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Sunday, January 15, 2006

There is life besides mapling!

Yes there is life other than just mapling my weekends away. So instead of spending hours in front of my com and gaining levels after levels. So I decided to take a hiatus from all the chao piahing and spend more time with my family!

Saturday was spent shopping for clothes for the princess. Hahaha. And she managed to buy enough clothes and a pair new shoe to get by for the first day of New Year! Bah! Girls... Always need tons of clothings. Hehehe. We managed also to catch the famous Katong Laksa! And being a non-chilli fan, I'm proud to say that I manage to polish my bowl with not more than 2 pieces of tissue paper being used to clean my sweat! Hahaha. It goes real well with the home-made lime juice. Yummy!

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Yes I conquered this! I'm the man!

Today started out early for me! Was up at 7 to go for a quick breakfast of wanton mee and we're off to Bedok jetty! Yup. Me, my elder bro and the princess. Jermaine was asleep like a log so we left him behind. Hahaha. Fishing! The only time I fished was when I am in Tekong. Sure is nice to fish as a civillian for a change. This is only my second time fishing outside I guess. But it's the princess' first time. Noobs!

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There's already a crowd when we were there!

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My brother the pro leading the way...

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A catch from the next rod! An inedible bloated up puffer fish. Cute!

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At first the princess would not try fishing as she is afraid that she might throw the rod out instead of the line. So she was contented watching us fish and taking shots after shots of herself!

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As the princess continues posing I am nonchalantly and harmlessly fishing. Minding my own business.

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She soon became bored of snapping. So she seized my rod and said "This is boring! Give me that!" So the princess started fishing...

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Walla! Her first catch of her life! Notice that it is a double catch. (You gotta look real closely)What a lucky girl! Beginner's luck eh?

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My bro the pro! Caught a much bigger fish than the "ikan billis" that we were reeling in.

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The prized catch...

It as a fantastic weekend as I enjoy the last minutes of happiness and warmth before returning to Azkaban. It's field camp week! Boo! So that means that I'll not be back till the day before the eve of Chinese New Year. 7 more days of torture n the jungles. It's the second last field camp for me! Yes my time is coming! I can't wait.

Till then, hope you dudes and dudettes stay cool and dry, seeing the weather these days. Sigh. The New Year is coming! Hope you all get lots of AngPows. Pray for good weather for these 2 weeks! Hahaha.

Book in loh!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The signs are pointing for me to leave...

Along with the rainy weather for the past freaking week came 'rainy' moods for all of us in BMTC. Trainings have been cancelled due to lightning risks, recruits are getting more slack, instructors are getting loonier, crazier, crankier, and lazier. Coupled with recruits doing stupid things every now and then, Mohawk is seeing some of it's fiercest PT sessions ever.

Bwahahaha. To pour oil onto fire, I have two bloody big ulcers on the same side of the mouth!!! Have I really been hurling too much vulgarities??? Oops. This really drives me up the wall when I have to scold them too much or explain things over and over again. The technical handling test conducted last week for example was a complete disaster. Recruits can't strip weapons in time, can't perform drills required to remedy rifle jams, can't remember enough facts about the weapons, can't just do about anything. Just makes me worry about my own life and safety during range.

Which makes me really wonder. Is this JC batch of recruits really from JCs? I do not remember myself being that weak, forgetful or blur. Recruits like these are a rare breed in my batch. But it seems like almost every recruit here is like the above mentioned. WEAAAAK! Whack them and they cry, push them and they complain or cry ill-treatment. It's really the dream of every instructor to see their recruits do well in their bmt, pass their ippt and soc, go to ocs and sispec. But recruits these days only want to see themselves being a commander. But would not want to walk the long arduous route there. WTH!!!!!

As I've told my platoon. "If you're not interested to learn, I'm not interested to teach. Go and get yourself out of coursed and save us all the trouble." Well, perhaps I'm already in the ORD mood already. Hahaha. I'm putting in less effort, doing less duties, and showing less concern. Maybe it's time for me to leave the organisation.

As they say, my time is coming.

22 weeks to ORD

I can hardly wait...

Monday, January 02, 2006

A year of uncertainty awaits...

Happy New Year everyone! This is the first entry of the new year! Hahaha.

The princess is having dinner with her choir folks now as I blog. Time to sneak some time of blogging. Too bad I can't have dinner with you. Hrummph.

Sorry to all frequent readers, if there are any in the first place, that I've not been blogging consistently unlike in the past. And this is all the fault of people like the princess, wee cheer, chinn yun, kiam, my OC, my clerk alan, and my storeman. They are a bunch of evil people! They have some how hoodwinked me to the magical world of maple. Hahaha. Remember how I once said maple was lame? Yes. Unfortunately, I have fallen to the DARK side. I'm a level 32 hunter le! Muwahahaha.

Yup. That is the reason why I have not been blogging as frequent or that my enties are short 5 minute efforts. Hahaha. So new year resolution number one? Blog more play less? NOPE! It's blog more and play more! Cos this year I am going to ORD!!!! ORD LOH!!!!!

Hahaha. But on a serious note, it's time I get some planning underway as well. I'm going to ORD in less than half a year. Gotta start to plan what course to do, where to study and plan out the expenses needed. Such a torture! I hate planning. Oh God, guide me..... Therefore, if you have any ideas or information about PRIVATE universities, please feel free to msg me. Hahaha. Cos silly me didnt do well enough to enter an open uni. Regretting a bit now but what the heck. TIME TO LOOK FORWARD!

I officially almost broke now. No more money le. Blew it all on shopping with the princess over the past few days. Heheh. My princess, the only one who makes sure that I wear new clothes every few months even though I look perfectly fine and handsome enough with old clothes. Thank you for fussing over me for these past coming 4 years already! Even though it means spending hundreds just to buy me decent clothes. Hahaha. Yay. Chinese New Year clothes shopping done!

Met up with sec skool gang for cheapo Jap food at Bedok today. Thank you Sok Wan and Doris for your information about SIM, many thanks to Yong Ling who came to meet us despite just recovering from an illness and for you Christmas prezzie. And not to forget Xiang Ning for your Basic Driving theory book too! Thanks pals! And about you guys suggestion about New Year at my place, hmmmmm.... See how first lah hah. I like a particular NEW hand phone that some girl was carrying today. Hint hint. The what motion sensor one, motion gaming one... Hint hint...

Time to book in with the maggots soon! Boo. What a chore to do book in DI. But that means a game of basketball in camp before turning in. Will blog more when I'm back next weekend.

Carpe diem folks! Or rather seize the year. Hehe.