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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blogging from Raleigh

Hi all! I wanted to do this post from my handphone but the friggin network is super unstable. So I'm better off using Ana's laptop to blog. Haha!

Raleigh has been uber fun so far. There is just so much to see! We'll be visiting the museums tomorrow! Including a huge prehistoric museum housing the only dinosaur fossil with an intact fossilised heart! We just had a full Mexican meal. Will be spending a night here before heading back to Greensboro tomorrow evening.

Photos up after 'hell'week next week! I got 3 tests next week! Arrgh. Including German! I'm beginning to really hate that language now.

Time to check out what shows are on TV now!

Have a blasting weekend folks!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


This is Sidd. One of the greatest joker in the i-House.

Last week, he knocked on my door one night when I was alone in my room doing work on my laptop.

"Hey Shaun!"

*Pulls out sign from behind his back


"But I was not making any noise!"

"You are now!"

Hahahaha! He is so funny. He must be really bored. So I thought I'd take a picture of him and his crazy randomness.

Just yesterday, Sidd came by holding a strung up piece of crab, or its remains (stolen from CAF after Mardi Gras dinner) and was trying to freak people out with it.

Once again he came by my room and was shoving it in the face of anyone nearby. Again I took out my camera and captured a bit of that madness.

The he was reviewing the photo that I took of him last week and thought it was pretty good. So we decided to print it out just for fun. We headed to his room and printed out the picture off his printer.

"You know what Shaun, we should paste this photo on the door of the RA (Resident Adviser) and see what she does!"

That was such an awesome prank! Because the resident adviser on the 3rd floor happens to be one that behaves like a typical BMTC instructor from Mohawk. Hint hint. No messing around, no kicking of soccer balls in the door way, no drinking, no partying, no loud noises etc etc etc.

But in the end we decided not to because it might probably get the whole lot of guys on the 3rd floor into trouble. (She is already planning to 'write up' all the guys on the 3rd floor because of an exit sign that was dropped on the floor off the ceiling, alleging vandalism and damage to property)

So we decided to pull a prank on this girl called Katie (a very jolly i-fellow) instead who is so much more fun to play with anyway. Fortunately she was not around and her good friend and roommate even joined us in the prank. Hahaha. Good accomplices are hard to go by. She let us into the room and promised not to spill the beans.

This was what happened. We pasted the photo of Sidd under the bed of her roommate, since she sleeps on the lower deck of the double decker bed. She is not going to see it until she comes back and sits on the bed. Oh and there's my signature under the award winning photo.

See the little crab there? That is Sidd's idea. We're hoping that she is going to freak out and when she screams at a smelly half shell crab, she is reminded to shut up by the silly photo of Sidd holding the 'quiet' sign. Ha!

I think we were really bored. But we sure hope Katie freaks out because she likes playing practical jokes on others too. Haha.

And I don't want to be around when Katie screams...

Moving on...

Since the photo was such a great idea, I decided to print out a copy and paste it over my door as well. Well I don't really want anyone to be quiet actually, because its the noise in the i-house that makes it different from the rest of the other residences. But I think its a really good laugh to have it on my door.

Cute frog bowls bearing the names of those who lives in the room. Every room has different animal character on it. This is done by the i-fellows, who are really nice people who runs the programmes of the i-house.

The sign is quite apt because there is a freaking party in the room just next door of mine. Yes a freaking party on a Tuesday night in a room. Don't these people need to study!?

I think we don't qualify to call our residences as dorms because it is too small. Ha! Its amazing how many people can small spaces like these accommodate on a real weekend party! You'll be shocked silly!

The masterpiece on my door.

I'm sorry I haven't blogged about my Brevard trip yet. Too much work and too much partying. But I hope to get it done as soon as I get all the photos. Meanwhile I hope that you guys will be entertained by XinYi's tales of Perth! Congrats on your graduation girl!

And I'm going to Raleigh (Capital city of NC) this weekend! =)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Sunday (15 Feb) was a great day to go for some sun-worshipping at Cottesloe!!


Our view... cloudless skies. Too bad there weren't any cute guys around to oogle at!

Tricia with the famous Cottesloe icon, which houses the ermm.. toilets.

Me with the stretch of beach with lotsa ppl!

