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Monday, October 30, 2006

I'm supposed to be studying but oh well...

Accounts exam was a blast. Relatively easy, or so I hope.

2 more bloody papers to go!!!

And I would like to debate on this topic as soon as my exams are over...

Picture shamelessly ripped from here.

But this issue has led to lots of creative argument. Just click the link above to find out. Also read about the adventures of "elite girl" from the link above. I think it's way cool.

But for more serious and well thought arguments click the link MeinFuhrer.

This issue is getting hotter than I thought.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Yeah one paper down!!!

OB is over!!!!

Hopefully I've seen the last of Organisational Behaviour, its obscenely thick textbook and it's lousy lecturer with his skimpily pathetic notes.

As my friend aptly puts it, "If I get High Distinction for OB its by my own merit."

Well its hard to disagree.

But today's paper was rather fair. Covered a wide enough range of topics. Heng I never spot topics unlike in past examinations.

Kudos to mugging friend Desmond and Adelene for chao mugging with me for the past few weeks! Many more days of mugging to go before the end of exams anyway.

But suprisingly I found myself having insufficient time to tackle the 2 questions! I was expecting an easy overkill but I found myself hard pressed for time. Brain's not working as fast as they used to. Haiz. Why oh why have the Boon Kong spirit left me??? I used to be able to finish 16 sides of A4 paper in 3 hours with ease but I almost didn't have enough time to finish the bare minimum of 8 pages in 2 hours. Haiz. See what 2 years plus of army put us guys through. Hands that fire so many rounds so fast for what? Now can't even think and write fast enough.

But for now all I can do is to pray for 'divine intervention' and hope that 'my pathetic attempts at writing will find favour in the eyes of generous markers'. Sounds farmiliar?

Some phrases just never leaves your brain. I miss Boon Kong and his crazy phrases.

Chao HC and LSE scholar. But man you were one heck of a bloody good teacher.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Selamat Hari Raya!

Qn: What is worse than seeing someone who wore exactly the same Hari Raya clothes as you did on your visiting trips?

Ponder about that while I reveal the answer later.

Once again we survived the annual visit to Geylang Serai on the eve of Hari Raya.

All that despite a crazy paper thats starting in about 19 hrs. It's sort of an annual affair now and its sort of fun to just sieve through the throng and look at all the super cheap stuffs that are on
sale even if we hardly buy anything.

We were dressed in clothes that we were prepared to throw with all the madness that's going on there. PS: My hair may be messy and ugly but at least it's brown!!! Wahaha.

View atop the bridge which leads to.....

Food Paradise!!!

If there's any sane reason to be where the whole world is on the wrong day, it gotta be the food that you would fight and die for. Which is the main aim for us every year as we hunt down the morsels that we love from the hundreds of stalls.

In anti-clockwise direction, chicken wings, kebab, fried you tiao, and RAMLY burger!!! Wash it all down with sugar cane juice.

Well this was just the starters as we were both famished by now. I have this crazy insatiable lust for juicy ramly burgers that would send me running to any pasar malam burger stall in sight and draw that 2 dollar bill and some coins automatically out of my wallet. In order to beat the heat, noise and smoke we took cover at some corner in air conditioned office building or hotel and had an indoor picnic.

I'll be the first to admit that I do not look my best when I'm eating. Just leave me and my burger alone.

Gosh people none the wiser would thought we haven't ate the whole month!

A much fuller and satisfied princess in the midst of all the chaos.

We would later spend more money on 2 cheesy hotdogs, a cup of Bandung and a can of green tea and a cup of ice cream. Chalking up a total of 18 bucks on food. But if you ask me its all worth it.

Time to cross this crazy road once again to the shopping area.

After dunno how many steps and twice as much 'excuse mes' later, the shopping area is in sight!

Finally. Time to shop shop shop with a higher propensity to drop...

And shopping till literal dropping would not be suprising. Given the number of people and the unbearable heat. I would have been much happier if not for the tremendous number of smokers present. As if the smoke from haze and all the charcoal fuelled stalls is not bad enough, we had to put up with the constant inhaling of cigarette smoke. I wonder why some parents would bring babies in arms while shopping through a smoke filled area that does not even give you space to extend an arm. Really. Poor kids. Geylang Serai on the eve of Hari Raya is only fit for the healthy.

Wanted to incinerate my nicotine, tar and tobacco scented shirt but decided not to in the end. We made it home tired but safe before 10. Think I was hard core? Nah. My parents went there yesterday after 12am! Talk about leadership by example. I'm still a noob by that yardstick.

