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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The end has finally arrived

Bleargh. The end that I dreaded has finally arrived. Its time once again to leave the civillian world and return to the wretched island of Pulau Tekong.

I must say that I have really enjoyed myself in the past month of freedom. Working from 8-5, having countless days of offs, meeting up with my friends, spending quality time with my family, and of course being together with dearest XinYi. It was the best month I had since my last major block leave in June last year when I graduated from Basic Maggots Training Centre, aka. BMTC.

Frankly speaking, life as a BMTC instructor isn't as appealing as when I first started off. Despite the power and authority vested upon you, the freedom of doing anything in camp, going canteen emart and mess whenever you feel like and of course the recognition you get in camp and outside(no one greets sergeants except BMTC recruits, just like yesterday when one of my former recruit shouted "Sergeant Shaun!" in the middle of Suntec City!!! My gosh... The shame...), life as an instructor is starting to lose its appeal.

The key reason? Regimentation and Rigidity.

This friday the new batch of recruits aka maggots would be enlisting into my company. Sian 1/2. It's time to repeat everything over and over again. Time to teach them how to tie their bootlaces, how to sew their camouflage nettings on the helmets, how to march.... The list never ends till the day they leave proudly as a private. Now I know why instructors always seem unhappy and unapproachable. Because there is no variety!!! But hey, someone gotta do the job right? Hahaha.

Let me see if I can maintain my "Most approachable instructor" tag in my platoon for this batch. Bwahahaha... Instructors are evil hor? Always thinking of ways to tekan recruits. I'd bet if eating recruits was legal, we'd probably done it. Hehehehe.

To make matters worse, XinYi will be going to the land of XXL ji pas, bingtang hulus, smelly beancurds, taiyang and laopo bings, instant convenient food, roadside eateries, night markets and crazy shoppings. YES! XinYi is going to TAIWAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Without me...

And for a holiday too...

To make matters more depressing, I won't be able to send her off at the airport as well because next weekend I'll be in camp confined with the new recruits. Sigh. Kill em' all I say!!!!!

Just joking.

Last day for me to enjoy. Will be booking in 2moro, and not seeing day light till Labour day, aka Slave day aka WEASEL day!

Weasel day=Labour day=Slave day=Wei Hao day=no wonder he become tpjc student council president cos he was BORN on Slave Day to be a SLAVE!!!!

BWAHAHAHA. Ok not funny. But this has always been the class joke in the past. Hehehehe.

Anyway Happy Birthday in advance good ol ah bang Wei Hao bro! Hahaha. Try to meet up on Labour day ok? Hopefully I will not kena any dreaded COS duty.

Till the dawn of May my friends! Chaos.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

My new shared blog

Hey peeps! Went AWOL for a while due to pure laziness. Hahaha. Feels exactly like school holidays in Secondary and JC days. Sleep ins, lunches that were supposed to be breakfasts, late morning cartoons, early afternoon shows, naps in the noon, shopping trips, evening jogs and basketball games, lavish dinners, late night suppers, pool games and dvds. You say it, I've probably done it.


The laziness syndrome is back! It's extremely tedious now to stroll that few metres to my fridge to fetch a can of coke, much less to move my now quite fat butt off the comfy couch, walk to the computer and think of what to blog. Furthermore, the TV remote control's glued to my hands! Oh no! Haha. So much for my promise of more sincere blogs eh? Oops.

To make the laziness syndrome worse, the foodie glutton in me has risen from the dead once again! Bwahaha. From super oily pratas to tummy inducing chocolates, the itch to find something to chew in the mouth is a tough one to scratch. I'm putting on weight I suppose. Hahaha. Im losing my fitness too. Sure miss the recruit days when we would be exercising countless times daily.

Anyway, I'm here to promote my new shared blog entitiled "Days Were The Those". I've just been accepted as a co-writer or co-experience sharer there. It is a blog which encapsulates many an army experience. Sad, happy, tragic, and most commonly, humourous army experiences are shared there daily by people like myself serving the nation now, and also by those who have finished their service term but have a wealth of stories to tell. Haha. So look out for my stories there too!

