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Friday, December 29, 2006

Traffic lights to Phuket - Part 2

Day 2 was a half day tour to Phi Phi Island! After hearing and seeing the nice pics from Shaun, I was really looking forward to the tour. So we woke up early, at 0545, to have breakfast, so that we can set off at 0715. And we are all lazy bums! Heh~

Our usual breakfast table. So that we can have abit of sun while we have our breakfast!

The one hour ride to the pier. Actually I was sleeping before this picture was taken, but guess I was "sensitive to the camera" as pompy puts it. =)

Then we went onto a huge yatch. Since we were one of the last ones to get on, we were left with no seats. Therefore we went to the stern of the boat and stood there, enjoying the wind, and the well... wind... There are so many people that there are rarely any pics without other people in it.

Beautiful skies. But the sun's hidden.
Lotsa people...

Let the photo-whoring begin!

Check out our rosy and flawless skins! I like!

At the stern with "Mr Jacobs"*, and "Ms Billabong Butt"*

Pompy's masterpiece. She likes taking these kinda weird pics. =p

After standing for some time, we realised that the journey's going to be about 2 hours. So we sat down at the side.
With "Mr Wee"*
My view of the sea, from where I was sitting.
Lotsa these kinda rocks. Haha.

Miss Phi Phi 2006 Contestants....

Contestant number 1: Nightstar
Contestant number 2: Pompy
Contestant number 3: Silver

Please send in your votes to 1900 - vote - mpp. Calls are charged at 20cents per call, exclusive of GST. *grinz

Some not very glam pics....
Illegal immigrants alert!

Our favourite picture of the trip. Me and pompy fighting over "Pierre"*

Then we moved to a smaller yatch where we were went snorkling, and into this submarine thingy.

A pretty mom with her kid.

Our snorkling place!

Amidst the mini fishes. We were also given bread to feed them. Quite scary if the big ones try to get the bread from your hand.

After snorkling, for less than an hour, we went to Phi Phi Island for our lunch. Not enough snorkling. I want the Redang experience again..
To be continued

Aniway, a preview of my short hair. I had abit of bad hair day. This picture was taken at one of te restaurant at Vi*vovity, to celebrate Min's birthday. =)
*all names are fictitious
Butterfly memories by XinYi

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas is the best time of the year!

For this year at least...

To all those who have made my Christmas white, I wanna thank you so much for somehow and someway, appearing in my life.

Life would be so so different without you all as friends.

We can't always paint a rosy picture of life, but we can always paint someone else's life rosy. That's what friends are for.

Thank you all for painting my life rosy.

Take care and have a great New Year ahead!

Be back to blog more soon!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas is COMING!!

Just came back from caroling and I'm absolutely beat. Left shoulder and wrist hurts from holding the file for so long. Feet hurts from standing too. 2X half an hour session, and 2X fifteen minutes session are no joke. Sian. Wished someone could do some trigger point release on my trapezius. Heh.

Aniway, I cut my hair short on Wednesday. No pictures as of yet, but once I get my hands on them I'll surely post it up. Chopped off more than 30cm of hair, and I feel liberated!! Haha. Can save lots on shampoo. Haha~

Been caroling every single day of the week, and it's wearing all of us out. Voices are giving, and energy levels are dropping - hope it'll be better tmr coz it's Christmas Eve!! And singing with 4 mikes amongst the 10 of us is super scary, as the mike will pick up each and every of mistakes. S.C.A.R.Y. And singing choral music into a mike just sound horrible/wrong.

Went down with the choir peeps to Paulaner's and I absolutely LOVE that place. Live band with chiobu who has husky voice. Heard from my friend who works that that they sing there every single night. Wonder how they preserve their voice. And they entertain song requests! Haha. Funny incident, but I shan't blog it down here. *"happy birthday to you!"

