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Friday, March 31, 2006

It's our fourth annivesary!

Yipee! It's our annivesary today! *does a back flip as fireworks light up the skies* Happy annivesary my dear! It's been 4 lovely years together and I enjoyed every moment of it! Seems only like just yesterday that we just met in TPJC. Time sure flies. And I've never been happier before this.

Yes it's our annivesary but the poor princess has to go to skool today to do project. And it's supposed to be her HOLIDAY! Right after the end of her attachments and all the deadlines for projects. Sheesh. They just can't leave her alone. No chance for me to serve some breakfast in bed or something. Bleah. Ok. Something that resembles breakfast at least. Thankfully we're able to have dinner together. Can't wait till I meet the princess tonight.

Anyway I'm back from chalet at Changi! And I'll update you folks about the ongoings again. It was just as fun as the last one but not as exciting. Hahaha. At least there was no Ba Poh invasion this time. And it sure was nice to see the ORDed personnels. Haiz. Can't wait to be like them.

And I'm scheduled for an appointment at Alexandra hospital later. After my ord dental check up last week, the dentist says I have to pluck out my wisdom teeth!!! Arrgh! All 4 of them!!! That's why I have to go down to the hospital today for an initial examination. Sheesh. Hopeully the extraction will be a painless process.

Ok! I got to go for now. Be back with more updates real soon!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Into the second week of leave...

And here are some mid week highlights...

I've finaly managed to get some things moving in life finally.

Firstly, after crashing with Sok and Doris at SIM last week, I've decided more or less that I would wanna do Bachelor of Business Management. Think it would probably be the module that best suits my 'study' habits. *raises eyebrow* Oh you know what they mean. Hahaha. I'll probably be submitting applications this week le. The campus is suprisingly new and vibrant. Contary to the cold boring place that I thought it to be. But I hate the bloody lecture room chairs. Anti-sleep technology eh? Maybe it'll do me good next time. Oh I ran into ex-A04 HuiLing there. The world is so small.

I'm going to sign up for my driving lessons finally!!! Going to Comfort Driving Centre tomorrow with Cheers. I'm going to sign up with the SKOOL even if it costs much more. Although my ex-recruits have recommended that I do my lessons at the other 2 driving centres instead as Paya Lebar has the heaviest traffic. They claim that it will affect the learning rate as well as the final practical test where people just like to bully the double L plated cars. Oh well. But knowing me, would I travel 2 hours weekly for a single hour of driving? Heh heh heh.

I went for my recruits chalet at East Coast last weekend! Hahaha. And fortunately I didn't ended up being tau-porked by them or something. But it's really exciting to hear them share life experiences for a change. Oh heck. My whole section is older than me by the way. Hahaha. The have lots of information to offer. From the best driving instructors, to the best food stall around the corner, they know it all. For once I was the 'recruit' instead. And the most 'least soldierly like recruit' in my platoon got posted to 1 GUARDS Division. Good luck to him! He was so nervous when he received his posting that he called me while I was still asleep. Good grief! I told him to find some excuse to OOT himself. But it's nice to keep in touch with them.

In the meantime, JiaXi has got busy this coming summer by cashing in on the election fever. He has formed a group called the Union of Concerned Singaporeans or something. It's quite cool actually to see that he is doing something meaningful while clearing his leave unlike me. And he has requested that I do some essays for him regarding any concerns that Singaporeans might have or any situation they would like to change so that he can print it out on his monthly newsletter. Thanks for the invitation! At least I have something to do now. My first topic- The rising cost of living in Singapore. Quite a challenge. See if I can find people to help maybe PinJi could. Hahaha. Anyway JiaXi is looking for people to join his union and people who knows how to set up webpages and stuff like that. To find out more, click the link Mein Fuhrer at your friendly green side board on the right. >>>>>>>

Coming up next week would be the exciting Chalet at Changi again!!! Loyal readers would remember that I got gropped by a Ba Poh while sleeping the last time. This time, I'm bringing along my metallic ballz guard and the pepper spray. Kidding! But I'm sure it'll be just as fun and exciting as the last one. I'm bringing more money cos this time I'm sure OC will not be shou xia liu qing in his mahjong this time. Hahaha. Can't believe that I'm going to leave this companionship behind in only about what 85 days??? Sigh. I'll miss army. But I gotta go for the greater good. ORD LOH!

And Xiang Ning is leaving for China this Sunday! When is it my turn to travel??? Bah. All the best to you girl! And remember to send me my birthday present! And I'll send you some pictures of Katong laksa or Adam Road's Nasi lemak when I'm free.

