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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The irony of it...

Yes. As I type once again beside my favourite window overlooking the pool, I recalled that yet another month has past.

Looking back now, It's hard to believe that exactly a year ago I was still doing fire and movement in the Tekong jungle as a SISPEC cadet.

It seems just like yesterday when we were still "camoing" our faces daily, doing countless pt under the hands of sadistic SISPEC instructors, counting down the number of days till we pass out as specialists.

Pondering once again about my purpose here(in tekong), I realised that army was not that bad an experience for me. True, I did suffer(my former instructors were, I should say less humane), I did get injured(countless of times), I did had a lot of weekends burnt(unwillingly and grudgingly), I had lesser time to spend with my family and of course XinYi(even lesser than in the middle of 'A' levels).


Yes but, I did benefitted quite a lot from the army. For one, army was an eye opening experience for me. I, got to see Taiwan, had a feel of what being away from my family for a month was, got fitter, learnt how to be positively driven as an instructor, learnt how to handle politics, learnt how to work under pressure, and most importantly, make lots of new friends!

Indeed it'll be hard for me to sum all my experiences and lessons learnt from a single page of blog alone. What really worries me now is the uncertainty that faces me when I leave this place.

I worried about life in army before I enlisted, I now worry about life after army when I ORD.

Ironic isn't it?

Don't know, don't bother, don't care.

Monday, August 29, 2005

In the recent weekly update...

It's been a week since I've last updated. Well, its mainly because I've been trmenoudsly busy for the past week.

Finished main events of bmt
=Recruits gonna POP
=Holiday loh!!!

For your info folks, I'll be away in the Land of the Thousand Smiles from the 22nd of September for 4 days. Yup. I'll already booked the trip, applied for my leave, and paid for my airfare and accomodation. Going Phuket! I can't wait. So if you want souvenirs or if you need me help ya get something, beep me k?

For all those who were concerned about what the unfortunate incident that happened a week ago, yup, I'm fine now. Thanks for your concern! The cuts didn't get infected despite me not reporting sick. I've also walked the 16km route march 2 days with my recruits. Which pretty well means that my foot is on its good way to recovery! Woohoo!

And, my elder bro juz came back from Shanghai 2 days ago. Bringing along with him a Gameboy Advanced SP™!!! Hahaha! Yes. I do have a deprived childhood. Can't believe that I feel more excited than XinYi's younger bro about it. I also got an Adidas basketball jersey and lots of chewing gum!!! Woohoo. Talk about an early Christmas! [ I still want my hula hoop ;) ]

This would be the last full week that my recruits will be in camp. They will be passing out next week on tuesday. I will miss them. But I sure will be looking forward to my 3 weeks of slacking and clearing of offs/leaves.

Oh well. Book in DI(duty instructor) tonight. So gotta book in early with the recruits.

Time to fly!!!

According to genius Cheer's ORD COUNTDOWN PLANNER™ for me, its 292 days to ORD!!! I'm slowly counting it down. Well, as they like to say,
"Your time will come"...

Monday, August 22, 2005

A few of the many snapshots recently...

Here are some of the pictures taken through the eyes of my Olympus recently.
(I'm just plain lazy to type too much. Hehehe.)

Image hosted by
Xinyi giving the kitty downstairs of my block a good head rub.

Image hosted by
The kitty across the bench staring in envy of the other kitty.
"I want a head rub too..."

Image hosted by
The princess attempts a successful self-portrait.
Everyone says she looks like a malay girl.
Do you think so too?

Image hosted by
Fireworks @ the PADANG from my room.
Too bad my Olympus can't capture something well over 15km. Bah!
Who needs NDP crowd-madness when one can see from here?

Image hosted by
One of the many photos taken @Pizza Hut Suntec today.
Happy 20th Birthday Doris!!!
(Remember, I wished you first hor...)

Book in loh!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2005


Arrgh. Bloody hell indeed.

Just this lovely afternoon when I was meeting the princess, I got multiple cuts on the sole of my foot!!! Of which 2 were very deep. Dang it. Which is why I'm at home blogging on a lovely Saturday evening instead of partying out there somewhere. *SOB*

It all started with my smart aleck decision to chase after the train which is arriving in less than a minute. On the escalator en route to the top of the mrt platform at Kembangan station, I somehow executed a complex right-footed-trip-over-a-step-and-recovery-with-the-other-foot, resulting in the left left sole not covered by my Havaianas™ landing on the sharpest points of the escalator.

All I felt was a sharp pain as I ran into the train as the door closed, with the princess behind me.

