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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Another special day for a special someone...

Happy 22nd Birthday to Sok Wan!

22 le and still no significant improvement in.......

Well the events on Sunday speak for themselves! You all know... *wink*

But let me wish you continued success in your studies and continue to be the little smiley face wherever you go!

*Ahem... (Remember to pass me all your stuffs before you graduate... I put in good word for you lei...)

Hahaha! Just kidding, but this friend for a good 9 years have saved my skin countless times since dunno when. I still thank God the day when Mrs Ng made you the A maths rep 7 years ago... All those free A maths last min copying sessions... How can I ever thank you enough?

So to our continued friendship! Take care and all the best for the future!

Be back to blog more as I'm dead tired.

Got raped silly and owned by marketing meeting the whole freaking afternoon after an incredibly dry Management Accounting lecture...

Friday, February 23, 2007

Its a special day!

For a special Ah Bang....


Went to celebrate Yeow's birthday today at Sizzler's Suntec at noon.

Ah Bang I skipped my Econs lecture for your celebration lei. Better be touched by my noble act. Remember, you did not give me an excuse to skip lecture, I skipped lecture for you. Bwahaha! I'm such a great friend...

Anyway Happy Birthday to you! May this year be filled with more fun, laughter, girls, $$$, good grades, happiness, and less time spent in studios!

I don't care what you guys say about the flashlight but I love the "Deer(s) in the headlight" look.

Yeow I so so so love your shirt...

大吃大喝 is what we do best... Ate about 5 servings of food for that lunch. I love salad bar buffets.

After this is where all the shyte falls on all of us. NUS mid sem break over, SIM mid sem papers coming and projects and assignments deadlines suddenly creeps up on all of us. Haiz. Till the holidays then!

Maybe I'll join Cheers and call myself the 'lifeless' as well.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Harry Potter!!

The 7th and final instalment of the book is coming out soon!!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

And it'll be released on July 21st!!

Can't wait!! =))

When will the next movie be out??

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Spoil market, spoil me 3

Was helping Dada in the kitchen and he was chopping carrots when he suddenly pulls these out from nowhere seemingly effortlessly and swiftly...

Presenting spoil market carrot figurines!

Crocodile! Think Lacose...

A butterfly!

Taa Daa! A rabbit...

Darn I'm so gonna pick up cooking...

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Spoil market, spoil me 2

After being spoiled from my dad yesterday, I got 'spoiled' again by another market spoiling act today.

Was playing mahjong with my family and relatives when my younger brother Jermaine pulled a stunner.

Presenting the ever famous "JADE DRAGON"

It's not the usual 'Pong Pong' half colour which would have resulted in 4 tais without any other supplements like the animal or flowers etc.

But this is one of the set of tiles that would have resulted in a LIMIT in the predetermined limit number of tais to play.

Not easy because apart from 'pong-ing' all bamboos, you HAVE to pong the 'fa cai' tile in order to complete the set. Definitely a first in the Foo family mahjong history.

Another spoiler but of a different kind. Spoiled my winning streak. Wahaha. Pa why you throw let him game??? So many bamboos in front you still throw...

Hope your first day was as exciting as mine! Happy CNY to all again!

Spoil market, spoil me

Food Galore!

My dad the amazing chef. 14 dishes spread over 2 servings. It'll take a miracle for me to lose any weight this festive season.

Happy MEW Year to all dear readers!

Be back soon to blog more!

Friday, February 16, 2007





I finally got this song!!! Bwahaha!

Many many thanks to Su Qin for this!

You go girl!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A train of thoughts...

Sorry that I have not been blogging as consistent. Caught up in wave of skool work and other commitments as usual. Just finished Managing Accounting test today which I'm probably getting crappy grades for. Stunner paper, hope I still can pass. Hahaha. Made a couple of careless mistake and that's it. No second chance, no sympathy marks. Managing Accounting is one mean b***h of a subject. And yes dear friends I'm sorry I do not have the time to send Chinese New Year Cards these time. Sigh. At least you guys can't mock at my chinese. Heh.