Time to go back to studying again. Haiz. I'll be much happier after tomorrow's OB paper. Carries the least percentage while encompassing the most content. Sheesh.

See ya all after my exams!

Ans: Wearing the same set of Hari Raya clothes with your whole family and seeing another famile dressed in the same garb. =)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Questions, questions

What happens when you have diarrhea, and took some medicine for constipation?? Does it mean you will have even more diarrhea?

What about the other way round: You have constipation and take medicine for diarrhea. Does it make you more constipated??

How come they have bust-enhancing cream where u apply some cream on your boobs, and, viola, they become bigger? But no cream which allows you to apply on the tummy to make it smaller??

There are so many face cream available to make you fairer (think whitening lotions, moisturizer and what nots), but no cream which allows you to be authentically tan?? (I'm not talking about those fake bronzers here)

Haha. Will blog about my clinical experience soon. My dear otties, hang in there!! 30 more days to go!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Distractions, distracted, and distracting


*in small and innocent voice, "Me"?

"Don't look away, YES YOU! "

"Erm yes?"


"But but the story's very funny and addictive and and..."

My reflective side's at work again as I spent the past few weeknights watching the highly comical and addictive Princess Hour with who else but the princess (wad something like phee gu ma ma?) herself.

Hours glued to the tv and my papers starting in a week. I'm so dead.

I ought to be revising but here I am surfing the net and blogging. Well some news from Korea while I'm at it. "Pyongyang Vows Merciless Measures" as UN imposes sanctions.

Well so much for nuclear tests bet we may see more soon. Come on la can the possession of uranium feed its starving millions? What about the harmful potential effects of leaked uranium? But I wonder if radiation is any worse than the haze we're suffering from these days.

I forsee bleak, unpredictable and sketchy days ahead both in Spore and in international relations.

Hahaha something predictable in life for once.

Good night.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Cause I'm gonna love you for the rest of my life

Some songs are real catchy.

But some songs just make you wanna listen to them all over and over again.

"I'm Gonna Love You"

Angel in disguise
Stories in his eyes
Love for every true heart that it sees.
Was it just a lucky day
That it turned to look my way
Or is it Heaven right before my very eyes.

He showed me all new things
The shimmer of moonbeans
I was blind, but now he's helped me see.
I was lost but now I'm found
His happiness surrounds
And now I find that my dreams can come true.

Cause I'm gonna love you for the rest of my life
I'm holding you safe here in this heart of mine
I can't live without you cause my soul would die
You know I'm telling the truth, I'll spend the rest of my life loving you

It didn't start this way
It happened just one day
You smiled at me and I saw you, differently.
Now I'm a tremble just to be
A part of you as we
Begin a life that's sure to never end.

This is a brilliant soundtrack by Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Many thanks to the princess for sharing such a lovely song with me.

Its the perfect companion in tackling all those horrid notes sprwaled the bed.

No one knows how horrible and boring OB notes can be except...

Yes except spiderman of course.

He even fell asleep before I did. Sheesh.

My bedside buddy for 4 years plus plus provided by the princess too. Thank You for all the comfort you gave without even being beside me. It is these kind of little things that make life a little more bearable.

You're the real Angel in disguise.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

People are (not) all the same...

I used to be just satisfied with a pass.

But when I got a 'credit' for that bloody piece of OB essay, I felt like a total loser. While its true that my peers fared better than I did, it was not the reason why I felt so down. Why am I becoming so grade conscious now? I mean a credit is supposed to be 'good' right?

Why in the hay days of TPJC when I got more horrendous result I just laughed, shrugged it off and turned back to my steaming hot bowl of rou yuan tang. While it may be good that I'm starting to be more grades orientated, I loathe the feeling of all these grades comparing and chao piahing.

It seems so old skool, so far away. But its back. Am I changing too? If so why?

sOkw@n~ dReaMs aRe tHe sToRieS uR uNcOnSciOus nArraTeS aS U Zzz...(^.^) says:
i know y
sOkw@n~ dReaMs aRe tHe sToRieS uR uNcOnSciOus nArraTeS aS U Zzz...(^.^) says:
cOs u puT in effOrt , but just disaPPointed that the result dOesnt show?

Maybe, maybe just maybe...

Man I gotta go sleep...

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Went shopping with the princess for a couple of hours at Bugis and look what I got!!!

I got a new pillow! First time I got pillow for myself. Had always used those that Mom bought for me. But I had enough of poofing it up before sleeping everynight.

And it's those suppport pillow stab-a-like kind! Hahaha. Take a closer look.

Machiam those you would see on those tv commercial shows last time. Must call 339 something something. And it costs $23.95 only!!! Small price to pay for comfortable nights.

