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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Here I am ONCE AGAIN!!!


Woohoo. I'm back from fieldcamp!!!! Did tonnes of illegal things and took more than a hundred pics!

Woohoo. It's a pity that not all of the pictures can be uploaded on the net of course.

If you know what I mean.

Anyway, I'm bound to upload some. The "innocent" ones of course. Woohoo!

Catch me up the weekends if ya can.

Cya around folks!

Orchard Road, Bugis Junction,
That is where, I want to be,
Why am I, still in army?
With my rifle and my buddy and meeeee.

-My platoon's rendition of the famous army song, Purple Light.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

10 more hours to impending doom...

Hey peeps I'll be on my way to the treacherous jungles of tekong in about 10 hours time of which I have not even packed my field pack yet. This is just great.

Hence, this blog would be entriless for the next week. Haiz.

Hope you all take good care out there k? Study hard and stay cool.

Especially YOU. Don't worry k. Be back real soon ya?


Thursday, July 21, 2005

Fun Fun and more Fun... Woohoo...

Image hosted by

Check out the newest addition to the FUN FUN stuff in the FUN FUN mess!

What an excellent use of taxpayer's money specialist's mess's fund!

Woohoo! Halo 2 here I come!!!

Island life, love it!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Fishy... Or rather freaky???

Once again the great slacker never fails to do what he does best. That is to slack. Haha. Not exactly. But the sudden downpour for the whole afternoon left us only no choice but to postpone the BCCT (Basic Close Combat Training) and swimming lessons till another time, therby giving me a free afternoon. Woohoo!

But everyone's here pretty excited form the preparation of field camp. As much as we dread it, we also look forward to it as well. For one it offers one a chance to once again totally immense oneself into the abundance of nature, enjoy the rare sights of the flora and founa and spend great time "camp firing" with one's best buddies under a totally starry filled sky. This is something that Singapore itself, despite being so many times bigger than Tekong cannot offer.

Anyway I'm blogging with 2 guys beside me who are looking for innocent girls on the net to erm, what's the word, yeah, to socialise with. Apparently, they're so immersed with the pictures on their screens they didnt even realise that kapo me can see what they are doing. Hehe. Those guys are pedophiles!!! Bloody 24 years plus plus (I saw their IC NOs on the comp loan books) chao privates invading the specialists mess and preying on girls aged 14??? Wtf??? Sheeesh. But that's how army guys (not all though) are lah hah.

Here I am once again (I just love that song), blogging out of boredom. And singing off for now due to boredom too.

Hahaha. Wish me, erm I mean my recruits for good luck during field camp! Look forward to be back home again in 11 days.

YOU, yes YOU do take care and study hard k? Give you a treat when I'm back.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Arrgh. Field camp's here again!

It's a super short weekend for me as I take up precious minutes to create this entry. Bloody COS duty tomorrow on a lovely Sunday! Hrummph. Oh what a way to start the week ahead. Talk about SUNDAY blues. Sheesh.

Anyway, despite my short 12 hours of book out, I managed to have breakfast with the family at the usual wanton noodle joint at Frankel Avenue, shop the whole day with the princess at Orchard, ate like a king at the food fest at Taka, stock up the necessary missing items needed for the field camp, have dinner with my bro, and lastly blog my final word for 2 weeks before I book in at 2300. Haiz. The weekend never seemed so short before.

Which is why I am unable to meet, and I apologise for that, long lost and long last seen pal Melvin and the rest of my secondary school friends for coffee session at Tampines. I'm really sorry. But I'm sure we'll find another time to catch up, worse come to worse surely we'll meet at this year end's in-the-midst-of-planning Sec 4C class reunion right? We'll see.

Ok. Next up, field camp. Which will cruelly commence on the 23 of July, making me miss my elder bro's birthday and of course another precious Saturday and Sunday weekend. Haiz. What to do when you lan lan got to serve? Yes. I always believed that they plan the highly torturous (for those maggots) 7-day field camp to always start on a Saturday so as to totally crush the morale of the recruits, thereby extending their pains and misery beyond the physical means as well. Those smart b****rds up there. Anyway, it'll be 7 days of hell for the instructors too as we have to take care of them and at the same time train them in the sacred (dark) arts of camouflage, cover and concealment, field craft, night movement, section firing, movements drills, etc. The list goes on. Not to mention additional lessons such as the mandatory Tekong ghost stories on their very first night in the jungles. Nothing tucks them in bed (I mean basha) better than that huh? Hahaha. Sounds like fun? For us definitely. For them? Anyone's guess. Woo hoo hoo.

