ever concerned about school work?* Wahaha...

Its probably the build up of 3 full days of lesson coupled by some group hiccups and a lack of a good marketing product that probably just pissed me off.

Anyway 2 days off from school starting from yesterday just worked wonders. Was able to swim 1.6km on Wednesday night which gave me lots of time to think. Unlike running, you can't put on a headphone and get lost in music while pushing yourself. The silence of the waters and the calm of the night is really a great opportunity to iron out some details.

Played basketball with Jermaine yesterday morning too. Latest update: His height has reached 1.9m! Sheesh why is he still growing? It's illegal!!! Hahaha. That makes him a clean 12 cm taller than me. When he raises his longer arms compared to mine, erm you can guess who won the one-on-one matches yesterday morning. Hahaha. I just finding excuses for losing 4-1 in 5 games. He is really much stronger and better than I am. Played 'horse' as well and lost to him by just one move only!!! Arrgh! But it sure feels good to be doing sports after a season of rain. Thank God for great weather!

However on the marketing front, I've hit a blank wall in choosing the perfect marketing product. Arrgh. Hopefully I will be able to sort it out by this weekend. Will be going down to supermarkets at Bedok later to try to find the best local product that I can market. Followed by a badminton game with Sok, Doris and her bf. Ahhh I just love sports.

Other non-related news : Clash of the Titans this weekend on EPL! Liverpool Chelsea, Man U Arsenal. Will definitely be keeping an eye on it! Be back to blog again soon!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Buried under tons and tons of.......

1. School Work
2. Lectures I do not understand
3. Project work
4. Anger arising from group mates I'd like to skin
5. Notes I gotta revise and read through (which I haven't)
6. Sadness; Unexplained uncontrolled but not untraceble
7. Dark clouds and rain
8. Sarcastic remarks and disappointment about Liverpool's recent loss of form
9. Pressure; Unseen, never felt before and definitely questionable

I'm wishing for........

1. Excuses to pontang more lectures
2. A greater absorbtion rate, more intelligence and more coherent lecturers
3. Good project teammates
4. Patience and Understanding
5. Dilligence to work consistently
6. The only one event that can make me feel happier to happen...
7. The sun so I can go running again
8. The sacking of Benitez, not really but at least a change in Liverpool's rotation policy
9. My usual carefree self to be back

Am I really changing?

Dear God, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can change, and the wisdom to know the difference.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy OT Day!!

Happy OT day to all the OTties!!

Went to Silver's blog, and I think I should also do my part to promote my own profession too. To find out more about Occupational Therapy, go here!! Hope this helps all of you in understanding more about us.
P.S: Singapore is mentioned inside too. Real cool!

Hear ye hear ye...

By order of the Almighty Princess-high-and-mighty, big shot, told you so, boss of the world, the blog song is hereby changed to...

Well you'd hear it.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It was great while it lasted...

First day of skool was great! Nice to see all the SIM pals once again. Desmond bombarded us with tidbits and souvenirs from Taiwan. Seeing all the familiar colourful snack wrappers and usual Taiwan gifts, it sure brings back fond memories of when I was in Taiwan. First lecture of the year turned out to be Macroeconomics. Bleargh.

I will definitely have to work harder this semester. I haven't experienced what is like to put in 10 or even 5 decent hours a day studying. After catching up with army dudes last week, I've heard horror stories of people who can piah 20 hours a day! My gosh. How is that humanly mathematically possible? I dunno. Certainly I don't think anyone in my course does that. But that's what the real world of undergraduates is about I guess. The stronger dogs win in a dog eat dog world. I wonder where will I be if I mug 20 hours a day... Oh yeah. Either heaven or IMH. Haha crude.

But my bloody GPA's 0.25 below the average in order to graduate with distinction now. In a course where no honours are awarded, I guess I'll just have to go for the best that is available. Yawn! Boring modules coming up! Lets see... Managerial Accounting and Business, Commercial Law, Macroeconomics and lastly Marketing Principles. BORING. Sounds like a lot of project work to me. Must seek more help for my SENIORS. Hem hem hem..