Recently when I was at the mrt station, I caught sight of a poster encouraging people to join the SMRT cram jam. To set a new record for the number of people that can squeeze into an smrt train. This was followd by verbal announcements through the station's PA system closer to the date of the acivity. It was held last Sunday I guess? And 500 odd people managed to squeeze into a train at the Bishan Depot. My main thought was: What on earth for?

To take part in the SMRT cram jam, simply attempt to board the train daily at peak period. You might have to push your way through as sometimes a simple 'excuse me' is never enough for some jokers to move in to the centre. I do not see the need for a yearly increase in fares of public transport with the service they are providing. The fact that it is called 'public transport' should be one where the goverment takes a heavy subsidy in in order to keep fares affordable. SMRT is probably one of the few public transport in the world raking in annual profits. I really do not see where the hike goes when trains at peak period arrive at 3 to 4 mins interval. Weren't they suppose to arrive in 2 mins interval as promised?

Off peak is no better. Trains remained crammed as they come in intervals of 7 to 10 mins. Sheesh. If we were to pay more in terms of fares I really hope to see a variable increase in train efficiency as well. We claim to be a world class state with world class transportation network. Then why compare ourselves with other countries? Must we really cram ourselves on train just like the Japanese do? I really hope one day Singapore can set herself apart from other countries in terms of transportation.

Unfortunately what we are lacking in technical terms, Singapore also lack in terms of courtesy. Morons continue to push their way in before people alight, others lean on handrails and poles meant for HANDS, and some others are clearly 'blind' when others need a seat more than they do. It is really unfortunate we live in such a inconsiderate society. I was on the way home from school last Thursday and I managed to get a seat at Dover mrt. 2 stations later a pregnant woman holding a toddler and still carrying a bag of groceries walked in. I was the only one who gave her a seat. She was so concerned about her child's safety that she insisted that the kid took the seat while she remained standing. I was utterly disgusted at how blind some Sigaporeans could be.

*Click to enlarge*
This sums up the great 'efficiency' of our MRT. Get more of it here.
Perhaps the underlying purpose of the recent SMRT cram jam is to find out truly how many Singaporeans can squeeze into a train if they really tried. Hmmm.
Will this mean 7 mins train intervals at peak periods soon?

Friday, February 09, 2007

Reduced Energy Practical Class 080207 and other random pics

Reduced Energy Practical - 080207

Taking of BP and HR for baseline measure. Pompy looks serious!
And into the swimming pool we go. At 8am in the morning!!! Freezing. But I think I'm the only one whose HR dropped. The others were too cold, so it went up instead. I take cold baths ma. =p

Warm up + stretching

Sil, Elisa and Pompy leading the warm-up + TAIQI

Clare and ZhenZhen leading the main activity - Water Aerobics. Super difficult to do it in the water can.

PUNCH PUNCH KICK KICK! Difficult to maintain balance k!


Running around the pool. Not as simple as it looks k. And we found out that ZhenZhen is a 魔鬼教练!

She make us run with our hands above our heads - 4 laps! Lucky it's the learning pool.

Then HB wanted us to do a comparison. And he made us run on land.
Check out the wheelchair ramp into the swimming pool! Sweet!

Preparing for another activity.

Transporting a partner along. Quite relaxing.
Captain's Ball pics! And we made HB join us in the game coz we had odd number of players. And he decided that he should be the captain.

Packing up time!

Pompy's super unglam here! Heh~
Debrief time!

Guess who is this.

Suntanning time!

HB telling us stories of his yesteryears....

Making V-day card for the lecturers - 070207
WanRu's pretty ring. I Like!
The Process and the final product in the middle.
And our reward from the SHS club - LOLLIPOPS!
Other random pics. Battery ran out before I can take some more. =(
More pics in another post. Too many pictures to organize.

6 weeks of school just flew by like that, it's no wonder people say time flies! 6 more weeks till the end of the curriculum and I still feel unprepared to go into the working world. Acceptance letter from Curtin had arrived, but I have not checked my mail, so don't know what's the verdict yet. Think I'll still go for interviews to have more choices.

