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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Chalet @ Changi (Part 2)

Well before I begin my epic trip to Phuket just last weekend, let me continue where I left about the chalet at Changi just early last week.

Where were we? Oh yah. The BBQ... Yup. The BBQ was indeed unforgettable with lots of food and drinks. The addition of not-so-often-seen food can only make the BBQ better. We had Sushi(of course), tons of weird seafood, and Mee Siam complete with hot yummy gravy courtesy of Encik's (CSM) wife.

After several helping of the heart stopping food, we carried on our game of mahjong into the wee hours of the morning. I remembered that by the time I showered and settled down for the night, it was 330am. I immediately fell asleep, bogged down from the lack of sleep over the 2 days and an overabundance of activities[(eating,mahjong,ps2) to the power of infinity].

Anyway, I was stirred in my sleep by a furrow of noises, less than a couple of hours later, but I didnt think much of it and continued my slumberous sleep. I was then rudely awaken when I felt some one intentionally touching or rather groping my butt.

"What the heck..." I opened one sleepy eye in anger and disgust.

! @ $ % & ^ * # !!!!!!!!

There was an ugly Ba Po standing in front of me!!!!

I wanted to scream, but the look of shock on my face was immediately followed by a chorus of laughter from a bunch of my colleagues now standing behind the fiend. Arrgh! They set a transversite on me!!! I immediately stood up and followed the rest (the trans. is now leading them to another room). My suspicions were confirmed when my PC ( the cute guy in white and green singlet pictured in Part 1) told me that he went down to Changi V to bring back a "little" entertainment for us. The trans, two of them by the way, then went on to "disturb" other unsuspecting guys sleeping in other rooms.

It was'nt that bad for me after all. One guy had his manhood touched, another woke up to the sight of bare silicon breast on his face, etc. The tales of horror went on. Worse of all, they were f***ing ugly!!! Urgh. I felt dirty and uncleansed after being touched by them. Yucks!

Hahaha. It so happens that these two were friends of my pc and he wanted to give us a "surprise" in the middle of the night. So he called them, drove down to Changi V to pick them, and brought them here. It was amusing though, to see my other colleagues getting awaken in the crudest of ways, some too explicit to be written here.

All in all, that was bound to be a chalet I would never forget.

*shivers uncontrollably at the recalled sight of a Ba Po*

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Totally Smashing!!!

I'm sorry I still haven blog bout my trip to phuket but I'm too plain lazy.

187 photos leh! You would go crazy uploading all of them up too.

Give me some time folks.


Check out my new ORD Countdown timer on the right of the screen!

Totally Smashin'!!!

Credit goes to Cheers for it once again. The computer genius!!!

I now have something else to look forward to whenever I blog now.

Gosh. 261 days seems like eons away, light years from now, gazillion hours later...

But I'm sure it will come one day.

That is MY driving force when I work.

What's yours?

Monday, September 26, 2005

Home sweet home...

The trip was a blast!!! But I'm back home safely at last.

Pics and stories in the days to come!!!

Hope all of you are well.

For now it's time for a hot shower and a cool bed...

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Chalet @ Changi (Part 1)

Was a great eye-opener for me. This company retreat was definitely one that is not short on fun in anyway. If I can use any word to describe this chalet, the word would probably be crazy.

Well, what exactly would be so fun about a chalet of 20 guys without any girls? Hahaha. That probably would be the thought of many of us too.

For one, the food was great! The chalet is strategically situated towards the top of the hill behind Changi Village. It's a less than 5 min walk to the Singapore renowned Changi Village Food Centre. Endless servings of guilty food is therefore ensured. Here's some of the stuff we ate at our short stay there. For morning, we have food like Prata and the i-would-kill-to-have Changi Nasi Lemak. Wash it down with a good healthy big cup of Teh Tarik. That completes the morning. Lunch ranges anything from Chicken Rice, Ipoh Horfun, Chicken Cutlet Noodles or Char Kuay Teow. At night, Bbq-ed Sting Rays and Chicken Wings fill our tables and stomach along with the many zhu chao dishes that we would order. This would be followed by a serving of dessert. Are you hungry now?

