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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Picture Update 2

29th June 2007 - Graduation Dinner at Mariners' Corner Restaurant

Graduation Dinner's held at Maritime House, a 5-10 mins walk from Outram MRT. This quaint little resturant has country written all over its decorations - from the checked table cloth, to the wooden panes and hanging vines.

The juniors sang 4 songs for us, and I really applaud their courage to sing in front of us. I really like the voice of one of the girls. And both of them can sing and play the guitar. I tried my hands, or rather fingers on Shaun's guitar, and I nearly got finger cramps!!

There was also scavenger hunt, and my table got 2nd! But this is becoz we could not find a 2nd comb. By the time we found it (from one of the uncle working there), the other table won already. Haha.

As always, when there's photo-taking opportunity, otties never are too far away.

Then we found this really cute card and decided to imitate the baby in front...

Who looks the closest to the pic??

Picture Collage of ZQ


Class photo! Missing min as she went to the toilet.
After that, Funk'p, Rui, TLP, pigeon and I went to PartyWorld for karaoke!! Irritating thing was, we waited for a cab for more than half an hour (from around 1030 to 11plus)! Cabs refuses to stop, or have the change shift sign brightly lit. We even contemplated booking cabs, but the phone lines were all engaged. It would have been faster if we walked there. When we finally got our cab, we saw a whole line of cabs waiting at small lane. BAH! There need to be more measures to prevent this from happening.

I took some incriminating videos of pigeon. Haha. Will try to send to the ppl involved! Too bad it's too dark to see much.

To end off this post.......

For Florence and Selina, who are both not in Singapore currently. Haha.
And also, for the other aussie go-ers and myself when we go over there.
I think I can still smell the chwee kway now... YUM!

Picture updates

23rd June 2007 - BBQ with Terzetto

The day started with some pre-departure briefing at Orchard Hotel. The briefing made me realise that I am really embarking on a totally different journey in a totally different place. But I guess I'm really lucky to have 3 other friends going with me. At least we have each other when we go over there. Hope quarrels will be kept to a minimum.

After that, I popped over to XingDi's house for the BBQ. As usual, only Derrick and Xingdi were around. We fed ourselves, and the mosquitoes as well. Anyway, the BBQ "soon" started and everthing went underway.

With food like bacon, ham, steak, $14 vineyard tomatoes (for 10), and our very own chef, I must say that this is one of the most high class BBQ I've been to.

After the BBQ ended at around 12, we decided to go to East Coast Park for a game of TWISTER!! It's my first time trying it, and I must say, it sure is tiring!! It also proves my inflexibility.

Guys are always fighting to get into other people's territories, while girls look like they are playing DDR!! Check out the awkward poses!!

My favourtie picture. DO you see Shrek??

Another post soon!! I can't seem to grasp the concept of the alignments. =))

Friday, June 22, 2007

A day at the Zoo!!

We finally managed to go down to the zoo on 19th June. We were supposed to go down on Shaun's birthday itself, but the weather man says not. So the outing was pushed back till then. We woke up to a sunny morning, and the weather-man announces that there will only be light showers in the late afternoon! So off we go to the Zoo!!

Finally reached the Zoo!!
Since we reached the zoo around 10 plus, we bought KFC before going in, thinking that we'll eat nearer to noon. But who knows, we've got not enough hands, lugging a bag of food, zoo maps, camera and what nots. Hence we went to look for a bench to finish up our food, to free up our hands.

Our little "romantic" lunch, which was uber stressful for me. Coz there was a little monkey which was staring at us eat, and I was so scared he'll come down from the tree and grab my burger or something. Little rascal he is, smacking his lips every now and then when looking at us.

Cute bins with coats of the animals.

One of the first animals we saw there: binturongs.
They were all cuddled together in the morning sun!

Racoon like creatures climbing all over the little hut.

The prosboscis monkey. Look at the sitting postures!!

Inuka the polar bear. We went to see the feeding, and it was so cute! Chomping down half a watermelon, and "talking to the birds". It was having a rather lazy day as the weather was rather hot for them.

Penguin!! Uber cute. And the baby likes it too!

One of the nicer pics of me. Haha..

Sleepy white tigers. The only thing that is moving is their tails, swishing away the flies.

One thing really cool is that there are braille! The blind can then "see" how a tiger looks like by touching it. But why only white tigers have?? Or did I miss the rest??

Don't be fooled by the beauty of this tree. When the wind blows, the cottony flowers will drop all over and cause breathing difficulties.

At the OrangUtan area, we saw some action going on. The female look really reluctant though!! Haha. Hmmm... Guess we are expecting more baby OrangUtans?? Heh. There are zookeepers keeping a lookout for them too!

These mini monkeys are uber cute, and they are everywhere!! They know how to pose for the camera, and take turns to be in the limelight too!

Kangaroo area! So now I know what a Wombat looks like! So pudgy and cute! The pic in the middle is the size of the kangaroo's shoes (if they wear shoes).

I forgot what area was this. Anyway this duck-bird was standing on the ledge, totally fearless of humans. It stood there for the longest time, checking out all of us with it's beady eye. It even went to show us that it can stand on one leg! Haha...


Animals in the animal world. Didn't manage to go to the play area, coz we were abit lost after awhile. The map that was given to us was a new proposed one. So we were wandering in circles looking for the SunBear, which was found finally at the end of our day.