Dear ol' Selina had flown off to aussie land for studies and in Curtin too. And the 3 of us are all in different countries. Florence in UK, Sel in Aus, and me in Singapore. Meetups would be even more difficult. But I take comfort in knowing that we have each other in our hearts all these while, while we are apart. As Steph puts it, we'll all meet up somewhere (in other countries) some time. Hope that day comes soon! =)

Had reduced energy lesson yesterday and it was FUN. Will put up the pics asap.

ZQ celebrated hui's birthday last friday. We tricked her into thinking that we had free preview tickets to a show (forgot what show liao), and so we went to Suntec. The rest of ZQ was at the restaurant, and we had a so-so dinner at Just Noodles. The staffs were grumpy, but at least they took back an order that we made a boo-boo in. They were clearing the place while we were eating!! And it was only a little after 9pm!

After that, we went to the area above the Fountain of Wealth, and Hui had her ermm.. 2seconds of fame, pole-dancing. She sure can shake! Haha. After that was prize presentation, and we sneaked her 2nd present into her bag. Wanting to let her "discover" the present, WanRu said that her phone was ringing. She opened her bag, took out her phone, and said "没有啊,没有电话。”, and put the phone back. TWICE!! Haha. But it was dark at that time lah, can't blame her. Had a great laugh and it was time to go back.

Saturday was spent at the Art Workshop with Sil and WanRu. We were the youngest there. And the place was kinda intimidating at the start. Coz there were only about 20 participants. We all wished that we had the kind of paints that the speaker has - washable and so vibrant. The things that she did in class were similar to what we had already done, so did not learn much from there. The lunch was quite good though, with chocolate fondue and other sinful desserts".

I need some me time to catch up with myself.

Monday, February 05, 2007

New Campaign coming up!

I had to post something as the picture with the irritating cute and now rich guy with those washboard abs (which I do not have) is too jarring. Can't stand him mocking at me anymore so sorry ladies, I had to do something... I'd rather see words at my blog than his picture anyway.

(But he got thick ugly curly tummy hair and I don't have!!! Nananybooboo!!!)

Wahaha. I've changed the song too. Dunno why but its back to the classics of Sixpence for now.

Was at Simpang with Weasel on Saturday night as I caught the 2nd Merseyside derby of the season. Which ended in a goaless draw as Liverpool failed to break Everton's defence. BOO. Cheers was busy and Yeow was in studio. Haiz. Simpang gang become Simpang pair now. Hahaha. Had a good time of catching up with Weasel who lost his phone in a cab few days back. The passenger that got on after him kept his Motorola instead of handing it back to the cabby. Hope whoever kapo-ed would lose his phone in future too!

We didnt wanna catch the boring West Ham and Aston Villa match so Weasel suggested that we can visit Yeow in his studio. Dunno why but some people got too much petrol ah. But we muz have moved Yeow when we told him we'll visit him in his studio on a Sunday morning at freaking 12am with supper and tea from Simpang. Hahaha.

So I'm officially starting the "Save the future architects of NUS campaign".

Yeow looked like a wreck but I'm sure he's enjoying every moment of his student life in NUS. That poor chap have not spent a full weekend at his home since this year. I can't believe it. We agreed that even NSFs spends more time at home than 'arki' students. Hahaha. He was not alone in the studio. Many were there working through the night as well.

With the obscene amount of work to be completed in and incredibly short time frame, no wonder they get so little sleep. Anyway sleep to Yeow is sleeping bag on top of 4 chairs laid side by side beside his table in studio. Hahaha. The hostel he rented in Prince George's Park is his mere storeroom. "Too troublesome to go back la, waste time also" was his response.

But Weasel and I were totally amazed at the quality of work produced by the students there. Seeing all the drawings and structures designed and built by them left us totally in awe. Both of us had a guided tour by Yeow also. We visited the year 2 and year 3 exhibitions and they were even more stunning. Looks like the future of our buildings are in good hands I'd say. Given all the stress and pressures of this obscenely rigorous course, several students have already dropped out and switched to other courses already.