Ok. Food aside. Day one past with us playing Mahjong, Winning 11 on the PS2, poker cards and Uno. Sounds boring? Not when you have money, liquor and bets involved. Through a stroke of mediocre luck, I managed to win a paltry sum of what Kok Hui called "coffee money". Bah. A tiny profit of $5 from 2 days of crusades at the Mahjong table. Soon nightfall came. I was excited at going out at night. Kim offered to bring us to see ba po. Known as transversites to the english educated. My gosh. They were drop dead gorgeous. Not all of them though. But it's indeed hard to imagine that they were once men. Long legs, slender figure, curvaceous boobs, flirty long hair, adequate make up, and the usual spaghetti top with tight mini skirts and hot shorts, they would have easily pass off as women anywhere. Anyway, the motive of a group of 10 men walking aimlessly round and round the carpark could not have been more obvious. But they did not seem to mind us staring at them. We were not alone. Scores of men up to 60++ years old can be seen gawking at them openly. The look of joy can be seen on their faces when a car stop beside them. Here comes money. But it's sad to see that this is their only form of income.

Supper at the nearby coffeeshop was an eye opener. First time I experienced a brawl! A heated argument between 2 Ah Bengs resulting in one punching the other and a fight using the kopitiam's plastic chairs and tables. Cool or what? They say its common. Oh well. Typical Singaporean. Everyone(easily 20 plus plus ppl) was watching but no one bothered to separate them. Even when the weaker Beng had blood flowing down his face caused by a blow from a chair swinging down upon his head at full force. Only his faithful Lian pleaded with the aggressor to stop. The fight dispersed just before the police arrived. WoW.

We were then on our way to explore the Old Changi General Hospital when we saw a police car parked at its entrance. Outing cancelled. Anyway I certainly would not want anything to happen to the 8 of us going to Thailand tomorrow. Heard that lots of people who return from expeditions to OCGH came back with illnesses. Creepy.

The seconday was productive with an afternoon session of debrief and goal setting for the company conducted by the OC. This was followed by a hearty BBQ session through the night.

Halt! This is not the end of the Changi Adventure for me. It continues but at another time. So here are some of the few pictures that I took. Was lazy to take so much pictures also. Bwahahaha.

Image hosted by
Our twin-storeyed bungalow at 45 bucks for 3 nights. What a steal.

Image hosted by
Outside- Kiam the future satay man hones his skill by fanning the fire without looking. Pro or not?

Image hosted by
Inside- Gravin a.k.a Sushi Master(the hunk in red) teaches his eager disciples The Way.

Image hosted by
The Masterpiece- Ta Daa!

Image hosted by
PS2-A neccessity of every chalet.

Image hosted by
The uninvited but definitely welcomed guest at the BBQ. Cute hor?

Image hosted by
Ain't she cute? Couldn't resist another shot.

Image hosted by
The result of 4 hours of sleep for 2 nights. A tired Kim.

I enjoyed myself immensly.

Now for Exercise Holiday Part 2. I'm off to Thailand in less than 12 hours time.

And my bag is not packed. This is great.

What I suffer for you readers out there. Be thankful you got such a passionate blogger here ya?


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

To the sun,sand,and the sea

Yup. It's time for me to leave once again for the sun, sand, and the sea. But not at Tekong this time!

I'll be off to Chalet @ Changi! Woohoo!

As such, I'll be gone till Wednesday and will be flying off to Thailand on Tursday.

This is your last chance to pester me to help you buy anything from Phuket Flea Markets.

Will be checking my mails and blog just before I fly off. So you all still have chance to tell me if you all want anything.

Take care all you people!

Monday, September 19, 2005

What's YOUR name?

This IS fun!!! Never knew I had such a cool Japanese name and such a queer Irish name. Check out the other names as well! My Brazilian name sexy enough not??? Hohoho. Go and try this if you have the time k? Enjoy folks!