Some random happy memories of the hols...

Cycling trip at East Coast last week...

Erm Order of Chua Family for the GT too? Nvm if you don't get it. =)

I had a bad hair day. So thought I'd make it worse. I look like a freaking CHAO AH BENG here.

There's always time to stop and smell the flowers...

And more flowers...

And even more flowers!

Something I'd like to try in the near future...

Sand castling fun for these 2 families. Look at the quality of the sand sculptures... Comes complete with miniature toy soldiers guarding the castle.

Gee the holidays wheezed by so fast with hardly time to do everything you really want. Haha. But as planned I did meet up with the army guyzos. And they're looking great! I really Really REALLY do miss my days in Tekong. They were so enjoyable and carefree. You only worry about things like which canteen to have your lunch at, which Dvd to watch after last parade, whether to swim or run after you wake up... Arrgh. I miss the island life.

As usual we RAPED Seoul Garden... Hehehe... *Hand all the black pepper beef over!!!*

But at $26 per person I really don't settle for anything less...

I am seated beside NJC's top Malay student of my time, a bugger who takes 7 modules in NUS, holds 3 CCAs, gives private tuitions and yet complains about the fact that his results are slightly below that of overseas Chinese and Indian students. Sheesh...

Don't ask me what Kiam and Fabian's up to. Could their outstretched tongues signify delicious food? Or is it something else?

After lotsa lotsa helpings I finally settled for the dessert... Taa Daa! My DIY Ice Kachang...

Fellow Mohawk Commanders you're sorely missed! Especially the many other dudes who did not turn up. Shall we rape Kushinbo next?

Peter's great joke of the night:
"Hey Pete you 26 liao why not thinking of getting a girlfriend?"
"Aiyah don't worry I have the best picks of girls at this age"
"You never hear meh? Girls are like Christmas log cakes, no one wants them after the 26th... So I can slowly choose now..."

That's very Master Peter for you... Most eligible Mohawk Commander... Ask me for details!
(Don't stone me Pete)

It was a great holiday for me. Oh before I sign off, I remembered to capture something before it was gone...

I just love the Christmas Tree in the darkness of my hall. But its gone now. Sadly... It was really great while it lasted...

Also, I just blew more $$$ today on....

1. A dinner at Breko with the princess AND

2. 梁詠琪's latest CD! Mwahaha!!! I'm such a sucker for sad Chinese love songs.

Going to sleep with the tunes of 给自己写的情歌 behind me now! Good night!

Friday, January 05, 2007

A night(s) to remember...

Night outing with the princess. Guess where we're headed to???

Clue #1: A Christmas tree on a crane in a construction site

Ok. That was a horrible clue but we thought that its cute that there was a Christmas tree on the crane. Haha. Nothing better to deepen the Christmas atmosphere than a well lit tree I guess.

Clue #2: Beginning to look familiar to some of you? The princess tries to mimic the statue. Cute!

Ultimate clue: Yup we're headed to a live basketball match in the indoor stadium!

We're catching the Phillips Championship National Basketball League. Been going to the princess house to watch it on cable every now and then but now I get to see it live! Look closely and you'll see that the cost of the pair of tickets is $0.00. Wahaha! Managed to kio this free pair of tickets courtesy of good ol Adelene. She's a cheer leader there and she got a pair of free tickets at every match she performs in. So I'm the lucky one whom she chooses to pass the tickets to. Heh.

Best of all I get to catch the better team in play. And I don't mean the so called 'local' team Singapore Slingers. I'm all for the South Dragons anyway. I just love a good shooting team. There's nothing to be proud of about the Singapore Slingers as well. Firstly the team consist of only 2 Singaporeans of which only one is a local born Singaporean. Secondly both of them are bench warmers. Well they are basically there so that the team can be called 'Singapore' Slingers anyway. So I'm left staring at a team of foreign slingers playing instead.