It also takes 6 years to fully complete the course. They have to graduate with a Master's Degree. Following that it takes another year of exams and studying before they can accreditation to practise in Singapore. 7 years is more than enough time to kill off the interest in architecture. Perhaps NUS should really cut down on their elective courses on tough programs like Architecture.

We chatted till 230am before leaving Yeow to carry on with his work. 天生命苦 is the biggest understatement there. Weasel and I felt like total slackers and social loafers every time we visit Yeow at his studio. Hahaha. SIM is really slack!!!

Therefore, Save the future NUS architects before they are all gone! Buy a packet of coffee for them to stay awake and work NOW!!!

I'm getting lame. So it's time to go I guess.

Totally irrelevant thought:
Should I really cut my hair for Chinese New Year? They jack up the price already lei... What to do???

Thursday, February 01, 2007

This is Harry Potter

aka Daniel Radcliffe?!?!?!

Ooh yummy! =)

My 2 cents worth too...

Hope we've all seen the last of the rainy season!

Whee I'm back to blog after sometime! Hope my fellow blogger-in-command has been keeping you all busy! Yes, finally I'm free to erm talk about the weather! These past few days has been great and I'm really not hoping to see rain so soon as yet. Check out this pic over the skies of Kembangan that I caught. Was rushing to school an early morning some time back when I looked up and...

Beautiful or what? Can't believe I can capture such beauty on my phone...

Been caught up with project work and lotsa TV these days. Don't know where all the time went as well. But do you know that 1/12 of the year has passed? Uber fast right!

Was watching soccer just now and I can't help laughing at the match. Singapore won by, I would say a little stroke of luck I guess? The most amusing part of the match would probably be the protest and walk off by the Thailand team. Talk about unsporting behaviour! It was sparked off by a Thai player 'bringing' down a Sporean player in a dubious and unclear header in the penalty box with less than 10 mins of playing time left.

While the call might be a bit harsh and is certainly debatable, it was really unsporting of the Thais to just walk out of the pitch. In sports, no matter how lousy the referee is or how unfair the call may be, it's totally soreloserlish behaviour to walk off any sporting event. Sure you walk off saying the ref's unfair and biased but aren't you being equally unprofessional by walking off?

I'm not a Team Singapore soccer fan and I don't think I'll ever be one but unsporting behaviour is really an eyesore. If it was the Sporean team that walked off erm, you can call me anything but a Singaporean.

After playing squash for sometime, I've seen my fair shares of unsporting behaviour. In squash, the referee determines a large part of the game. He can single handedly decide who is the better player by his judgement and awarding of fouls. He interferes in almost every play and can really swing a game to either side if he's biased. I had a chance to play and referee at last year's army inter formation squash competition and its really disgusting to see players threatening referees and questioning their judgement. Hahaha. Saw a 50 year old tick off a 20 year old referee when he called for a foul against the old warant officer.

"Ay I tell you when I was playing squash you were not even born ah, how can you say that ball is a stroke!"

For non-squashers, erm just digest that first part. Hahaha.

The poor referee, much younger than he is and obviously smaller in rank was stunned speechless. More senior players intervened and obviously referee's decision is final. And I agreed that that would have been the call I'd make as well if I referee-ed that match. Sheesh sore loser. I admired the way the Malaysian referee stuck to his decision amidst mass protest and pressure from Thai players and coach likewise in the match just now.

While referees are not correct everytime and without bias, to me a bad referee call is just like a stroke of bad luck. Its like a shot at an empty goal that hit the woodwork, that's all. LEARN TO LIVE WITH IT.

That is why squash till today is not an Olympic sport. Too much 'grey' areas left to referee calls.

And in a sporting world with dwindling sportsmanship, I doubt there ever will be a place for 'referee' intensive sports like squash in major events.

Some boring sporting 2 cents here. Will try to blog again soon! Hehehe.