With regards to school, well.... I hope that FYP turns out alright. I suddenly realised that there are so many things to be done before school starts - Reassessments, coming up with interview questions, interviews, transciptions, analysis of assessments and reassessments, comparisons. BAH! Too many things to be done.

More pics of the Phuket trip, and the caroling sessions to be up soon.


The first nowell the angel did say,
Was to certain poor shepherds in fields as they lay.
In fields as they lay, akeeping their sheep,
On a cold winter's night that was so deep.
Nowell, Nowell, Nowell, Nowell...
Born is the King of Israel!!

Butterfly memories by XinYi

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Traffic lights trip to Phuket - Part 1

I can't log in into my own account to blog, coz of the shifting here and there, and I'm stuck in twilight zone right now. Going to do a photoblog of the traffic lights trip to Phuket. Why traffic lights, you ask. Well... look at this...

Green, yellow and red crocs. All unplanned and purely coincidental. In fact, we din even notice, until one of the ladies at the customs pointed it out to us. Haha.

So the 3 of us met in the early morning of 11th Dec, at the new budget terminal!! Whee....

Oh christmas tree; oh christmas tree; your leaves are so unchanging~~

I see our plane!!!!

And I got the window seat!!

The interior...

Fluffly white clouds, and the sun rising... *swoons....
And we reached Phuket, after 1.5hours of flight, at aound 8am. We were brought around to some jewellery/souvenir shop, t-shirt printing shop, and a place where we can ride the elephants, or play go-kart (ATV). Din play the ATV as it was around noon when we reach there. T.O.O. H.O.T.

The hotel toilet. I love square sinks. *grinz
Had erm.. lunner at Macs.

Walking the streets along Patong Beach.

Us, at the end of the day, with our drinks bought from the local 7-11. I had black tea barley, which was great. Wanted to buy it back, but i couldn't find it anymore.

So the first day was spent recee-ing the place, and settling ourselves. The Thais were very friendly, too friendly in fact. And our traffic lights coloured crocs really attracted LOTS of attention, with people calling out "green, yellow, red... hey traffic lights!". And somehow we always walked in that order, subconsciously. Heh.
P.S. Road-side stalls food are GOOD!!
To be continued...

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Great day for the sun to be out!

After experiencing the heaviest downpour since what 1978, I sure am relieved to see the sun again after such a long time. It’s nice to see the Singapore River looking like a normal river instead of an overflowing flask of ‘teh peng’ or iced milk tea.

Just a short blog @ work since I’ve nothing much to do now. Finally proofed read the last of some of document. It takes about 5 hours to proof read a 150 page document in font 9. Started yesterday but I’m finally done. Hahaha. But it got my eyes all squinty.

Anyway here’s a big 21st blogout to a great buddy and friend, Mr Heng Wee Cheer! Happy 21st ol’ buddy! Finally it’s your turn to turn 21 also. Cannot escape one la bro. You can join me in watching all the R21 movies now!!!!! Wahaha just kidding. R21 flicks too mild for us la right?

Ok seriously, I wish you all the best of contentment and great accomplishments in this 21st year of yours! Continue to mug hard in NUS (which I’m sure you will) then! We shall catch up this weekend! Cheers!

1 more hour to lunch… Maybe I should sneak out of office earlier. Hahaha.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Where is the Love???

But there's a danger in loving somebody too much
And it's sad when you know it's your heart you can't trust
There's a reason why people don't stay where they are
Baby sometimes love just ain't enough

I don’t know why but this song was swimming in my head for the whole morning. But it got me thinking. So what exactly is love? The American Heritage dictionary defines love as “A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive qualities, or a sense of underlying oneness.”

So when you say you love someone, you probably would fulfil the statement in bold above. “Love” decreases when a factor of the statement diminishes. Eg. When the recognition of attractive qualities decreases. This is probably the main reason why so many relationships fall apart. It is due to the fact that the love just dies out in that relationship. But few would realise that the amount of ‘love’ is neither constant nor does it remain remains unchanged.

