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Friday, October 08, 2004

To Taiwan and beyond!!!!!

You people out there may not believe but im typing this at the airport internet kiosk itself.

I forgot to tell ya all that this blog would be entriless for the next 3 wks.
Have fun and stay cool people.

Look forward to more entries about my roc trip.
Ps. I love you lots my dear. Study hard and take care k. Will be back real soon.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The Choir-A touching eye opener

Went to orchard cineleisure yesterday at my gal's insistence to watch a movie. Was a litle reluctant to go all the way to orchard at first (sorry if I showed it dear) but we went anyway. The tons of people at orchard road are always a bother to me, hence my dislike for orchard road on a sunday.

Dear dear bought the tickets as I forgot(not conveniently I swear) to bring out enough dole. Thanks again dear! Yay! Back row seats near the middle of the screen. Grabbed our oh, so yummy nachos and hot melted cheese and into the theatre we went!

The movie would have been perfect if not for the enchanced sound system irritatingly provided by the man in front of us who shamelessly kept commenting about the movie loudly. I swore I could have kicked his sit or doused his head with lemon tea. If only I did. Sheesh. Who would have thought about watching 2 movies in a theatre?

Ok. A bout the show. Despite it being a 100 min French movie, the movie was surprisingly entertaining and insightful. It was about a talented French music teacher who went to teach in a school notorious for its behaviour. His disdain for physical and corporal punishment led him to educate the students in a manner never seen in the school before.

Of great interest was the way he got his students to take a liking in music. By being patient but yet firm with them, he soon managed to build a rapport with the students. Slowly but surely, the discipline of the students got better as he incoporated music and studies. Eventually under his tutelage, he successfully formed the school's first choir. Wow. You should have heard the angelic voices of the boys. So heavenly. When the other teachers and even the principal thought they were hopeless, this teacher brought them hope and instilled in them the will to excel.

Eventually he was unfortunately sacked by the principal who was jealous of his successful teaching methods. He left behind a group of inspired boys more motivated to do well in life. Finally, one of the students managed to enter Lyon Music School and earned a schorlarship there. He went on to become a world class conductor. The man who made it all possible was never heard of again.

As i exited the movie theatre I can't help but ponder. In life, we never know our true potential or what we can achieve. All we need is the discovery of the 'combustive material' in all of us. God gave all of us many different talents. And we never really know how much we can discover of ourself.

Life is a journey of discovery indeed. Keep up the discovery people.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

I played CounterStrike the whole week and it SUCKS!

I've always enjoyed playing Counterstrike. A memorably fun game for many guys. Yes, CS is very fun. Until this week. This week of training was dedicated to urban warfare. In particular its called Fighting In Built-Up Areas(FIBUA).

Indeed it was a week of running into rooms, kicking doors, climbing up stairs and ladders, jumping from windows to windows, camping at rooftops, etc.

For one it was a much awaited change from fighting in the jungles for once(goodbye u stoopid mosquitoes!). We arrived at FIBUA village at Lim Chu Kang area with much anticipation and excitement. 5 days of urban warfare definitely sounds better compared to 3 days of jungle training.

I am definitely not going to bore all u ppl with the details of my training. But allow me to highlight some of the things i learnt in FIBUA training.

Fact#1: It is never possible to do a 'Jackie Chan' and storm a building full of terrorist alone.(Ever wondered why you only see it in movies?)

Fact#2: Never fire blanks in an enclosed area without your earplugs on. I nearly went deaf after the first day.(forgot my friggin earplugs! Grrr.) Sheesh.

Fact#3: Your buddy is your only key to survival in urban warfare. Dun leave home without it!(unless u got eyes at the back of ya head too)

Fact#4: It is irritating when you storm from the first level to the fifth storey only to hear your instructor shouting 'semua'!(redo the whole thing from ground floor) because you forgot to shout 'House Cleared'! at the end. You will die from all the running. Trust me.

Fact#5: Check every corner of every room. If not check and checkmate to ya.

Fact#6: Of every Urban Warfare operation, less than 20%(according to instructors) of the troops will survive. God willing, may we never have to fight in one.

Fact#7: Better clean ur weapon, if it screws up, you'd get screwed too.

All in all, it was a good experience this week. Sigh. If only I can train permanently in urban warfare. Good bye grass, hello concrete. Oh well.
If only.... If only....