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Monday, February 21, 2005

Long weekends are good for health

Had a pleasant suprise on friday evening when my platoon sergeant suddenly asked me to go for long weekend. Shiok! So yours truly was out of Tekong by 2100hrs on Friday night. Suprised Xin Yi by turning up outside her house late at night just to see her. Missed you so much dear!

Saturday was a long day of going out and spending quality time with friends. Went to sakae sushi(again urgh) to celebrate Sok's advance birthday. Getting rather sick of Japanese food already. Was supposed to go to Ku-Shin-Bo at Suntec for lunch with my BMTC colleagues. Skipped it on the excuse of having too much Jap food, only to find myself eating more Jap food at sakae. Talk bout' "out of the frying pan into the fire (Double urgh!)".

Sok and Doris both got new phones! Hrummph. I'm gonna get one too. Then can live my dreams of having Jolin Tsai mp3s as ringtone. Haha. Phones aside, there was much showing off and displaying of photo-taking abilities with their cam as Sok, Doris and Ning battled to see who has the best clarity, megapixel or whatever nonsense as the rest of us sat and watch or grudgingly flash "obliging" smiles for the camera. Hahaha. Sheesh.

Saw a pair of Havianas slippers that I'm going to buy at Heeren. They're comfy, but ex so to speak. But that's where good money goes to I suppose. All was fine till I met the most distasteful person I've known (not personally). He was soliciting and asking for "help" again on the streets along Orchard Road (see "You're the first person who PISSED me off in the new year! CONGRATS!!! 01 Jan.2005). Good thing he did not approach me again or I'd give him a knee ram on his groin followed by an elbow smash on his nose. Sheesh. Critters like him ought to be kept out of society for good if you ask me. I'm beginning to doubt if he's from any charitable organisation in the first place since he goes around without so much as an id or a permit. A fraudster if you ask me. Sheesh!

The second part of the day was a guilty and cholestrol filled trip to ulu Marina South for a steamboat, bbq buffet with squash buddies! Haven seen them for ages already. Sure miss them a lot. Had a good time of gorging on the food and just catching up on each other under the stars. Nice. Dang, Edward and Jami can drive le. No fun. Terence is now a comissioned officer(sir!), the rest are more or less cool. Cheesey hotdogs! My god. These buffets are getting more extravagant. Ate like I was a king, and a pauper. Funny eh? Was indeed a sinfully fun session. When are we going to have a squash session dudes?

Yeah. Get to spend Sunday alone with my dearest. Poor thing she has so much to study. So we headed down to our now favourite mug zone at cafe Galilee at bedok library. Been there so often I've even remembered the names of the 2 waitresses who are always there on Sunday. Haha. Yeah. 2 more comic books to book in with me this week. Happy. It is so nice to be with the one you love even though you are not doing anything. There is something magical about that eh? Couples do agree with me! Haha. Time really flies when you are with the right company. Soon it was time to part. Sigh. I love you dear! Will have to feed the cats alone this Sunday. Hrummph.
Never mind. Will tell the cats that you are not free, bet they'll miss you.

Almost time to throw away my civi attire and don my number 4. Really not looking forward to this book in as it is range week. 3 days for little sleep and draggy range. This week also boast of the 16km route march and OC muster parade which I'm the national flag bearer. Hope nothing screws up in the parade or you'll see me doing more weekend COS.

Till the dawn of Saturday, see you all and have a great week ahead! Take care!

Friday, February 18, 2005

Yes! It is ONE year finally!!!!!

Last year today, on Febuary 17 2004, at exactly 2pm, was the day that I sold my life and everything I got for $350 a month to one of the biggest, meanest and 'giamest' organisation in S'pore called SAF.

Likewise for 192 gentlemen who did the same on that very day. Salutations to all!

To the brave and gallant men of MOHAWK COMPANY, 49th PTP ENHANCED, especially to the garang recruits of PLATOON 3, Happy Anniversary! We have endured 1 full year of sh*t!!!!!! Good job to all for having come so far! A real pity I could not turn up for the last platoon gathering because of F***ing !@#$%^&* COS duty.

