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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wedding Bells Part II (Banquet) 211208

Its the big night!

The wedding banquet was held at the Holiday Inn Park View. Note for those who are planning to get married soon: Always book the banquet way ahead! This is because one can usually lock in the best price and also have time to make adequate adjustments. Hehe. My bro paid about $788 per table. Prices include a bottle of wine per table, 2 nights stay for the bride and groom and all standard stuffs typical of a hotel banquet like food tasting etc.

Jermaine and I were assigned the role of ushers, seat assigner, and ang pow escort party. We made our own way there as Leslie would be there extra early for rehearsals and all.

All dolled up and ready to go!

I walked to the princess' house and we shared a cab to the hotel

Poth walking us out to the main road. One of the things he does best.

His affectionate way to saying goodbye to XinYi

The taxi ride was surprisingly fast. We're there in less than 20 minutes.

The last time the red rose accessory saw action was at Prom Night way back in December 2003. Gee.

The big Christmas tree by the lobby. Upon entrance I know that many photos will end up blur with this kind of lighting all the way through. But I hate using flash because they don't give as nice natural colour. Hmmm.

Lovely chandelier

Picture moments

I went for the food tasting back in November and was very satisfied with the food (if you remember that post). Incidentally this was also the place where I had my course graduation dinner from ASLC too. I'm counting on the chefs to put up a good show today!

Place to display the wedding photo book later on

Table for receptionists (all cousins)

Guess where are we heading to???

Since we arrive super early, we're going to do some snooping around!

Destination 1: The make up room. We're off to an exclusive sneak peek at the preparation room of the important ladies of the night! The wedding package includes an additional hotel room for dressing up. Cindy is there with her moms and jie meis to be professionally dressed up before the banquet.

The making up process

My still very pretty mom after her makeover session

My mom with Cindy's mom

Tons of make up kits

And many many dresses

The trigger happy princess

Some cute bear decoration to be displayed downtairs along with the wedding photo book

The hotel interior feels a little claustrophobic if you ask me

Dada and mom

The sisters (my two closest aunts)

Destination 2: We take you on a peek into the banquet room. If you have not already known earlier the whole theme is BLACK!!! Yes black. Although most elders will disagree with it I really like the whole set up! Thankfully my family's the not so traditional type. I should say the two families in fact.

All the staff were very helpful and dedicated. Especially the wedding manager.

The waiters being briefed on their positions by their very stern and professional F&B manager

Close up on one of the two VIP tables

We could not stop munching on these along with our drinks before the banquet

Chin Koon (in his Shanghai tan Hairdo) and myself holding a samosa. The hors d oeuvre was splendid! There were spring rolls, samosa, mini curry puffs and mini pizzas. Wash it all down with beer! Wheeeee.

The very proud daddy

The ang pow box for the bride's guests

And the ang pow box for the groom's guests. Aren't they cute!

XinYi is becoming a rather accomplished '自拍-ing' camerawoman. I like this photo!

Signing the wedding blessings for the couple

My favouritest cousins the receptionists. I still think Hui Sze looks like "Da-S".

Cindy's cousins - Taken by the princess (paparazzi in the making)

Lotsa red packets!!!

And the guests came

And came

And the guests came and came and came... Can't believe they were all early! 95% of them I would say. I guess it helps that the wedding invitation states that the banquet will start on time! Hahaha.

We were in fact the latest. Because we had to escort the ang pows to the safe in the hotel room. When we returned the cold dish was already served. =(

Part of the stage with the fake wedding cake on it

Here they come!

Cutting the wedding cake. Wheee...

The Family (mom's side)

Change of dress!

Jiao Bei Jiu!

Dad myself and my cousin from dad's side enjoying the yummy champagne

Close friends and relatives were invited to Yum Seng on the stage

The princess and Hui Sze

Some of the many relatives that came down for the 1st marriage of the Foo family of this generation. I'm pretty pleased that my bro is finally married too! I think he's very fortunate to find someone like Cindy.

XinYi looks dissatisfied here as she only gets to eat a mere 4 drunken prawns (after stealing 2 from someone else)

My mom being 'toasted' at another table

Some distant cousin

Thanks a lot to both of you throughout the 2 days!

Jerm's GF

XinYi and Sophie

Soon the night drew to a close and its time to say good bye to the many friends and relatives that came

You can't see how red my face was. I drank at least 4 huge glasses of wine all in quick sucession.

Somehow I remain sober enough to take some pictures with the princess

Thank you too for the tireless effort in taking priceless photos and being my companion/fashion consultant/PA/Secretary/personal photographer and 'accesory' these 2 days! I love you dear!

We had Poth to send us off and Mimi to welcome us back with her traditional back rolls

That's all folks! May the marriage of my bro and Cindy be blessed and blissful! Nothing like a little wedding to add to the joy these festive season.