In any relationship there must always be effort put in by either party to ensure that the amount of ‘love’ stays the same or increases. If ‘love’ ever had an SI unit, what would it be? Some would say Ampere, also known as the amount of electric charge. Aptly demonstrated when the handsome hunky dude at the bar buys you a drink or when the pretty dudette with lingering Estee Lauder perfume and long silky flowing hair smiles as she walks pass you.

That is love at first sight. But not exactly the way I would measure love. Sooner or later one would realise that first impressions while important, counts for little in the long run. We have to understand the underlying reasons for truly loving someone. While it is not always explainable or comprehensive, it is understood by the someone who loves. Therefore when we love someone, it has to be a feeling that is deep inside the heart. We have to be sure if the relationship is worth the effort to upkeep. How to judge its worth? Refer to the statement in bold above.

We all need companions in life. These come in form of family, friends, and also the other significant half of our life. Love is the reason why we keep them in our lives or why somehow they fade away from our lives. It is essential to work hard in order to preserve the close relationships that you and I now share with so many others. It pains me to see an old good friend on the street and I'm wondering how's he doing. Hope none of you all ever experience that too. It sucks.

There's no such thing as sometimes love just ain't enough. But there's something known as not working hard enough.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Where your 2% may go to?

Read and laugh. Maybe not when your get the full swing of the increase next year.

Click on image and enlarge for full viewing pleasure.

Wonder what happened to the author of this online comic series. Hasn't been updating for some time. Hope he's not under arrest by MIW or something. If only I can draw or write cartoons as much as I love reading them. Haiz.

On a totally different note, the princess is coming back in 5 hours time. Hoo!~

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Overseas? Nah mapleseas for me.

I wanna go overseas too! Everyone seems to be abroad these days. The princess is now currently in Phuket probably waking along Pathong street trying to find more fake tattoo shops now as I type. Dada is in Indonesia helping a friend set up a kitchen in some hotel. Desmond is leaving for Shanghai tonight. Evelyn is in Vietnam now I guess. And Doris just returned from her getaway in Malacca yesterday. Haiz. And all of you had better be bringing back some good souvenirs for me!!! Hahaha.

Was helping the princess pack her luggage on Sunday night when I realized just how much I missed Phuket. The sandy beaches, the crystal clear waters, the beautiful sunset, the cheap and yet lavish food, the friendly people, the exotic things that you can buy, the beautiful ladies (and ahem men), the affordable massage services and of course the MacDonalds that sells pork burgers! Haiz. What would I not give to get out of the country…

So it’s work as usual for me. Work work work. *say it with Warcraft III Peon accent* Fortunately its almost mid week and I get to steal half day from work tomorrow morning by going to skool for some dumb enrollment exercise. It is essential to get away from office this week. My direct bosses (lawyers) are back from their leave and holidays. So the “arrows” are flying especially fast and furious this week. With emailing there’s no such thing as deflecting arrows or siaming them. So all those who are doing part time work with a computer without internet access should not complain so much. You’re not missing out much really. There’s hardly time for me to surf the net in the office as well.

Now nights are spent in front of the TV and playing maple. Wahaha. There are so many places to explore since maplesea has been loading maps like nobody’s business for the past few months. Have not even completed visiting every location in maple yet. But they have tweaked the stoopid item drop rate to a pathetic low. Was playing with Cheers and Yun last night. More than a thousand monsters killed and not a single item. Sheesh. Better go train more if I wanna catch up with Cheers and Yun. See you folks around!

Time to maple...

Friday, December 08, 2006

Pictures from placement!

These are the pics taken on the last day of attachment. Made chocolate cheesecake for them (eh, helped to make actually. haha), and they asked for the recipe. *grinz

With Aileen, the TA/PT.

With Ms Kyi, PT.

With the 2 TAs, who are rather cute! Haha.

With Aileen and Ms Kyi, with the Christmas decorations done by the boys from R*I.