Just to inform the rest of the platoon, myself, kiam, guang feng, ah liang and jeremy huang are back at BMTC and are doing well, either as instructors or as administrative specialists(damned lucky ah liang and guang feng).

Must have a second anniversary party next year so can plan for THE ORD PARTY 4 months after that.

1 year and 4 more months to go!!!!! Endure!

Till we meet again dudes, take care, suck thumb or enjoy wherever you all are.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Back to "Excel through Basics" (BMTC motto)

Chinese New Year's break gone. Back to the usual boring routines of life. Yours Sincerely is booking in in a couple of hours. Here is the usual Sunday-night-back-to-camp-book-in-blues-soon-to-be-monday-blues blog. It hurts especially so this weekend to do this entry. It always is after a long break. 6 lovely days as a civillian. Gone in less than a twinkle of an eye. To make this weekend worse, tomorrow is Valentine's day! And instead of spending a romantic night with Xin Yi, I will be instead the guard commander for tomorrow night's guard duty of Pulau Tekong. Sheesh. Just what i need to start the week ahead.

The past 6 days was an oh-so-lovely 6 days. Was able to collect my ang pows, spend some time with my family, meet up with relatives, play mahjong with cousins, chill out with frens, go bai nian in the wee hours of the night with much fear but armed with 2 oranges for safety(shoots a look at Sok Wan) and of course most importantly spend some time with dear dear.

Reminds me of what it is like to wear civillian clothes for so long, not being in your super heavy and stuffy Goretex boots for 15 hours a day, not having to wake up by 7am daily, not having to shout or release your wrath on petty happenings, not having mountains of paperwork to do and most importantly, being able to soak in the mainland lifestyle. Shiok!

For those who were with me at any point of time for the past 6 days, I wanna say a big thank you for making my short holiday a very enjoyable one. Even my last night's 1am 10-1 pool game trashing by my elder bro did not dampen my spirits. There is something about army that girls do not understand despite my efforts in explaining. (Really Doris, you do NOT want to sign on). No matter how beautiful instructor life seems like in there, nothing beats civillian life. If only I could throw my 11B down Tekong river when I ORD. ORD OH!!!!!!!!

Which is why i indulge in "civillian" activities in camp. Like learning a third language.Evryone seems to be learning a new language. Xin Yi is learning malay, Xiang Ning is learning Japanese, Cheryl's German is getting scarily impressive. Fine! All you tri-lingual people to be, wait and see. But I shall not show off my "tekong" language. They should be reserved for the interaction with recruits. Heh. I shall bring in a third language book next book in. Always good to learn.

Oh well. Farewell thee all! Till I blog again at specialist mess soon. I hope. Take care!
Ps. Xiang Ning, I'll be waiting for you-know-what.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

My new year resolutions


It is funny isn't it, how people say that they would set out to do certain tasks only at the start of the year or only at a turning point of their lives. Then somehow in the later part of the year most people suddenly lose the will or the tenacity to carry on with the unaccomplished deeds. Sheesh. Peculiar eh?

Popular resolutions include:
- losing weight
- getting a promotion
- buying new cars/houses
- being nicer to someone
- changing of personal character/habits

The lists goes on and on. Useless as resolutions may be to some people, to others they provide a sense of direction and purpose. Hahaha. I am a strong believer of resolutions. But how strong I stay believing is another thing. You there! Cut that smile!!!!! At least I bothered to make my own resolutions ok! It is definitely a challenge for me as i must say, as I embark on my second year of national salvery(ns) to accomplish what I set out to do. This is because I am not the one who perpetrate the amount of time I have to spend on my leisure. Sigh. When you are not in control of how you spend your time now, even the most mundane of the mundane tasks seems so attractive.

The propensity to complain gets less. While the susceptibility to make the most of your freedom becomes sort of a desire, or an obsession should I say. Which is why I rarely sleep on the nights when I am out of Tekong. It seems like there is always too much things that you can or should do rather then to sleep the night away, because you cannot do it when you are in Tekong. Do you understand what I'm trying to say? Pardon me if it didn't make sense to you. Not much things make sense when I blog at such obscene hours anyway. Heh.