It was really a beautiful day. Water was cold, waves and sun were strong! I wish I could join the girl to read on the grass... looks like such a luxury!
Lastly, my graduation bear!!
In the meantime, I'm waiting for Tricia to send me the pics so that I can blog more chronologically about our 4 days trip to Monkey Mia, and more about our graduation!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


A mini post to start things off....

February 14 started out really cloudy and threatening to rain. Luckily, nearing the ceremony time at 8pm, the skies cleared abit and the weather turned out really nice, not too hot nor cold!

The compulsory shot at the school signage. Luckily we went early, coz there was a queue forming after we take the pics!

Lovely pink skies!

And we did it!! =))

More pics will be up soon, but now I gotta go sleep and get back to work tmr! It was a tiring day today too, coz ZQ was here for Celestine's Hen's Party and I have not finish unpacking!! How i wish I never had to go back work!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Highlights of my trip

And I wore a snake round my neck, get to feed a dolphin
Drank salty water, which is kind of yucky
I went sandboarding, had boost juice, gone shopping
And it felt so good I wanna do it again

(Sang in the tune of Buses and Trains by Bachelor Girls)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Be right back!

Hi folks!

You guys gotta check out this uber cool spoof video that Vivian sent me. Hahah. Really hilarious!

Anyway I just came back from the mountains of Sunday night and I finally got time to take a breather after finishing some crazy German homework, quizzes, project commitments etc.

Pictures coming up as soon as I can! So watch the video for some entertainment first! =)

Have a good week folks!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Some fast pictorial updates...

Yes that is my German textbook. Its a USED textbook that Yan Hao and I bought at USD$88. Its scary how much the books cost here. So its good that we can share the cost of books and just rotate the use of it between the both of us.

We are at Tate Streets Jazz coffee bar. Where there's a jazz quartet entertaining the guests with smooth flowing music as they enjoy their coffee and just relax for the evening. Think coffee bean/Starbucks products in a Ya Kun style decorated coffee house along with a cool jazz band. Awesome!

Hardworking students like myself studying there. Hahaha.

Check out the cool tables... Tables of all designs, shapes and patterns can be found all over the cafe.

Queer decorations all over...

Mug mug mug...

The Decors:

I like their motto. But I'd include 'Keeping Greensboro Awake' to it. Since we're there at such a late hour.

One last look at the jazz band...

3rd February 2009 : Snowing Part 2 in Greensboro

'Hey Shaun come out and play its snowing outside man!' - David

Snowing fun activity #1: Snowball fights

I was cooped up in my room doing work for so long I didn't realise it was snowing outside. That's a picture of David bringing in a tiny snowball. It's going to be the biggest snowfall I've seen, although its still a few pathetic inches compared to other parts of America.

I was so excited once again I ran out in the attire that I was in. Hahaha! I must be crazy!


Somebody did a cute mini snowman by a window sill

I put on more clothes and was out in full force.

By then people were already having snowball fights in the field just across the International House. Pelting others with snow and being pelted really brings people together. Too bad I do not have any photos of the action as I was busy fighting with the rest. Hehe. Because we get so little snow on the ground initially we just scooped off snow from the many cars parked outside of the I-house and start pelting each other.

The snowballs that are well packed really hurt. OUCH.

Snowing fun activity #2: Climbing up a slippery snow capped steep slope and sliding down on it

As if climbing was not tough enough. People who managed to climb to the top successfully without falling are at the top shoving people who are trying to make their way up the slippery slope without falling. Haha! I got knocked over by someone who was falling when I was on my way up. I slid all the way down and gotta begin my ascend again. Heh. Uber fun!

Down we go again!!!

Wheee. sliding into the darkness. Awesome fun!

Snowing fun activity #3: Building snowmen of course!

The snowman building or rather cam-whoring process...

You can't see it clearly but its a studious half punk snowman smoking a cigarette. Hahaha.

Dirty wet butts after the snow mucking

4th February 2009 : UNCG in White

The slippery I-house entrance

Snow-covered surroundings:

The fastest way to make a snowball and still have clean hands is to glean the snow off cars and not off the ground. Hahah. So I learned last night.

More snowy pictures:

All good things must come to an end! Till next time!

Off to watch a Duke Vs NC Basketball match!