Go South Dragons! Australian teams rock.

As you can see the stadium is quite bare. In fact most of the spectators, I would say a good 80% of them, are not local. Beer holding expatriates were shouting themselves hoarse in support of the Slingers. Haha. Guess they're more patriotic than I am. Oops.

Our very friendly Slingers mascot. Real cuddly.

We're there way before the game started and the stadium really looks deserted. It's a pity that not many Singaporeans enjoy playing or watching basketball compared to other sports.

The cheer leaders preparing to welcome the Slingers. Guess who is Adelene?

Here comes the Slingers arriving in style. I wanted to 'Boo' them loudly but I was surrounded by Slinger fans. So guess I had to keep my mouth shut.

Final warm up before the tip off.

And we're off! My favourite player is Shane Heal of the Dragons. He is the key player, shooting guard and also the COACH of the team. How cool is that? His blazing 3 pointers left the Slingers smelling smoke early in the game.

As mentioned, the South Dragons moved to an early lead.

That's Mike Helms on the line. The supposedly best player on the Slingers who was having a night off. Poor shooting, good defence by the Dragons and lack of coordination ensured that he has little chances to score.

The poor girls have to dance at every time out and every break. That's more than 10 times per match. But do not pity them. Adelene earns a cool $200 per night. That works out to $100 per hour. Sheesh.

This is the best picture I managed to capture of Adelene. She's the dancer facing the camera.
*She really looks like 石欣卉 in this hair do and smile. OMG. *

Their dance routine were quite cool. Lots of flips, cartwheels and splits throughout the show. The girls coordinated quite well. But why are they supporting the lousier team??? The girls then started throwing out free Harvey Norman shirts at the screaming crowd. And Adelene happily threw 2 of them right at me. Haha. Erm free toilet rags anyone? Muwahaha!

The mascot mingles with the crowd as the girls and players take a break at half time.

Time to start the second half! The crowd's pretty thin as its raining heavily. Guess the season ticket holders can't be bothered to make their way here in the rain just to see the Slingers get trashed.

That's the player that the princess fell in love with. Super cute dunno wadshisname number 14, point gurad of the Slingers taking a free throw.

As I said it was a one sided game. The Slingers never posed a challenge even though they were in their home ground and with clearly biased referees in their favour. But they were really outclassed by the better shooting team. SOUTH DRAGONS RULE!

Hmmm.... Good thing the picture didn't turn out well. Can't see my messy unstyled hair.

The best picture of cute boy basketballer dunno wadshisname no. 14. Kena forced to take his picture by the princess.

I really enjoyed my first ever live basketball match. Surprisingly the standard was better than seen on tv. Yes there were alley-oops and slam dunks as well. Not to mention some really nasty block shots and monster rebounds. Its really illegal for anyone to jump that high. Sigh why can't I even touch the rim...

We got a free lift back to Kallang mrt too! Haha. Thanks Adelene! Was really nice of her to go out of her way to drive us to the mrt. Saved ourselves a long walk in the drizzle. She also handed me another pair of tickets to another match the next day! Whee! How cool is that?

Yes the Slingers won the next day. Erm because of more fans I guess?

I so love watching a live basketball match. Only bad part of the game is that you do not get to see beautiful plays twice. No such thing as replays. Blink and you'll miss it. I must really travel to America and watch one live NBA game in my lifetime. Adelene was sharing about her experience in Newcastle Australia. Yes that lucky girl travels with the Slingers on their away games. She was saying that the sell out crowd there would really cheer the team they support and boo the opposing team loudly. Singapore(ans) is/are so dead boring. Arrgh!

2 great nights thanks to a great friend. Hehe. These few days are really meant for maximum enjoyment. Skool's starting really soon! And I'm going to meet up with army guyzos tonight at Seoul Garden. What happens when there's 10 growing up guys queuing up outside Seoul Garden?