Pot-bellied pigs which weren't so pot-bellied after all.

I thought this sign was rather funny. So do SFI take them back when they are grown?!?! Hmmm....

Shaun is the happiest here, and no, the cats here don't respond to that clicking sounds you make. =))

Butterflies!! Lots and lots of them!

And my favourite one of all. When it spread it's wings, you can see the deepest turqoise blue you've ever seen. Can't capture a pic of that coz can only see the blue colour when it is flying.

This is what i call a zebra crossing!
Finally a nice shot of both of us.

After a very long walk, and several enquiries to the zookeepers. We finally found the SunBears. But they weren't lying in the sun enjoying honey by tilting the head back. They were having this friendly tussle in the "cave" Becoz 1st: i's late afternoon le (abt 4pm); and 2nd: there's no more honey dripping down from this pot. Hmmm....
After that, we went to the souvenir shop to check out the toys there. Din buy any coz no more meso!!

Baby polar bears!!

Ligator!! Looks like the one from Maple.

One of my favourite pic. With Pepe and Pepe Jr.
And Shaun, with the Seal.
We then took 138 to AMK Hub to have our dinner. We managed to catch a glimpse of SuQi, coz she was there for the movie premiere of "My wife's a gangster" or something like that. And I only caught a glimpse of her back! After standing for almost 2hours waiting for her to appear! Haha. But it was quite an experience. Everybody just turned and walked away after she went into the lift.
The day ended with a bus ride home. Another fun-filled day with Shaun. If only everyday was like that. No worries, and only laughters and smiles, and an occasional confusion. Only 18 more days in Singapore before I fly down under. Not enough time....

Monday, June 18, 2007

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood?

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Kitty Post!!!

Was at a hill top temple called Wat Phnom at Phnom Penh. Too many temples to visit but this one was a more interesting one. Since Wat in Cambodian refers to temples, I jokingly came up with the Watever term.

"Eh wad's the name of this temple?"

"I know! Wat ever la!!!"

*K that was lame but oh wells. It did spread some humour around tired travellers. Hahaha.

Well for a better, all rounded post on Wat Phnom, visit Cheer's Blog. He has covered Wat Phnom in greater details than I had, nor probably ever will. Hahaha.

Hmmm Cambodian Kitties not as fat as Singapore ones. But they all respond to the same sound. Hahaha.

They are usually more timid too. This little teenage kitty was hiding behind a small plant. It thought I could not see it.

Wat Phnom has lotsa monkeys too. But who gives a s*** to monkeys when there are cute kitties around. Another just appeared!

I wished I'd hit the shutter half a second slower. Because the kitties did kiss each other. Cute hor! But when you catch such once-in-a-lifetime-blink-and-you'll-miss-it pictures, you'll be nervous in shooting I'm sure.

I'm bumming my holidays around and loving every second of it! =)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Road Trip to Malacca

Dad, younger brother and I had one day road trip up to Malacca yesterday. Dada had to go there to meet some potential partners to build some hotel there (ermm.. something like that), so he decided that we tag along so as not to waste the petrol. A bonding session with my younger brother? I wouldn't miss anything for that.

Sleepy brother and cough-syrup-intoxicated me in the car.
So we head down to JB for some breakfast.

Breakfast alongside drains, with the smell of drains accompanying the food you are eating. That's Malaysia roadside stalls for u.

After breakfast, it was non-stop 2 hours or so drive up to Malacca. I don't know the exact time, but i conked out due to the drowsy effects of my medication.
Check this out. Clouds and mountains!

We finally reached this hotel where Dada did his work, and both of us just hand around. Taking photos with his phone, coz he has this multishot function. So we were both fooling around when we saw this.

Singapore? Singapura? Singapora?? Plam? Palm??
The said plant:

Off to check out the site of the hotel. Lotsa pics taken of the site, but I dun think it's correct/ethical to put it up, so here's some of me and my brother. Haha.

Cool pic of my dad driving. We asked him to impersonate a certain Mr Chou and he obliged. Cute not. Haha.
Off to shop at Makohta Square. Din buy anything except FOOD! Lotsa food. Haha.

Yummy Cinnabons.

We actually bought one box only at first, with only 2 chocolate flavoured ones, coz they were the last ones there. While we were eating the first box, I saw that they brought out a new tray of chocolate flavoured ones. And so we ended up with 30 mini cinnabons. Yummy. Why can't they bring this to Singapore too. Together with Krispy Kreme donuts. Haha.
Dada did one of the most embarrasing things. He tried to buy newspapers from a coffeeshop (something like Ya Kun), thinking it was for sale. But it was actually placed there for the customers to read! Haha.

After shopping (with my brother, and Dad sleeping on the chairs), a 16RM Baskin Robbins Ice Cream and a Sunrise later, we head back to Singapore. Not before stopping over at JB's City Square's roadside stalls for dinner.

I love roadside stalls. Guess the feeling of eating outside - exposed to the elements of nature and ermm.. dirtiness(??) - makes the eating experience better.

Then it was home sweet home, not before filling up the tank. Customs cleared fast. And Dada conked out once he reached home. He drove more than 400km in one day.

And here's the loot for the day. All FOOD!

One last look at the yummy cinnabons.