"Heng ah, we made it"! I retorted with a relief. (still unaware of the cuts)

"See lah! Who told you to run, now you trip over heng nothing happen". She snapped.

"Haha. Alright alright. So where do we go? Tamp or Bedok"?

Then as I shifted my left foot, I felt a slippery sensation. As if your slippers were wet when you walk in the rain. The feeling of a body of liquid between my sole and my slippers suddenly gave me the shudders.

We quickly alighted at Bedok and went to sit down at the platform seats. True and gross enough, My slippers were covered in blood!!! Then I saw 3 cuts which were by now bleeding profusely.

XinYi and I panicked because we were running out of tissues also. It was comical as I now recalled that point of time. The public stared but none offerer any help. She quickly went down to alert the staff at the control room while I applied pressure on the wound with what little tissue I have left.

The mrt man came and the mrt man saw. He immediately went and got me much more tissue paper. With their help I managed to hobble to the lift and went down.

And guess where I went??? To the mrt staff room!!! You know the elusive exclusive secret room behind the rear escalator? Yup. That's exactly where I was. And I must say it was quite comfortable. The fully air-conditioned spotless room comes with a little pantry, a round table for meetings or a meal(now I know where they eat in the mrt), a comfy leather sofa and a hi-fi(although its playing tamil songs). I rested there while the staff went to get me the first aid kit.

As one of the staff attended to my wounds, the princess kindly took my bloodied slipper and went to the ajacent toilet to wash all the blood off it. Indeed the cool toilet was much cleaner(hrummph) than the non-airconditioned ones the public uses. After taking down my particulars, and my account of what happened, I was given a kind reminder to see a doctor immediately or risk getting an infection. Although the staff were untrained in first aid and did not really know how to treat my wounds, which I fortunately do happen to know, I appreciated their sincere concren. As I limped out of the station with a big wrapped up gauze under my foot, I thanked the staff for its help and apologised for leaving a few drops of blood on the platform that would require their cleaning.

We then proceeded to the library to return our books. That was where I rested my battered foot for the next 3 hours or so.

On the way back, I noticed that they have not cleaned up the blood stains yet which was then dried up. Oops. So if you happen to be to be at Bedok mrt and spotted blood stains beside the lift on the top platform, yup that would be mine.

Moral of the story:
Don't rush to catch a train, trying save 7 minutes(the arrival time of the next train), and end up wasting more than half an hour instead.

I mean, don't rush on the escalator. Don't ever. DON'T.

I hope I recover in time to go out tomorrow. :(

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Shocker deluxe

Shocker of the day #1:
The company A.S.A, a.k.a clerk, Alan, brought in a box of his own made lovely, warm, yummy and guilt free fat free chocolate cake!!! Ooooo. Yummy. Didn't know he can bake so well. Hahaha.

Shocker of the day #2:
I found myself embarking on a long weekend for no apparent reason. We were suddenly told to get lost which we gladly obliged. Which NSF ever complained about an extra night at home and away from camp? Woohoo.

Shocker of the day #3:
I was smiling at the cat below my block! Ahahah. I must be crazy. Who on earth smiles at cats? But the cute tangerine kitty replied me with a big-mouthed fangish yawn. Awww. So cute. I must be too happy to be home that I can't contain my joy.


Friday, August 19, 2005

Through the eyes of a (former) maggot...

T'was the middle of the month of June,
Came in 200 flaccid and pot-bellied poly stuns,
Nerdy and pale totally unfit and untrained,
Scared like puppies they were absolutely restrained.

They have heard frightful horror stories,
Of suffering and crying recruits oh so scary,
Till they learnt of the company they're posted to,
Many wished that it was never true.

The instructors looked intimidating and damned,
Shouted at them in their first few hours in camp,
"Move it before I bust your ass"!
Rantings and screamings for hours it would last.

Soon they begin to learn,
How to get fitter how to not to yearn,
We trained them hard but no without a cause,
As tough as steel to last through the course.

Field camp came and field camp went,
7 days of hell they thought it would never end,
Leopard crawls as bashas fall,
Misery and suffering was all they could recall.

Technical packages was such a chore,
Back to study again oh what a bore,
Then again no one ever throws a grenade,
Without knowing its do's and don'ts in a snap.

Now its time for them to rest,
Major events were a thing of the past,
Marching in company level soon began,
Rehearsals for parades how exciting it went.

19 more days to POP!
Overjoyed and too happy,
But indeed no one leaves the company,
Without a tinge of soulful longing.

An evening reminiscent of my days as a recruit,
Remembering the events no matter happy or crude,
Definitely made me stop and ponder,
How's my buddies or my past instrcutors?