Sheesh. I am digressing as usual. Ok. Back to resolutions. And here are my resolutions for the new year!!!!!

Note: In no order of importance or merit

1. Learn how to play the piano

Which is why i spend a more considerable amount of time online now. Not to get the 50 plus that i am paying for my singnet 1500 worth it, but I'm taking online piano lessons! Dunno how it'll end up though cos I just started. It has always been my childhood dream of playing the piano. Why was i sent to art klasses and not piano when i was young??? Sigh. I always revere pianist who enchant listerners with their swift fingers. I still love playing the drums and guitar but the though of something elluding you is like a fat white zit that has to be squeezed, a mossie bite that has to be scratched, a bogey that you have to dig out, a white hair you have to pluck, a... All right. Guess you guys can see how desperate i am now huh? Wanna be the next Vanessa Carlton... Wish me success and determination!

2. Get a part time education going

There was an invitaion for me to sign up as an undergraduate in THE WRITING SCHOOL. Never heard of that establishment though. The invitation came After I got my O levels. It is a part time, own time own target diploma course that will enable you to become a professional writer. May consider taking that up now but i wonder if I have the time to submit my tuitorials. Hmmm. But I love writing. May consider. Dang.... Why do all private education cost so much??? But it is good to be able to study. The only damperner is the fear of burning out. How?????

3. Earn more money

Clearly only two choices. Firstly, get selected to go for the PLATOON SERGEANT COURSE and get promoted. The only thing that is stopping me is the 5 yr additional reservist that is looming on passing that course. 5 more years of slavery???? No thanks. Take that pathetic paltry $100 increase and shove it up ur A**. I'm sticking to my 3rd sergeant rank. 3 is beautiful. Option two, take a part time job like tuitioning. Hmmmm. Lobangs anyone??? The reason for the need of more money? Must save up for my private uni or overseas education after this. Cos useless me cant get into a local uni. And I do not want my parents to work until they are 80 because of my lazines and/or inability to succeed.

4. Take better care of my family and Xinyi

I now give 50 dollars each to my mom, dad and gramp monthly. Not that they need it and nor is it a lot, but it's my way of saying thank you to them for the 20 years of S*** that I have given them. You never know how hard it is for your family to raise you up for 2 decades till you look back. Next, comes dear Xinyi. The last year was an extremely daunting one as it marks the beginning of my slavery to the nation as well as the start of an enduring test of relationship. I am so sorry how little time I had to spend with you, how I am insensitive at times(i mean most of the), how I forget that life is equally though for you as well when i whine about myself.Through all these years they are always there. Steadfast and unwavering. Always there to pick me up when i fall, there to give me a hand when i need. The only beacon of light in a dark tunnel. I can't thank God enough for each and everyone of you. I hope i can be a more understanding person this year.

5. Build up better/Maintain relations with friends

I am sad that i have already lost contact with some of my closest and bestest friends in sec skool, jc, church and bmt. It is sad when you walk down Orchard road by-passing someone whom you know had shared many great moments with you without saying so much of a hi. Dear friends out there, if I'm sorry if i have not been contacting you ppl. I have yet to master the art of time juggling nor have i managed to find a way of splitting myself up on weekends and joining back up on Sunday nights. I am working on it rest assured.

5 major resolutions for now. Many more minor one would probably come along the way i'll expect. May this year be one of accomplishment- The accomplishment of my resolutions!!!!! Hahaha. Joking.

Gong Xi Fa Cai, Wan Shi Ru Yi, Bu Bu Gao Sheng, Kuai Gao Zhang Da, Whatever...
A very Happy New Year to all readers and may all that you set out to do be realised!!!!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Hahaha. Early book out song bo?

Yes. Here is yours truly blogging in the wee hours of the morning. All thanks to a recruit coming down suddenly in the evening with moderate asthma attack. Spoiled my great evening plan of swim cum dinner cum squash cum blogging cum mess break. Hahahaha. But no one's complaing though. Every second out of the wretched island is a good second indeed.

