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Sunday, May 27, 2007

I'm back!!!

Phew Cambodia trip was a blast!

Had great time, great food and grea companionship...

Spent about SGD $670 in total.

Landed at DFS in Changi and look what I got...

The latest Ck Summer... My Favouritest fragrance...
Cost me SGD $67...
I just upped my summer spending by 10 percent.
Going to enjoy my lazy Sunday first.
Be back soon to blog more!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Elite Gal strikes again!!!

Check out here for the latest posts...

Click to enlarge... Please...

We are not too free in Cambodia... Just that the photos take a million years to upload so I figured I'd blog while waiting.

We're all doing great except for the sunburns. Whahaha!

Cambodia pics coming soon!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hello from Cambodia!!!!!

Heartiest hello from Cambodia from Weasel, Cheers and I.

We are doing great great so far with the main concern being only the excessive heat.

Our 'hotel's' great. Better than we had expected. Phnom Penh is quite a beautiful city (only at certain areas), the people are friendly, food's excellent, booze cheap, and sceneries plentiful.

Oh there's cable tv in the hotel as well. We'll be catching FA cup final in the comfort of our room!!! =)

We'll be moving off to Siem Reap tomorrow. Heard that there's free internet there in our hotel. It had better be faster than this! I'm paying 1USD for an hour of usage. All this while uploading our precious photos into my external harddisk as well. So it's a rather fair tradeoff I guess.

Visited quite a number of places already. Walked lots and lotsa kilometres all around the city centre. Of noteworthy mention in my perspective would be today's double visit to Cambodia's horrible past. We visited the 'Toul Sleng' torture camp as well as the 'killing fields'. A very humbling and eye-opening experience. Will do more justice to it by blogging in detail about it when I'm back.

Looking forward to Angkor Wat visit soon!!! Should be able to blog from Siem Reap. Certainly hope I'm not missing anything exciting in Singapore!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I'll be back!

An hour more before I leave home. So here's a short post before I go.

Brought over USD$330 and some sing dollars. Hope it'll be enough. Don't really know what I can buy there as well. Hahaha.

But here's where I'll be staying in Phnom Penh and in Siem Reap.

And I got a great thick fat novel to snuggle up with on board! =)

Time to head for the plane!

And hope that Weasel does not forget the air tickets...

Check back soon for Cambodian posts!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Thought evoked when sifting through my letters cupboard

It’s amazing…..

  • How many memories are evoked looking through old letters and notes
  • That after so many years, I can still recognize who the letters/notes are from, from their handwriting and addresses
  • That we can converse in all kinds of paper – foolscap paper, nice letter pads and even paper torn out from notebook.
  • That we arranged to meet in IRC, give each other our pager number (not that I have one, I only started having a handphone in JC 1), discuss about what to eat during recess
  • The things we write in the notes - Gossips, bad-mouthing people, best wishes, what we are studying, who we are having a crush for, how bored/angry/stressed/frustrated/grateful/tired we are. Aren’t we scared that the letters would land into the hands of the person we are bad-mouthing/gossiping/crushing (*crinches at that word) about??
  • I know the F-language (mai-fai name-fame is-fis xin-fin yi-fi). And I can say it – FAST.
    That I was Auntie Agony last time. Gotta help friends solve BGR (even the word is old school) problems, problems with family and friends
  • To realize I have lost contact with so many of my friends whom I pledged to be “friends forever” with.
  • Everything comes into a full circle. I have a “Ah Ma Family” during my primary school days, with one Ah Ma, one auntie and about 6 kids. Now I have ZQ. ZQ members consist of an Ah Ma too!

I miss receiving notes written during class from Sel, Flo, WL, CL, GE.
Sel and Flo: Remember FASBE??

And I miss receiving snail mails!!


Rejoice with me because:

1. The exams are over
2. I'm going for a holiday
3. I got my internet back
The end of the papers sginalled a fast and furious entry to the dark side! The world of fun, enjoyment and money spending.

Party plans started off immediately on Thursday after the MAB paper. Adelene drove us to Marina Square and we had lunch at Thai Express while discussing plans for the big chalet. This was followed by a session of lan gaming with SIM guyzos at Bras Basah. Chalet took off on Friday morning! Had a lot of fun playing pool, arcade etc. The BBQ was great too! I haven uploaded pictures in a gazillion years and I apologise for that... So here's some:

The preparation begins! Thank God for great weather...

The advance party...

And the 2 late "tua-bais"

Desmond has gotta be the fastest Bbq 'fire-starter' I've ever seen...