Now I see from a different light,
Still dealing with recruits I cannot hide,
But when the urge to kill comes up to mind,
Days of suffering would be the bind.

One batch came one batch went,
Soon it will be my time to wend,
Trained 3 batches of maggots yes I did,
And 3 more batches till I'm ORD-ed!!!

I can't wait to resume my life.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

*Sixpence none the richer mode*


Been running from these feelings for so long
Telling my heart I didn't mean it
Pretending that I was better off alone
But I know that it's just a lie
So afraid of taking a chance again
So afraid of what I'd feel inside

But I need to be next to you
I need to share every breath with you
I need to know I can see you smiling each morning
Look into your eyes each night
For the rest of my life

Here with you, Near with you
Oh I
I need to be next to you

Right here with you is right where I belong
I'd lose my mind if I could see you
Without you there is nothing in this life
That would make life worth living for
I can't bear the thought of you not there
I can't fight what I feel anymore

'Cause I need to be next to you
I need to share every breath with you
I need to know I can see you smiling each morning
Look into your eyes each night
For the rest of my life

Here with you, Near with you
Oh I
I need to be next to you

I need to have your heart next to mine
For all times
Hold you for all my life
I need to be next to you

I need to be next to you
Need to be need to be next to you
Share every breath with you
I need to feel you in my arms baby
In my arms, baby
I need to be next to you

I just love their songs. Especially their power packed-compilation cd. Woohoo!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I'm sorry. I can't help but do this... Tee hee hee...

Ahahahaha. I know she may kill me for this but I can't help but upload this picture because she looks so cute! Oops. This is what happens when I tried to wake her up earlier to go breakfast with me but she prefers to sleep in, thereby resulting in me finding something to do. Bah! (Other boyfriends viewing this entry should not try something like this as it can result in either you paying for breakfast or you eating alone)

Image hosted by

Awww... Ain't she cute?

That's why I love YOU so much. Sleep more k?

Friday, August 05, 2005

Arrgh!!! I could die of embarrassment!!!

2 super cock-up, blotched, screwed, hay-wired sms issues today.

Horror of horrors #1 (My fault)
I sent a msg(ok, 10%mushy) INTENDED for the princess to another friend(a girl)...

Horror of horrors #2 (NOT I do one!!!)
I got Tau Pok-ed in the company office, had my handphone siezed by my fellow colleagues(now arch enemies), and got mushy messages sent to unknown girls on my contact lists and another message saying that I want to break up sent TO the princess.
Arrgh again!!!

All I wanna do is to dig a hole and bury my head in it. Arrgh!!!!!

Sob... The shame... The embarrassment...

Monday, August 01, 2005

Long weekend never seemed so short before

Hehe. Enjoyed myself immensely this weekend. Booked out on Friday night feeling totally shagged and still suffering from post fieldcamp-lack-of-sleep syndrome.

Still, I dragged myself to Tamp mall immediately when I booked out to meet the classy dame. And I got a new shirt from FOX (urgh)!!! Hahaha. Ok. It was not so bad after all. Sorta changed my mindset and bias that I have about FOX clothes anyway. After a hearty meal of Long John's(hrummph,their chicken batters got smaller), I had a great time of recounting my fieldcamp's experiences and sharing with her first hand the pictures that I proudly took. Sure missed my dear a lot. Been a whole 2 weeks since I last seen her! Bah. My pretty dame never looked prettier before. *SWOON*

*Slaps myself and dragged myself from dreamland back to my desktop*

Oh. Where was I? Ya. Went home after that and had a great time of just watching tv with my family. Sure miss them too. Anyway I got something to confess.

I didn't miss my family the most. Neither did I miss YOU the most dear.

I...I... Want to confess that... I missed... I missed...


Woohoo. Slept like a baby for 9 straight hours. Gals at home will always take their bed(some of them water-beds, grrr...) for granted. Try sleeping in a jungle for 7 straight nights on a hammock.

And the Saturday was spent looking for a replacement phone for my T630 which looks like it has been shot in the screen and developing my field camp photos. And my my my. They do look brilliant. I love my digi cam. On the part of the phone, no luck. All phones cost too much. And my pay comes far too less and far too long apart. BOO!

I wrapped up my weekend by playing ball with my bros in the morning, going to Old Airport Road(Foodie's Heaven) and having my dada cook dinner for me! No wonder I'm growing fat. Grrr. Must run more.

Dang. Running short of time. Gotta run again. See ya folks soon with more updates!

Take care all. Especially YOU. Love YOU always.