Your Japanese Name Is...
Ryu Nakamura
What's" your Japanese Name?
Your Irish Name Is...
Dagda Boyle

Your Hawaiian Name is:

Keahi Kai

Your Sexy Brazilian Name is:

Ronaldo Sarahyba

Your French Name is:

Ancel Berthier

Saturday, September 17, 2005

It's my lucky day!!!!

Yup. It's my lucky day today. Woke up with a heavy head at 10am in the morning. Must be too much sleep (something that I don't have in camp). Was going to be another boring day as usual with all my friend busy with their stuff and XinYi stuck in school till late. BORING!!!

The only highlight of the day was a much awaited dinner with REC, I mean PTE Dexter and YiQuan at Tampines. My blossom church buddies who grew up with me. Haven seen them in ages! The shocker came when I learnt that YiQuan was late as he had to find a parking lot for his car.


The whole world can drive except me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Must book my basic theory soon... I don't care!*

After the initial pang of jealousy, we proceeded to Cafe Cartel and had our early dinner. It was 430pm. Had a good time of updating one another bout our lives. Seems like time has really flown by.

After promising to meet up to go to church together tomorrow, we then parted as YiQuan gotta take some classes at 7. I then wandered to the nearby Tampines Regional Library.

Guess what I found?

Sidney Sheldon's Are You Afraid Of The Dark? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's my lucky day! It's hard to find even a single Sidney Sheldon book on the shelve in any library. Even much harder when it is his latest book!!! It's like a blind man hitting the bulls eye, like S'pore winning the Olympics, like seeing snow in the middle of Kembangan MRT, like Dexter being able to slam dunk(intentional pun), like... like... well... like me scoring A1 for my Chinese 'A' levels.

Now you see the magnitude of the impossibility? Well the impossible happened today! It's my lucky day! Just when I was moaning the loss of finishing the potter book, here comes another novel that I cannot simply put down. I should have bought 4-D for tomorrow, but I decided not to push it. The book is more than gold.

Woohoo. Will be cuddling up with that book under my sheets in a while.

And XinYi juz promised an hour ago to give me some of her own made Milo Flavoured Snowskinned Mooncake as well! Yummy. What have I done to deserve all these?

Thank you God.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Mooncake Season's Here!!!

In light of the Mid-Autumn/Mooncake/Lantern Festival, I would like to be the filial and doting son that I always was and still am. So here I am, helping mom advertise her mooncakes. They are definitely much cheaper than those sold outside but just as good. I can vouch for that.

Let me now introduce to you these mouth watering delicacies...

Image hosted by
Firstly, we have the Cheesy Mooncakes!
They are my favourite.
Can never get enough of the cheesepowder and baked mozerella on the top of it.
Totally yummy.

Image hosted by
The Traditional Baked one which I dislike the most.
But still a must-have for many. Oh well, to each his own.

Image hosted by
The All-Time-Favourite Snowskinned Mooncake!!!
Many would rather eat the skin than the filling. So would I.
Absolutely delicious.

Image hosted by

Yup. These are just some of the many variations that my mom makes. They are as I have mentioned much cheaper than those sold outside.

Cheesy Mooncakes goes at 18bucks per box of 8.
Snowskinned Mooncakes at 18-20 bucks for 4.
Traditional Bakes at 18-20 bucks for 4 too.

You can also choose the additional fillings you want in the paste. Be it single or double yolk, with gua zi (melon seeds) or without anything at all, these monncakes are sure to satisfy your tastebuds.

Besides, you can also choose the paste you would like to have. You can choose between greentea/redbean/yam and of course the most common lotus seed.

Those who want any will be able to contact me.

There, I've done my part.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival Everyone!!!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Oh what a way to start the holidays!