Anyway, Ill only be back on the 29th at earliest. Haiz. 14 days away. Well at least when I book out I'll be 2 weeks closer to ORD-ing. Sheesh. Although it's still eons away, I can't help thinking of the day when I collect my pink IC and shout ORD LOH!!! to all those miserable souls still stuck in Tekong or even better to recruits who have just enlisted and just started their journey of 2 years of misery. EVIL ME! But I don't care.

I'll definitely be missing everyone back in S'pore, and definitely my dearest princess the most. Which is also the person I am most grateful to for always being there for me. I have seen so many couples torn apart by the very ruthless conscription of males. Haiz. Its disheartening to keep hearing "Oh, I just broke up with XXX yesterday", or "XXX says she needs some space", or "XXX believes we need to re-evaluate our relationship". Yeah right. Were'nt they getting along fine with their XXXes before army? It's sad. But it's true. NS breaks as many relationships as it claims to have build.

Bahl. Not much time left. Time to book in. To all back home, take care and do excel and persevere in whatever you're doing ya? The fortnight will be over before it's even began. I wish. By the way, you all would realise that my tag board's down. And Miss Long has so kindly agreed to help me rectify it when she has time if not she'll lend me her newly bought laptop for free for a year. Ok, not the laptop part but yes, she will set it up in no time I'd bet. In the meantime, you all can make use of the comments link or drop me an sms if you wanna get me.

Oh well, adios. Till then, stay cool.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

A series of lies and deceit... Urgh...

Here I am once again, blogging in the comfort of my own room as I'm on off tomorrow! Hahaha.

I have been faithfully following the news by means of the papers in camp and as well as news on tv. Guess nothing interests me more than what goes on in Mainland when I'm totally isolated in ulu Tekong. But that's besides the point.

And of course nothing's hotter than the recent issue about NKF's lack of transparancy with the public. Being a donor of NKF at least a couple of times, I was definitely outraged by the articles.

Urgh. WTF??? The CEO of NKF gets paid 50k a month out of the pocket of the average joe on the street who probably never sat in an aeroplane before much less in a first class section. Sheesh.

Urgh. Basically it's not just the money in my opinion that got people like me furious. It's also about the attempt to cover up and mislead the public into donating more for so called "charitable" purposes. From the statistics about the number of patients it serves, to the amount of reserves it has, to the duration in which the reserves were projected to last, the NKF had hoodwinked many Singaporeans into believing that it is in dire need of funds in order to continue their services.

Urgh. I would have instead "donate" my money to SPCA if I knew about this earlier. I'd rather save a cat then help some people buy a golden tap or something.

Urgh. I'm totally amused that Mr. Durai made no effort in displaying the slightest sense of remorse throughout the trial. I mean so what if he works 12 hours a day? As if I don't? But when one is working in the name of charity, or for a charitable organisation, surely one should not expect to be paid such an astronomical sum. In that case, why not pay students to do flag day on an hourly basis? Or reward volunteers at nursing homes? Maybe a token sum is enough if one is involved in full time charitable work. But 1.8 mil for 3 years?!! GROSSS! 1.8 million would go a long way to help many others definitely.

Urgh. I am totally absolutely and disgustingly stupified by the recent relevations.

No more donations from me to NKF for at least 3, I mean 30 years that's for sure.

Monday, July 11, 2005

The first blog of JULY! On the 10th...

Yay! As I celebrate the entry into another month of NS life, I can't help but wonder what am I going to do after I ORD. But then thats another story for another time.




In case you folks out there think I've abandoned my blog, well I did'nt. I just don't have the time to even blog on the weekdays, much so more on my precious weekends. Anway here's a quick update.

BMT's starting this week which means even less time to blog or play basketball. DANG!

BMTC have sort of recovered from the shock of my fallen comrade. Signs of normalcy are returning, which is good.

The dreaded (for the recruits) and much awaited (for the instructors) field camp is coming!!!
I just cant wait. Heh heh heh.

Can't think of more stuff and I gotta run.

Book in DI (DUTY INSTRUCTOR) sucks. And I'm supposed to be at Pasir Ris in 30 mins.

Oooops! Gotta fly...