For those who are interested in things that goes on in the army, this is the blog for you. It is a definite must read for those serving their time now and also for those who are about to be enslaved. And yes CHEER, they do capture the army drivers and transportation supervisors woes too. I'll leave it to you to read em yourself k. Just click on the friendly and inviting link "ArmyStories" on your right. And do bookmark it!

Yay, the weekends are here! But they hardly make a difference I suppose. Everyday's Sunday for now. But not for long. The new batch of maggots are coming in next Friday!!! Omigosh!!! That is too near to be true. My partying days are numbered. SOB! But I have a chalet @ THE CHEVRONS (the Warrant Officers and Specialist corps resort club off Boon Lay) to look forward to this weekend first. Yay! Heh. Life is still beautiful.

To the class of 02A04, it is indeed difficult to organise even a half-strengthed class outing as suggested by our dear Ms Evelyn as our schedules are totally different. Just when the NTU and SMU peeps finishes their papers, yours truly would probably be deep in the treacherous jungles of Tekong teaching maggots how to do fire and movement drills. To those who are still studying, do study hard. To people like Cheryl and myself who are free from any form of commitments, PLAY harder!

Congrats to Xiang Ning for the successful completion of the gruelling series of examinations. To Sok Wan, Doris and Yong Ling, STUDY HARD! GAMBATTE! As what my seniors in the army always say,

"Do not worry your time will come."

And many special thanks to my dearest for that lovely, yummilicious Chicken Bolognese Spaghetti and Cheesy Garlic Mushrooms lunch that you prepared for me! I swear that I would not mind eating it daily for the rest of my life.

Take care folks, we may not be able to meet soon so keep in touch otherwise k.

Till we meet again!

Monday, April 11, 2005

On and Off

Before I start the blog proper I gotta say this:
I got to see good ol Cheok enlist into BMTC this week on Thursday! Welcome to the end of your LIFE, well figuratively speaking. Bwahahaha! He's now a chao maggot.

So wad's On and wad's Off this week?

Got a new pair of Havaianas slippers on XinYi's account.
Thank you dear! Bright orange and super cool! Didnt really suit me but heck. It makes my younger brother jealous. :p
-Im free for most of next week!
On off from next Tuesday till Sunday. Shiok! Last week for me to enjoy though.
-DVD galore!
Im gonna finish my YI TIAN TU LONG JI series in camp. Finally I'm into the last 3 dvds of the 21 part serial. Zhang Wu Ji is a lucky bitch. 4 pretty gals after him! Wah lau ay. Then I'm moving on to Tian Long Ba Bu. Song ah!
-Warcraft III
My new game obsession. Alright, I know. I'm one year slower than the average computer punks. I mean YOU Edward! You make me feel I came from stone age.

-I forgot Dada's birthday!
Darn. None of my 2 brothers remembered as well! Sad right?
Dui bu qi lao pa, hai'er bu xiao! "Bzzzzzkk!!!"
(stabbed myself with my long sword as a form of punishment for not being filial)
<<< the results of watching too much chinese sword-fighting dramas.
-I'm a fitness wreck now.
Which was why I woke up at 6am daily the past week to go jogging. At the same time bio VJC and CHIJ babes going to skool en route to East Coast Park. Oops. Hehehe.
-Curse you darn duties!
After last week GUARD COM, lim peh COS 2moro, which is why I'm booking in tonight. Sigh.

This is how I blog when I'm lazy. Hahaha. I promise more sincere blogs next week when I'm more free k? Anyway I'm free for most of next week and Melvin the Aussie Brudda will be back 2moro! So Sec skool ppl try to do a get together next week ya?

Back to camp for now. Sian to de max. :(

Monday, April 04, 2005

Fruitless Commanders Training

Whoa nelly. Wad a waste of the precious Friday and Saturday slacking duo. Had a super long and boring COMMANDERS TRAINING. Waste my time. Bah.

