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Monday, July 24, 2006

Yo-ho yo-ho a skooling life for me...

Yes it may be old news but it's official. I'm a student once again. Hello everybody I'm back once again after a 3 week blog break. Well I hope my assistant blogger has been keeping you all informed now. Bwahahaha. I was not exactly busy for the past 3 weeks but I'm just plain lazy to type something up so treasure it while it's up. Heh.

Yes I'm a student once again. And the reason why I'm at home blogging on a Monday morning is because there's no skool for me today! Ahahaha. I skool 2-3 times a week only. With the past 2 weeks of lessons occuring only on tuesdays and fridays for 6 and 3 hours of lessons respectively. (Don't stone me now all you NUS,NTU,SMU and POLY studs) But I'm essentially paying MORE for LESS. So be thankful that your skool systems works well on you. Despite the limited hours spent in skool, I've managed to make a handful of pretty good friends already. Hahaha. What's a little homework sharing among FRIENDS right? So make more friends!

Right enough skool talk. But it has been a truly relaxing 3 weeks for me and I'm beginning to really savour the good life that I had. Makes me wished that I could have somehow ORDed earlier. Ok a quick look back on what's past.

Yes Italy won the World Cup I know. Those damn azzuris. Should not have even made it past the semis. I was really sore when France knocked my favourite team Brazil out. Sigh. Poor defence. All the late night supper cum soccer cum talk cock sing song sessions have taken a toll on me and I need some effort to squeeze into a size 30 pants now. Bleagh. Thanks to buddies Weasel, Cheers and Yeow for making the world cup truly exciting. Soccer's never enjoyable when watched alone. There's a big difference when it is watched at say CHIJMES on a large projection screen with hundreds of screaming ppl and your best buddies than on your living room couch- alone. And thanks to the new no smoking rule, the air is fresher now! Although it still pisses me off when smokers light up illegally when I'm eating. Could have did a Zidane on them but there's really no point is there? Somemore wait kena community work and waste my hours with kids.

Caught Pirate of the Carribean 2 on opening day in the afternoon!!! If you have not watch it yet skip this paragraph. Incoming spoilers! Thanks again to those awesome buddies who helped me bought tickets so I can rush down after my morning class to catch it. Johnny Depp amuses me once again with his incredible acting. He just seems to be enjoying what he's doing. The show would not have been possible if not for him savvy? However the story line got a bit boring at the middle. It was only towards the end when you have Johnny Depp running away from the tribal people(remember the fruits on stick???) and the 3 party sword fight between Jack Sparrow, William turner and the ex-commodore really makes me so wanna learn how to use a sword. Must be cool to be a pirate those days. Also Keira Knightly is SMOKING HOT!!! She just looks so gorgeous and incredibly mature on screen. Definitely appears to be much much older than her true age. And even she knows swordplay as well. Sheesh. Anyway can anyone tell me why is that bloody monkey still an undead creature when the supposed curse is already lifted?? Bah. The last part of the show was a shocker. The ex-captain of the black pearl, the man who started the rebellion and ousted Jack Sparrow is not dead! Although they showed that he got shot the last time. I can't wait for the third part of the trilogy where we get to see Chow Yun Fat as a chinese pirate! Did I get my rumours correct? Haha. The second installation of the show is only meant to be watched IFF you've caught the first and are planning to watched the third. If not, save your 9.5 sgd for a dinner or something.

In a flash we've entered the last month of July and both my bro's bdays have just past too. Time flies as the princess has finally finished her greulling 6-week prison term I mean job attachment. There's a difference between Bukit Batok and Yio Chu Kang. Small but still a difference. We've managed to get some or from my point of view tons of shopping done as we catch the closing of the GSS. Got lotsa clothes and a new adidas watch that I've been eyeing for decades(thanks dear). From Taka at Orchard (hello phyllis!!!) to Suntec at Cityhall, I'm glad all pushing and shoving, rushing and bargain hunting is over. No more bra snatching aunties, no more non-shoe buying jerks who sits on seats meant for people trying shoes, no more pms cashiers all over malls now. The mall is a better place after GSS.

Before I go, and I have to as I got bloody Biz Com homework to do and Uncharted Waters to be played, the ans to the last quiz. Hahaha. It's my hair!!! I really didn't wanna see anyone with the state of my hair then. Not here not there. I always look like I just woke up no matter how I wet my hair(I hate gel). But now it's definitely much better. I can comb centre or side parting again(much to the protest of the princesss)!!!

There I did it. I sat my ass and wrote an entry despite all the other temptations around.

You will always remember this as the day that I Shaun Foo nearly didn't bother to blog(again).

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Dr Carolyn Baum's visit

Dr Carolyn Baum was in Singapore the last week, and we had the honour of having her come down to NYP to give us some talk. And how could we miss this great photo opportunity!!

Check out the female to male ratio!

Dr Baum is a phenomenon!! She showed us some of her most recent research and it's real cool. Wish I could be like her next time. Haha. Imagine students quoting my work!!

"Research had shown that people who had received rehabilitation immediately post stroke, has 80% more recovery than those who does not have any" (Chua, 2038)

Haha. I wish!

Butterfly memories by XinYi

Monday, July 17, 2006


I've survived my 6 weeks of attachment, and it was a really enriching experience. I learnt so much about myself, about professional behaviour, communicating with others and alot of other things in terms of treatment.

The last day at work was really hectic as there was alot of handing over to do, and there was a last minute meeting that all OTs and PTs had to attend. But nonetheless, we managed to take some pics with our supervisor, and here it is...

With supervisor and coursemate

With G*imHoon and L*eeLing. Can u imagine that the latter is a mother and the senior OT there. I was surprised.

With Y*ati, the TA, and the rose we made her.

With Lindy, another OT there. She's 2yrs our senior. She's kind enough to let us see some of her patients, who were of different diagnosis.

The presents we got for him. X*iuLing made a powerpoint of our words and quoted some of his words and made it into a cd. Think he was very touched by it.Haha. And we even got him milo packet and cereal packets. this pic is taken by him one.

I forgot to mention. We invited him to join us for lunch also and he agreed. He treated us to drinks, rojak and also our daily dose of herbal tea! Haha. And from this simple lunch, we found out alot of things about him, and it wasn't as scary as i tot it would be.

Today is the start of school, meaning the start of Year 3!! So far so good, but it seems like that assignments we have for this sem is super cheem. I do not understand what is needed. Sigh~ hope all goes well. Really can't imagine that I'll be working 1yr from now. Scary. Well, I'll take it when it comes.

Butterfly memories by XinYi

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Riddle riddle on the blog. . .


What has lots of energy, spunk and drive but lacks direction, purpose and vision?

Correct entries can get a round of drinks on me.


Answers on next entry...