Time to get busy with some writing le! Woohoo. Life is good when you're so so SO free.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I've cleared all I need before I can ord.... Time to clear other issues...

Ippt? Cleared.

ATP? Cleared.

FFIs? Cleared.

What's left to clear before ord???


Which is why I am on a 2 week break from camp. Starting from yesterday, I will not be in camp until April! Woohoo.

Here's a rough guide for my new 'training schedule' for lull.

March 13-19: Leave/Off
March 20-26: Leave
March 27: Dental Check up
March 27-30: Company Chalet
March 31: In camp for Commanders training & Subaltern's Parade (Sabo parade)
April 2-5: Leave

And I'll have to start planning my official clearance once April arrives. I can almost smell it! 3 months and a few days to ORD! But as I embarked on the first day of my holiday, all I did was to raise a lvl in mapling. Hahaha. Got tired of killing fire boars already. Hence I need suggestions on what to do for the rest of the holidays.

I'd blog GP essays up here but the princess says she'll boycott my blog if I did that. It would probably also kill whatever little readership that I have also. Hahaha. Guess I'll just have to put my love for writing from pen to paper. No more than that. And I have not submitted any application for SIM. This is also another issue that I've procrastinated over for a long long time. Lastly I gotta apply for driving! Stoopid weasel can already drive, my younger bro has passed his basic theory, what on earth am I doing at home???

I wonder also. To remove the heavy butt from the couch turns out to be more difficult than I thought. Furthermore the scv remote seems to be glued to my hands these days. Arrgh. If only my elder bro was here. He could give me a lot of guidance and at least drive me to paya lebar and make me sign up for my driving also. I'm a lazy bum. I need a kick up the ass before I start moving. Gosh.

There's so much things I want to do, no I NEED to do. Time to start moving.

Leave your suggestions on what I can do for 2 weeks ok?

Monday, March 06, 2006

Behind the chevroned number 4...

Friends who know me say that I do not have what it takes to be an instructor as I'm too soft-hearted and kind to do anything horrible to recruits.

Well here's a chance for you folks to see how I am like in camp! Well not exactly see but you can hear, right from the horses mouth how I behave in camp. Bwahahaha. And what better way then to hear from the recruits themselves!

Yeah. The recruits were told to type last weekend, half a page of appraisal for their individual platoon commanders. Taa-daa! The end of course instructor appraisals are out and hear what the maggots in camp say about me...


"One of the few instructors who bother to do PT with us, kinds of motivates us to do better when commanders train beside us."

"Knows a lot of extra stuff that is not taught in BMT anymore but still goes through the extra mile to impart his knowledge.

"Makes lame jokes but at least it loosens up the tense training atmosphere."

"Understand the pains of a recruit and guides us accordingly."


"May look like another JC kid on the block but he is no pushover, of all the sergeants I fear him the most."

"Lacks adequate communication with us. Does not really care for our welfare."

"Has temperamental mood swing, can be joking with you one moment and screaming at you in another."

"His tall lanky frame is the harbringer of the most hineous of punishments."


"Likes to say 'You maggots are climbling on my head. And even worse! You guys are shitting on it! Like to take my kindness as my weakness right?' Normally after this we would face the floor."

"Looking at him during training makes you think he is an ass or someone very unreasonable and a lot of hatred is involved."

"We have so much to do and we only fall in late for 1 min and he knock us down... Bloody hell."

"His flaunt of blatantly blunt degratory and insultory phrases during his frequent scolding sessions, without the use of profanities and vulgarities shows he has a good command of the language. But some of us being non-jc students or hokkien soldiers would not understand what he says."



"Has a good sense of dressing especially in his taste of shoes. But his watch is rather gay looking and is not his type. He should change to those metal strapped watches."

"His more than frequent use of colourful and complex English phrases would put any GP tutors to shame."

"Plays too much basketball but is very good at shooting especially from the 3-pt range."

"This supposedly harmless, buck-tooth and mild-mannered instructor has a monster lurking behind his cute smile."

The things recruits say. Hahaha. You can tell some of them are more proficient than I am in terms of language. And its not suprising. This bunch of JC punk asses are quite astute I must say. I've recruits who score 7 distinctions for A levels just this year. WTH....

But I just laugh it all off. As I told them on the first day of their enlistment, "I'm not here to please you to make your stay here enjoyable." And why should I care when I'll ORD in 3 months??? Bwahaha!!! *Evil laugh* Of course there are much more things they mentioned about me but I just chose some of the more interesting ones.

Think you know me??? Think again.