Its ok to have commanders training on a Friday you know. Friday is anyway a legitimate and rightful working day. Its also ok to have commanders training on a Friday during my lull you know. Anyway there is nothing to do during lull except to find ways to slack. But... But..


Yeah. I got called back for the training along with some other unfortunate guys. Which means that I'm on off this Monday and Tuesday! Right. Back to the topic. Sheesh. The boring commanders training was followed by a Specialist's Parade and a Perm Staff standby area (yes, sergeants and officers do get standy areas too k!) the following day, effectively burning our friday and saturday. Heng I was COS on saturday. So I managed to siam the stoopid tekan session parade and standby area. Yes! No irritating armpit abrasions nor painful blisters on my feet! Neat!

Ok. Back to the Commanders Training. The officers and specialists present bore the look of only one expression. Utter boredom. Heard Mr.CO (commanding officer) gave his opening address which was more of a scolding lecture on our performance for the first quater of the year.

We were then flashed results of the past cohort of recruits showing how many recruits passed their ippt, range, soc etc. We feel like teachers being briefed by the principal about the 'exam' results of the maggots students. The results were pathetic as there was an overall dip in the results comapred to the already low standards achieved by the previous cohort. Which Mr.CO implied that he himself we were not doing our job well enough. (as if its our fault that the recruits are soft with all the soft measures that we cannot change, already in place).

By the first half of the Commanders training, many of my colleagues already look like this:
Image hosted by

I could have sworn I heard quite a few audible rounds of snoring too.

Oo yeah. We then had a video presentation which we saw probably bout a couple of hundred times about how to handle heat related injuries. Gosh! Somebody end the suffering please! You are lucky if you're able to fall asleep close your eyes and listen attentively, without being caught that is (or behold the dire consequences). But it is torturous if you managed to keep yourself awake and listen to all the nosh that is being said just because you have loaded yourself with too much caffine before the lecture (I'm blaming YOU nescafe!).

Yeah. I did not fall asleep that's how yours truly managed to become event official photographer mah. Finally the end is in sight! Q & A session has finally arrived. It sure took its time though. We then setteled a few outstanding issues and questions that we had. A few interesting questions here, a few DUH questions there, and we're done for the First Quarter Commanders Training!~ Lalala! Till next quarter suckers! BWAHAHAHA!!!

A picture speaks a thousand words. So now hear what we gotta say 'bout Commanders Training
Image hosted by

Till next time! Cheers!~

Friday, April 01, 2005

NOOOO! Movie tix prices have gone up again!

From May 2005, the price of movie tickets will increase in 3 cinema operators. (ST,310305) They are Shaw, Eng Wah and of course Golden Village. They will increase the price of weekday and weekend tickets by 50 cents and a dollar respectively.


Why the need for an increase??? Don't they know that teenagers are not rich? After price hikes in a million and one things the price of tickets just have to be increased now. Sheesh.

Quoted from the managing director of Golden Village, "From the exhibitors standpoint, from the rental to the constant upgrading, there's a lot done to keep service standards high." He also cited that the price hike will help to cover increased 'utility cost'.

High standards my ass.

Where are the robotic arms from the ceiling that grabs people who talk on their phones during a show and hurl them out from the cinema? Where are the increased leg room for slightly taller than average people (ok like me)? Where are the seperate viewing theatres for kids and groups of students who like to comment loudly on the shows? Where are the increased height difference in between rows of seats in case a behemoth or goliath sits in front of you and block half the screen? Where are the free popcorns and coke with every 2 tickets purchased or something?

So much for keeping "service standards high". I hope that there will be more illegal VCD and DVD vendors. I wish for millions of webbies that lets poor teens like me download free moveis even before they are released! MUWAHAHAHA!!! May the substitute goods of cinemas keep their service "standards high too". HAHAHA.

Sigh. That means less trips to the cinemas for me now.

Princess this weekend anyone?