My workspace! Which is infested with mosquitoes!!!!

No pics with my sup, coz he was on leave. Aniway, I have to go back too becoz i STOOPIDLY left my blouse in the cupboard!! Haha.

One month break now, and I'm leaving for sunny (I hope) Phuket with p*ompy and s*il on monday! Whee! Can't wait!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Work work work

I’m sorry that it’s been a while since I last updated. But I’ve been real busy since mid November. That’s because I’m working from 9-6 on weekdays and my weekends are jammed packed with activities to help me forget about the weekdays.

Anyway for those who still do not know, I am currently working in a law firm at Raffles’s place as a legal assistant. Hahaha. Name sounds good only but the sad truth is I do all kinds of work for the lawyers I’m working with. Basically it’s a whole lot of administrative and paper work. Includes churning out reports and summarizing lots of drafts, editing of documents, resolutions prospectus, reports blah blah blah. All these and more on top of the usual typing, filing, printing and photocopying.

Responsibilities aside, it is really cool to work at a law firm even as a temporary staff. That’s because I got my own computer with internet connection and telephone line. Hahaha. I even have my own email with the law firm. But that’s not an advantage cos lawyers can arrow me work without even leaving their desks. Tons of work flood in through those mails. They really know how to make full use of even their temp staff.

The pay is pathetically low as this counts as an internship. But fortunately this firm pays more than the average internship rate. Anyone could have earned more elsewhere at any other firms doing admin work. But fortunately I’m learning loads daily through all the work. Unfortunately the work that I do is classified. Haiz. There’s so much secrecy involved that files had to be locked, codenames have to be given for projects, documents have to be properly kept and irrelevant documents disposed off the right way. So much so that the Shredmaster3203S has been my closest companion in office to date. Hahaha. I’m kidding but I really love playing with the shredder.

After working with so many lawyers, I’m really glad to say that my childhood ambition would not be realized, Lawyers have a very stressful corporate and social life. Meals have to be eaten in front of computers and work gets taken home daily. Deadlines expire by the minute and overtime is the norm in this firm. Children are occasionally taken to the firm as parents cannot afford the time to look after them. Lawyers go on leave to only remember they got a last minute task left and rush back to office to work when they are on supposed leave. From what I see, those dudes are worth every cent of their high salary. I gotta admit I admire their dedication to their profession. For without dedication and passion, I’d doubt many can survive the rigours of their occupation.

After working for 3 weeks, I realized why Peter says to enjoy schooling life. I find myself looking forward to school again. Work has lost its appeal to me already. Hahaha. I’m a super san fen zhong re du kind of person anyway. The most important thing I’ve learn on this stint: It’s to really find a job that you enjoy doing. If not you’ll find yourself dragging your feet to work everyday. Life would really be a bore and all you can look forward to are only weekends and public holidays.

Also I just got my results for my first undergraduate semester! All I'll say is Doris I owe you half a kushinbo meal. Hahaha. Was really disappointed but I blame myself for not putting in enough effort. Sheesh.

Christmas is coming! And I can’t wait for it. It’s the best time of the year for me. But for now I’m looking forward to this weekend with party plans already formulated. Have to have short term goals to keep me motivated through the week. Heh. For now, some advertising. The princess and her choir will be caroling at malls like PS and dunno where else from the 18th of December. Details will be released further. But if anyone who’s free and love carols can jio me to go and listen.

Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat!!! (So am I)

Friday, December 01, 2006


Just a quick post before I go out with weasel and cheers for a drink around my neighbourhood.

I was at the Kembangan Mrt ATM 2 days ago redrawing money. Everything was normal except the "amount balance" figure on the screen.

It read " S$ *666.66 "

Cool or wad?

How on earth did 6 cents went into my account? Felt like getting money to make the first figure 6. Hahaha. I reprinted the receipt just for keepsake. Hahaha.

No wonder they say money is the root of all evil.