"The secret to fast fire is technology... You all use paper plate fan, fan until when???" ORHH...

Since we can't help the rest of us guys do what we do best... EYE POWER... All SAF trained... Hahaha... Thanks SAF for such an invaluable lesson...

Guys eye power, Gals have mastered the ULTIMATE art of doing work... They "delegate" totally, the unofficial SAF skill known as Taiji (to push away)...

Handing over-Taking over ceremony... "You do the work, I get the reward" No wonder Vivian so happy...

The sai kang warriors...

The slave drivers... "Eh cook so long only got hotdogs ah? Where's the chicken???!!!"

JiaHao's biceps bigger than mine... Enough said...

Our special guests... Without you 2 the swiftness and efficiency of some "stuffs" would not have been possible...

Wanted to put more pics but then blogger came up with some funny problems wherever I wanted to upload the pics. Which is just as well cos after the food. the arrival of Ade and clearing up, we showered and play "truth or dare" through the night till 6am. And some pictures after this are erm... Not suitable for the eyes of minors... Better leave it as it is. But to SIM friends, what happens in the chalet, remains in the chalet k??? Nudge me on msn for the rest of the pics!
Helped Xin Yi clear up her room a bit on Saturday. (Ps. Waterbeds do not come easily! Think water...) But the room's beginning to look more like a room instead or a warzone. Her room is super windy too which is a great asset when it comes to doing manual work. Heh. I love her new house. Because there's a cute cat that makes Xin Yi's garden her "poo" area and Xin Yi's side balcony her napping area. Will try to snap some pics of it and put it up in due time. Best thing is the cat is there everyday!!! Whee.
Went to Cheers house in the evening to plan for our trip. Sadly as some of you all have known, we are unable to go to Tibet due to unforseen circumstances. Therefore we decided to go to Cambodia instead!!! Yup. Yours truly will be in the land of Angkor Wat, Mekong River, Khmer Rouge, Genocide museums, minefields, Pol Pot, The Clay Marble, And then they killed my brother, etc etc etc. The 3 of us were history students, therefore the location was a mutual agreement. And I can hardly wait!
Sunday was spent shopping with the princess at Bugis. Then went for the usual Simpang EPL. Last match of the season. West Ham avoided relegation!!! Kiam bro you one lucky B**ch. Hahaha!!! Then the 3 of us went to Su Qin's house to play mahjong. Most expensive game of mahjong I've ever played! Lost $25. Because Weasel's car was ilegally parked under Su Qin's block and got summoned. Hmmm. A hundred bucks down the drain. So the four of us split the bill. So suay. Can't believe parking attendants work at freaking 5am in the morning. Looks like the Gahmen's the best at making people lose money after all... My 5-tai limit also no use... Haiz... After a short breakfast, they then came my house to play basketball that Monday morning. Been a long time since I was at the cc shooting hoops. Lolz. Need to lose the flab...
Went K-boxing with the princess in noon and nearly fell asleep. *Dagger stares from her highness* Woke up immediately. Whee! So many new songs! That's great. 5 hours of singing flew past. Finally had time to taste the Katong Laksa as well. We decided to try the branch under the (now defunct) famous "Red house cake shop" overhead bridge in Katong. Conclusion: The 'original' Katong Laksa branch under the bridge is not good! Su qin, Peter, must bring you all to the 'better' laksa joint next time.
And I must be the last person who catch Spiderman 3. Only caught it today. OK joint last. Xin Yi was kindly waiting for me to have time to watch the show with. Thanks a million dear! The show was a tad disappointing. But I gotta say they made the most out of 2 hours plus of showtime. If there's any flaw in the movie, it's gotta be Peter Parker!!! Been saying since the first show that Toby sucks in the role of spiderman. Should have chosen a more handsome and hunkier star. But oh well. I ain't no director. It's also a pity they chose to release 3 nemesis at a go. Did not have enough time to build up into the past and also the 'sympathetic' background of the villians. 3-star rating movie.
Xiang Ning's back from Hong Kong! Went to her place to return her the machine a while ago. Thanks for the fondue machine again! (although I failed to use it) =) We'll catch up when I'm back! Work hard!

Got a surprise when I got home. The broadband arrived faster than I thought. Set it up immedately. So here I am blogging at 3am in the morning. Got lots more to say, but much more sleep to catch up with.
Oh yeah. I'll be flying off to Phnom Pehn tomorrow, Thursday evening (17th May) and will only be back late on Friday night (25th May). Pray for journey mercy for the 3 of us (Weasel and Cheers included) and keep the paths mine-free! Pictures galore when I return!
Should be blogging from Cambodia too if I could, so keep the visits coming! Enjoy the holidays folks! Till the 25th of May!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Tibet in progress... Please disturb us with advises, info etc...