Plans for the new year:

1. Acquire more ang pows than my siblings
2. Out charm my younger bro's new ear hole
3. Buy a digi-cam with ang pow money and advance pay
4. Give my recruits a big 'ang pow' on return thisSunday (Hehehe)
5. Gain lotsa mass by polishing off the dinner table this festive season

That'a bout all for now. Which leads me to the next point of consideration.

What exactly is Chinese New Year all about?????

Definitely mahjong. The wee hours of the traditional game is a must have for the new year.

Pineapple tarts. Those sinful little mouth popping tarts with rich pineapple taste is also another draw.

The crazy round island trips just to say hi to your relatives and demand your dues. At least its only once a year.

The "Wow Shaun you've grown taller again comment."

The "Are you Shaun or Jermaine?" comment.

The " Shaun ah got girlfriend or not?" comment.

But positively absolutely definitely affirmatively food. Dada has spent more than $250 on the reunion dinner menu. Yeah. This will be a good reunion dinner.

I just cant wait.

Monday, February 07, 2005

My gosh... Where did all the time go???

Yong ling is about to celebrate her second decade on earth this Friday. Sheesh. So fast. Wow. 1 more year before she can watch an (R)21 movie. No more statutory rape pleas le. No more underage sex. Its the phase of leaving the protective naive wings of teenagehood and trespassing into the period of self-sustainability and independence.

All you 20yrs or soon to be 20yrs dudes and dudettes ponder together with me. What have you accomplished this past 20 years?

What have I accomplished these past 2 decades?

I am no where near my dream of becoming a professional writer. I have neither a decent scrap of paper to my name nor a good occupatoiopn. All i have is a crabby O-levels cert and an even crabbier A-levels cert. I am neither rich nor poor. I do not have the ability to make my own decisions ( no thanks to Mr. SAF). I am forced to take orders from my handphone at any point of time. I cant cook cant draw and cant play the piano. I cant be with the ones i love or where i want to be at any point in time.

So what exactly is so good about a birthday in S'pore??? The irony of it is mocking me. You PLAN for your life. But you realised that it was already PLANNED for you. With a sub standard but still a passed A-level grades you are condemned not to enter a local uni. By being a part of "the decisive force" you are forced to dedicate your life and youth to the service of the nation. By being in a country with a well-developed economy, you are condemed again to accept meagre pay or face the axe..

Eat dirt staccie. "There's gotta be more to life?" Ya rite. What life???

I need a break.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Think you know what's what??? Think again

Do you know what is rectus capitis anterior? Betcha dun. It is a muscle of the neck. Haha. Strike one. Do you dear readers know what the heck is a clavicle or a scapula? Heh. It is the collar bone and shoulder blade in layman's term. Strike two. Ur last chance. Who among you can tell me what is tensor fascia lata? It is a thigh muscle that models flaunt in swimwear catwalks. There. Strike three.

This is juz a few of the millions of terms that poor Xinyi has to master. And not just the names mind you. Their functions their origins and other stuff must be committed to memory as well. Sheesh. The things people study.

Which brings me to the crux of this entry. My brains (if any left) are rotting!!! I want to be able to study. I now miss the mugging days (ok even if its very little) in JC. It seems the only thing that keeps my brains going in porbably the daily newspapers and the comic books i always borrow from library. Fortunately i blog too. It has been proven that blogging is a good form of vocabularal and language practice. It is also the last line of defense against the conversion of my once all mighty English to the pathetic state of super broken King-of-England condemned form of English.

It is really sad that guys have to put away 2 years of their youth, endure a streneous 2 year break form the momentum of studying. Why??? Why cant the government implement a half study half nation slavery duration??? I sure could get used to some studying.

I now fear for the future. Ok. MY future. How am i ever going to get the momentum to study again? It is worse than starting from scratch. At least when you start from scratch, you are not confused by things of the past.

Life is bleak in the army. But it is even more terrifying when you realise that army makes not just your present but your future bleak as well. Don't you guys out there feel the same too?

Oh well. Time to book in. " I hear the call mein fuhrer!"

Till next week folks.
Stay intellectual.
Fyi. Your tongue has 8 muscles.

Hahaha. Chaos!