Ans: Get those bloody refills ready!!!!

Pictures coming if I remember to bring the olympus!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Traffic lights to Phuket - Part 4

Day 3 of our trip...

We woke up early to go to the beach, to pick seashells (for pompy), and to tan and swim (for sil and me). When we reached the beach, we were greeted by lotsa beach chairs!!

Rows and rows of chairs!

And the locals will go "Morning miss, want banana boat? Parasailing? Jetski? Beach chairs? 50baht whole day" on and on..... So we mastered the skill of ignoring. Haha..

The tiles that paved the whole of the street. It looks especially nice under the sun.

The beach. The gradient for the sand is so small, the water only reached to our waist after we walked for about 10m into the sea.
After soaking up the sun, we went for breakfast back at the hotel. And we saw Jacky Chan's brother!!!

Looks like hoh!

Not much pics of us in the afternoon as we went SHOPPING!! Verdict: Pompy's the best bargainer! Heh. Must slash the price they quote to till at least a third.

Paddle pop ice cream cart! Complete with the jingle.
Paddle pop, whee, paddle, ooh, super duper yummy!
Then we head down to Macs for some dessert to cool down.

Iced milo float, berry oreo mcflurry and choco oreo mcflurry.

Then a tsunami came!! Pompy and Sil managed to get away... ... but not me...


Tuk-tuks in traffic lights colour!!

Pompy and me and the streets of Patong.

Lovely sunset.
Slippers version.

Crocs version

More shopping!!
After shopping for so long, we were hungry. So we went in search of food. And we found this!

Our noodle soup with so much condiments that we just added abit of everything. It's so delicious that we all agreed it has "妈妈的味道". A homely feeling.

The auntie who made such delicious noodles. She jokingly demanded 100baht for every pic taken. =)

After dinner, we went exploring again. We walked and walked and turned into this lane...

The infamous Bangla Road, where there are many pubs.

Guess we were there too early (around 8-9pm). So, din managed to see any action. Haha. Think it was too dangerous for us 3 girls to venture around this kinda places in a foreign county alone.

After leaving Bangla Road, we continue with our shopping. And we passed by this roadside stall selling banana pancake.

And we bought one chocolate banana pancake. Yummy! It's actually banana wrapped in prata, and covered with condensed milk and chocolate! HEAVENLY. Coz the banana's superly sweet.

Look at our happy faces!

Not satisfied with not being able to go to a pub, we decided to go to the local supermart to get some booze and chips.

GIANT lollipop!!

Look at their excited faces. I think the lollipop's weighs about 1kg!

Our own party in the comfort of our own room.
Our water supply for the 4days. I remember the tour guide on the first day joked that we wanted to bath with it. I guess we should have done that. I have rashes on the last few days. Water not clean? I dunno.
Day 4...
We had to check out of the hotel at 12 noon, and our flight's at 2230. So we were left "roomless" for about 8 hours. In the morning, Sil and me went to the beach to catch the last rays of the sun, while pompy took some pictures then stayed in the room to watch TV.

One of my favourite pictures of the beach.
After checking out, pompy and I booked a Thai traditional massage at Patong Traditional Thai Massage. And we were picked up in a tuk-tuk!

The massage was not what I thought it was. But guess I was too tired, so I feel asleep halfway. It was rather painful at some points, lotsa trigger points being pressed. I think they will make very good PTs. Haha.
Patong Beach in full swing. These pictures were taken at about 12noon. Crazy people.
Lotsa ang mohs...

After the massage, we went for a pedicure/manicure!

Contented and relaxed...

Cute sign!
We went back to the previous day's noodle stall for out last dinner there.

And who can forget that Sil got asked to a disco! She was so happy when that guy guess that she was 23yo. Haha.
Butterly memories signing off....

I forgot... a picture of our hotel!
End note: If there's someone had an unexplainable illness, which origin could not be pin-pointed, there is a high possibility that the spouse is guilty of posioning the person. *winks