K let me apologise for the innocent mistake before I get sued for defamation or fraudulant misrepresentation or something. Wahaha. Bad Bad mistake... Oops. But really la. How do you expect me to be able to differentiate a real Korean Babe and a not so real Korean Babehunk? Especially when all guys in movies only concentrate on the more obviously 'feminine' features of a woman??? *Ahem... OOPS. The kitty's out of the bag...

I'm still in the midst of the exams and it's really wearing me down. Especially when all the rest have ended. Arrgh. Tons of "Hey let's watch Spiderman 3 this weekend", "Wahaha! I've levelled up again!", "let's go play basketball", "exams over lo!" sms-es. ARRRGGHHHH!!!! 4 more torturous days to go. Despite that I went to Simpang to catch soccer with the usual gang last night until 1 am. To pluto with Marketing and Management Accounting!!! Supper at Simpang rocks... Arsenal drew with Chelsea which means that the title for this season belongs to Man U. Weasel's over the moon now. Although I'm not too ecstatic that Man U won the title, I'd rather they win than Chelsea anyway. Suck thumb Mourhino!

Was also confirming plans for the trip to Tibet with the guyzos. Nothing concrete yet but I may be flying off as early as the end of this month. Talk about super fast planning. Now then I know it takes a lot just to reach Tibet. A special visa/permission from the Chinese embassy is needed before we can commence on the trip. It takes freaking 3-4 days to reach the main city of Tibet. Information is scarce as well and we lack personal advice as none of us 4 knew anyone who has been to Tibet before. Ahhhh. Problems problems problems. Definitely hard to concentrate on studies with so much things running through my mind.

We're also trying to keep total cost of the trip to below SGD 1k. Hmmm. Maybe I'll go Tibet and busk. But I'd probably earn more stares than money anyway. And what can I do also? No special talents to present. Weasel said this is the best time to go Tibet as it's summer there. Comforting thought as I can't stand cold temperatures. Cheers can't too. Summer's like what 10 degrees celcius??? I'm so dead. Hahaha. LEND ME YOUR WINTER CLOTHES DESMOND!!! We definitely need to do much much more research first. Information is so scarce. Anyone got any useful info/experiences to share about Tibet? Email me or Weasel!

Sheesh. Won't have my own internet connection for another 2 weeks! Elder Bro is applying for Starhub's MaxOnline Express today cos he can get a cheaper monthly subscription on it. And it takes 2 weeks for them to go through the whole process. -_-" Talk about Singapore's fastest broadband service. Surely they do not mean the registration, installation and activation parts of the service. I could be in Tibet by then! Cheers I gotta go your house to do all the exit permit and whatever online research stuffs liao.

I collected 6 of the spidey toys! And I just made younger bro buy another one for me!!! Hahaha. Jermaine's totally grossed out about buying a Kids Meal. Wahaha!!! I am the evil brother!!! Whee!

So much things to do after exams. Chalet, BBQ, Plan Tibet trip, visit/help decorate XinYi's new house/room, meet up with old friends, meet up with older friends... Met ol buddy Yi Quan to pass him an extra set of army equipment just last Friday. Kena recalled for service to nation le. So fast. But, he's going Australia for studies soon! Gotta catch up with him too. Too much things to do, too little time. I don't need 48 hours a day before exams... But give me 72 hours a day after the papers please??? Hahaha!

Have fun all you peeps! I'm going back to mugging...

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Moving house

I'll be moving house on 10th May 2007!! Whee! Now my house is like a warzone now. Lotsa boxes lying around, no places to walk. But it's all great fun. The best part for me was looking at all the letters, old notes, music scores that was hidden away in the cupboard. Lotsa lovely memories.

The most headache part was moving all my OT notes and books. It took up 3 huge luggages, and 1.5 gigantic D H L box. And there are some still lying around.

Looking forward to using my own designed bathroom. Will try to take a pic of it. It has got black floor!! Heh. And I painted my room PURPLE!!

This is a good time for me to be shifting house, since I just ended my last attachment, and hence my student life at N Y P. Should be going to Aussie to further my studies.

Attachment had been fun. The next post will be a post on attachment itself - the interesting people and special cases I've seen. Till next time.

P.S. Who is going back to school for the learning community? Wanna go for dinner before that? Msg me k. =))