Yes, it's official. I'm a slacker now. Just finished the last of the post-pop sai kangs for most companies. Saw the new Leopard Company Enlistees reporting for national service on a cold Monday morning. This was followed by a drizzle in the afternoon and a heavy downpour in the evening. Talk about Monday blues! Enlisting on such a Monday...

Awwww... Poor enlistees... So sad...


*Evil Grinz* Cos I'm on OFF for this whole month! Woohoo!

Back to me being a slacker. Was rotting my day at home today. Woke up after a good 12hrs of sleep and the furthest distance I walked all afternoon was probably from my room to the fridge. Talk about slacking! And I finished the latest Potter book of which I was totally disappointed with the ending. How can he die????? Never mind. I shall not spoil the suspense of the book for those who have not read.

The day was spent playing my game boy, watching tv and reading the papers. Followed by a dinner with the princess nearby.


Anyway let me unveal to you, *drumrolls* my schedule for the month!

Warning: Reading the excerpt below can cause the reader serious jealousy and painful exasperation. May have the sudden urge to kill the writer. Not for the faint-hearted. Especially those with busy schedules of massive work or operations in the units.


Ok. Here goes:

Sept 13:OFF
Sept 14:In Camp
Sept 15:OFF
Sept 16:OFF
Sept 26:OFF
Sept 27:In Camp
Sept 28:In Camp
Sept 29:OFF
Sept 30:In Camp
Note: In Camp means 8-5 play erm I mean work in camp.

3 weeks of pure bliss and ecstasy!!!

Oh, do be jealous. Go on. :)

Monday, September 12, 2005

My 3 Newest Love...

Here's my 3 latest love. Woohoo. Life is good with them around. Can't seem to put any of them down these days.

Image hosted by

The latest Harry Potter book!!! Hahaha. And all thanks to my elder bro for it. He got it from China at half the original price! Woohoo. And he finally finished reading it after a fortnight.

Image hosted by

My Game Boy Advance SP!!! Also from China. Ooh. Makes me just feel like making a trip there myself. Comes complete with pirated games too! The perfect companion for long train rides and boring moments.

Image hosted by
And the best of all is the piquant and fragrant mixed berries tea from Lipton. The best complement one can have to your Game Boy adventure on the sofa, or the shadowing of Potter's exploits on your bed! Totally yummy.

And I have the whole month of Spetember to indulge in them at home!

Wake me up, When September ends...

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

POP LOH!!!!!

The reason why I'm here blogging in the late night is because the current batch of recruits have juz past out! Managed to catch the 10pm boat to mainland in the nick of time too.


Took tons of pictures of their well trained parade. It was almost flawless with the exception of a few hiccups here and there. They had to train doubly hard as the Reviewing Officer also known as the guest of honour is none other than the Prime Minister, Mr. Lee himself.

Which led to a whole lot of Sai Kang to be done. Drills have to be pin point precise, parades in perfection, rehearsals in longer durations with increased repetitions. BAH! to make matters worse, the recruits are not allowed to have their bolt carrier group (for the non-greens, its just a part of the rifle that does the firing and propulsion of the round or bullet) in their M16s. Dammit! Meaning that we instructors have to assemble back 200 rifles after they left from the parade. As if collecting, oiling and sending 200 weapons with only 10 odd man isn't bad enough.

But apart from that, I must say indeed that this passing out parade was the best I've ever seen since I was in BMTC. The weather was good, the refreshments were refreshing, the crowds were orgasing at the sight of their sons/boyfriends executing drills, and best of all, the recruits did a wonderful parade.

That brings the chapter of my third batch of recruits to a close. For now, I look forward to my much awaited holiday and slacking period known as lull. Just to make the other guys jealous, I will not have to spend A SINGLE night in camp after this week!!! WOOHOO.

Futhermore, I would not be in camp most of the time this month anyway. Full details of my off and leave forecast to be up within the subsequent entries. Friends who want to book me may do so k? Been a long time since I met up with any of you all anyway.

Look forward to more pictures too in the coming entries!

For now, its time to hit the bed. MY own comfy bed...