I'm sorry but you're eliminated! Good bye to the lousy ol' pillow! I forsee wetter dreams for the nights to come! Aiyoh from drooling la don't anyhow think. . .

And yao tou stopped shaking suddenly as if it agrees with my purchase. Or issit the bloody haze that's blocking all light? Hahaha.

Well I'm going to test it out before heading to another powerful service at Trinity.

Take carZzzzzzzz.......

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Something to share

I was doing my reading on Cancer when I saw this simple and sweet poem, which I thought of sharing it with all of you.

Beauty can be found
In oh, so many things.
Amongst the most amazing:
A pair of insect wings.

A filigree of colour
Of every shade and hue.
And movements quite
Incredible to folks
Like me and you.

Pat Groot

It was so simply written. And I wish I had the chance to sit down and admire the insect wings. Not that of cockraoches though. Dunno how many cockraoches are killed in my house during this exam period.

Attachment coming up next week, and I guessI wun be able to blog as much, coz I'm not allowed to blog anything about the attachment (confidentiality you see). And I sense much more breakdowns, coz I'm alone in the organization with an exchange student from Aussie!! My goodness. Hope all goes well....

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Food will be my downfall...

Eating late at night is a taboo especially when I've not been running for the past week.

But when Dada pulls out supposedly from thin air, a bowl of claypot rice with chicken stewed in black pepper with lots of green and red peppers and onions, all resistance is futile.

As Yi Quan aptly puts it, I can resist anything but temptations.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Its Children's Day!

And may all of you continue to stay young at heart!

To bring back good old memories of our childhood, and when Children Day was really a holiday for all of us, let's take a trip down my memory lane and see if you share the same experiences with me.

1. The skool bus is never on time except on the ocassions that you miss it by a few minutes.

2. You envy the kid sitting in front of you cos' he got Ribena in his bottle while all you got is water from home.

3. You kapo white chalk from the whiteboard and draw on your Bata in order to make your shoes look cleaner.

4. 'Soccer' is a game of 20 kids chasing a squashed drink can.

5. A guy's pencil box is also an aircraft carrier with 6 activation buttons, 5 elevated pencil storage compartments(missiles), a pop-up built in sharpener(machine gun) and a side ruler or small space compartment at the sides. (Guys will get this I hope)

6. Girls are a totally foreign species at that time. You wonder what's their existence on earth. Any attempt made to be in contact with them will cause you to be banished and alienated from your kind. (Eeeee! You talk to Melissa!!!)

7. You thought lime water found in science lab would make a refreshing drink till you see it turn chalky when some joker exhales into it.

8. Your teacher's favourite phrase is 'Empty vessels make the most noise'.

9. Paper folded into bullets shot from rubber bands are the coolest weapons. You modify them by putting chalk powder before folding for added spectacular effect upon impact or increasing the pain it can cause by stapling the contact point.

10. You hate those bloody 'mo xie' or memorised chinese dictation.

11. You scribble words in pencil on your desk before any spelling test (regardless of language).

12. 50 cents can buy you wonders in the canteen back then.

13. You can only gain respect and the best seat at the back of the bus if you're the bus's Chi Ko Pa King. (Which I was). Bwahaha.

14. You think that kids who use an elastic chain(bought from the friendly book store!) to clip their wallet to the side of the pants, and throw that wallet to hit other kids, look super dumb. I would just grab the wallet, take the notes and run.

15. Any 'project' theme can always be related to making ice cream stick houses and smearing plasticine on huge styrofoam boards. Add real toy farm animals for extra points!

16. You can spend a fortune to buy a box of country erasers, or buy one eraser, keep challenging other kids, and win a box for yourself. =) (I had a box of erasers, and I got "United Nations", "USA" and "Singapore"! Naninanipoopoo)

17. You show off the accuracy of your watch by adjusting in sync to the second with the skool bell. You then drive your teacher crazy by counting down loudly to recess or to the last bell although your teacher is still teaching.

18. The monitor or monitress abuses their power and never book their own friends although they talk blatanly louder than you do.

19. You piss off the neighbouring blocks after skool by playing 'block catching' while waiting for the skool bus.

20. You hate doing homework!!! Thus you finally realise the only reason to try to be friendly with the other species (they always do theirs, and is more probable to be correct). All copying of homework is done discreetly to prevent mocking from your own friends. (Thank You Qing Ting and Helyn for being my 'sisters' then. More like 'sitters' actually. But I still remember you all!). =P

Boy does the list goes on. Add your favourite primary skool experience on the tag board!

Looking back, I must have been quite a monster back then. Hahaha.

Happy Children's Day!