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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


This was the weather 2 days ago and look at what we were wearing!!

Heard from Shaun that there was a heat wave in SG. Totally not looking forward to it!

P.S. See the unbrellas we are holding? There were both picked up from the street/train! Hahah!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Random Animals

The princess and I were at Ikea not too recently.

We chanced upon the some pet dishes that were superbly cheap! 99 cents a piece!

So we bought one apiece for Poth and Mimi.

Poth and Mimi waiting for their dinner

The kitties happily tuck in

Mimi is now acustomed to going straight to her dish whenever she sees us carrying kitty food

"What?! Only kitty food?! No real meat?!"
Maybe that's the reason why Poth does not visit as often as usual these days. Whereas faithful Mimi can be seen resting at the front porch almost every evening.
As you can see the dishes were decorated with the kitties' names on it. Poth is known as "小黄" while Mimi is known as "小灰" so that Xinyi's dad will know which dish to use too. There was once we dumped some chicken into Poth's dish and he took it out of the dish to put it on the ground to eat. -.-" Silly Poth.

And on a totally unrelated note:

Our guest for the next 2 weeks...
This bunny is known as "Donut". This is a pet of Jerm's friend who is away on holiday for this couple of weeks. He is super cute but rather lazy. He likes it when someone rubs his head though!

The parents love him too. Dad would always replenish his dish whenever the food level gets low.
And to copy Jerm's FB nick a couple of days ago:
"... has the only mum in the whole world that sings Jesus Loves Me to a rabbit..."

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekends... Is this it?

Hello all. Long time no blog. It seems like no one's into blogging these days with the advent of twitter, instant FB/msn updates through iphones and other smart phones, blackberry chats etc. Call me a traditionalist, but I think the most 'instant' I will be would probably be would be msn and sms. Well at least for sometime.

Some quick updates. I have settled well into my new department already, working there for almost 2 months now. With a permanent position comes permanent responsibilities! Hahaha. I'm now expected to perform up to par and expectation with the rest of the perm staff, expected to be answerable for all that I do be it good or bad, expected to put in beyond more than what is usual, expected to..... Yeah the list goes on and on.

The only thing that really keeps me going is the steep learning curve with lots of knowledge and new processes being learnt everyday. I wonder how those who are really really comfortable with their jobs keep finding their own satisfaction. I guess I have to work hard and discover that area of my own.

While I'm stuck in the daily grind of work, the princess is having an awesome time in Japan! Having tons of Japanese food, looking at those japan hourlish sceneries, enjoying fresh mountain air, cooling weather, experiencing the peak japan rush hour, staying in comfortable rooms, sipping japanese tea, sigh. I need a holiday too! But don't get too jealous. She will be back in the crazy Singapore heat soon! Hahaha.

I find weekends to be the stimulant of life. And this weekend was so awesome. I met up with YQ, Dexter and AK. Its so good to meet up with them once again. I really really miss hanging out with YQ and AK especially. They are really 2 of the best friends whom I knew for the longest time. I was especially delighted to hear that both of them are doing well in their respective fields since returning home from their studies abroad. We had a great time eating and chatting the morning and half an afternoon away at Ikea; which btw served me lousy sweddish meatballs. But I so miss laughing at the crazy antics of YQ and AK. Especially when YQ is being silly at times earning a swift punishment from AK. Man I love this couple. I must make it a point to hang out with them more often. It is a blessing to be encouraged by fellow brothers and sisters when one's faced with the lows of job commitments and the inability to boost life's expected excitement. I was truly blessed from a day of hanging out with them.

This was to be followed with a night of MJ with the usual gang. I enjoyed my Saturday so much that I just spent the Sunday recovering from the past day's experience. I woke up late, missed a jogging session, ate a sinful lunch, watch tv, took another nap, woke up in time for dinner, and watched more tv before typing some random posts up in my neglected blog. Before I know it, its Monday morning at midnight already. Sunday has just passed. Its amazing how fast the weekend just flew by. I am already looking forward to next week's badminton with the seconday school gang. Hurry up weekends. Come faster again!

Ok I am off for another shower. I wonder's what with the sweltering heat today.

Hmmm. Hopefully I get another inspiration for another take on life as I let the cold water run past me. This cannot be all there is to it.