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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Too much excitement in a day...

1. Went to work this morning and the swine flu epidemic had reach orange alert level.

2. Had to go through temperature screenings when we report for work.

3. Were issued thermomethers and told to measure our temperatures twice daily.

4. Full PPE needed for people working in high dependency areas, and luckily that does not include OTs.

5. Masks are our best friends now.

6. Went through work as usual and it was a challenge teaching pursed lip breathing!

7. Went to HR to collect a new name tag as my name tag was broken. And they labelled Physiotherapist under my name!

8. Was slacking in front of the TV when a bee suddenly flew onto my thigh. I looked around and there were about 10 buzzing bees around me, all buzzing around on the floor, with little life in them. Elder bro chased them out, but some came back in again. Wonder why. It was a challenge trying to go up the stairs as there were some on the stairs too.

One good thing that came out of this.... WE ARE GOING TO HAVE SCRUBS!! AND WE DON'T HAVE TO DO THE LAUNDRY FOR THEM!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Heat is On

Both the weather and the exam crunch.

I'm sorry I've not been updating! FB me for details! Haha.

I'll try to be back soon in the mean time stay cool in the air-con!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Cute but no girlfriend... Why? Coz Korean girls blind!!

A summary of the Perth Trip (12-21 Feb 2009)

Last look at Curtin's grounds...

I love how my hair looks here!

Pictures after this is the 4 days road trip up north to Monkey Mia....
Day 1
The bus that took us around during the 4 days...


Small ones....

Taller ones....

And twins!!
This is me throughout most of the bus journey. Lotsa ground to cover to reach Monkey Mia.

Pink Lake... Very pretty in real but our camera can't capture the colour.

Sunset at ermmm... I forgot where... but it was realli cold!!

And windy!

Lovely pink skies!!

Then it was overnight stay at Kalbarri in Pelican's Nest. As Tricia and I were in the back of the group, we got the room with the guys in. So we went to stay with Tricia's parents who upgraded their room to a twin sharing, which could sleep all 4 of us! With a private toilet and air-con!

Day 2
We went to the Kalbarri National Park where we had a long and tedious hike....

Resting while the young SG girls were abseilling...

Enroute to Murchison River....

Murchison River.. finally....

Then it was the same route back again... check out the steepness!

A group picture at the lookout to Murchison River...


Nature's Window, which was another hike to reach there...

Then it was to Shell Beach...
Shells instead of sand....

See how it's still only knee deep even tens of metres out...

Love this shot!

Then it was a long drive to Monkey Mia where we stayed overnight at Monkey Mia Lodge. Tricia and I shared a room with this Japanese girl, Ayae, and between us and Tricia's parents we had a bathroom!

Day 3
Dolphin feeding in the morning!!

And I got chosen to feed one of them!! My hand was super fishy after that though... requires repeated washing to get the smell off.. but it was fun!

Pelicans and dolphins!! I love it! Since when do beaches in SG have these 2 together!

Count the number of dolphins!!

After the dolphin sighting, we had till noon before we leave Monkey Mia, so we hang out at the beach with the SG girls and the Korean boy, Ju Myeong (who is really cute btw!)

I Love You

My name in Korean!

Can you see what we are trying to form?

With the SG girls- MJ, Sheena, and Jazzy...

With pretty boy, Ju Myeong! I think it's a crime to look so effortlessly cute!!

Tricia's parents with this Japanese (whom I forgot his name) who is really reall cool! He is about 70 years old and he took about a year to sail from Japan to New Zealand, and after which he took a plane to Aus to travel! He's so fit he does faster than any of us when we were climbing/hiking the day before!

Tricia mimicking the way Ju Myeong sits... see how delighted she is!

Another group pic at the 26th Parallel!

At Shark's Bay....

The youngsters of the group... With Korean, Ju Nyeong, and Japanese, Taro...


Overnight was at this farmstay near Muchison River...

And this is the place where we slept.... Lotsa sand flies....

Dinner for us was shepherd's pie (washed down with my favourite Smirnoff Black!). And as we requested for non-red beef, we had lentils sepherd'd pie! Yummy but it was very long since I had any meat. Most of the meals we had were vegetarian as they were eating steak most of the time... Very sad....

A successful self-shot of the 5 of us while on the way back to the sleeping quarters. The dining area was another shed about 50m away, and we had to make our way back in the dark!! Quite scary! After showering, we went star gazing and it was just amazing how many stars there are.. The orion belt could not be identified as there were simply too many stars!!
Then while we were star gazing, a heard a rustling sound and all of them started screaming and ran away!! And as I was sitting behind, I din realise what happened and just followed them (into the boys room since their's was the nearest). Turns out that the farm dog was just looking for someone to play with!! Very funny!
Day 4
After a very eventful night, we left and headed back to Perth. It was then on the coach that I left my water bottle at the farm. Poor bottle, must be attacked by all the sandflies!

Random cute van!

Church of St

Where we went in to cool down from the summer heat...
Then we went for sand boarding in Lancelin!!

It was so difficult to climb up, for every 3 steps you climb, you slide back 2 steps as the same were super super soft! No other pictures after this as we do not want to risk sand getting into our cameras.

A very interesting bent tree. The guide said something about the tree trying to bend away to get away from flood waters which were salty. Anyway it looks really cool!
Greenough Wildlife Park!

Mini snakes!! See how far Tricia and her mom is from me.. haha.. quite amusing.

Snake round my neck!! It was rather warm from all the handling from other ppl. As snakes are cold blooded, they take the temperature of the surroundings, and if the temperature get too high, the snake may die! Poor thing, must be suffering from all the summer heat and tourist handlings!
Then we went to feed the animals!

These pictures pretty up sums up the 4 days Monkey Mia tour! I wanna go back to WA!! I wanna go all the way up to Broome!!