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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'll be back!

But for now yours truly is heading down south to the land of kangeroos and giant houseflies!

Will be away from 9am on the 21st till about 6pm on the 1st of December.

Don't sms or call me... But do drop emails if you wanan say hi and *more likely* requests stuffs from Aussie.

Disclaimer: Request will be entertained upon consultation with my wallet.

I should be blogging when I'm there. =)

Take Care folks!

Now where's that bloody passport???

Just kidding!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

I should be packing but oh wells...

This is Moocakes! Yup Moocakes!
Affectionately named 'Moocakes' by the princess and I due to its uncanny resemblence to a cow. Hence the 'moo' part. The fattest cat in Lengkong Tiga Kopitiam. At this rate of eating and sleeping I won't be surprised if people mistake it for a cow someday. Incredibly obese yet agile enough to run with haste. Recently the kopitiam auntie has taken a liking to it and tied a purple kitty collar with a bell on his neck.

Moocakes sense a meal is in the works and approaches a table of chilling ah peks.
Apparently it is camera shy too. Ran away the moment it saw me snapping a picture of it. How cute. Didn't bring any kitty food to entice it to stay. But then why would it go for kitty food when there's an abundant supply of better nosh in the kopitiam? Hahaha.
I miss kitty hunting with YOU...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

我还以为不可能的, 不会不可能...

不会不可能 indeed!!!
Headed down to CENTRAL today with Weasel and Su Qin to catch Liang Jing Ru and buy her concert tickets at 10% off SISTIC prices!
Must thank Vivian for alerting us of this super good lobang. There was surprisingly very little people in the mall. Was there at 3pm, an hour ahead of her scheduled appearance and no one was in the queue! Yup. NO ONE. Guess the event was too poorly publicised? Or was it meant to be like this in the first place? The only publicity was a tiny corner section of advertisement in 'wo bao', the free chinese newspaper a few days back. No tv adverts or anything else. Thank God for someone who reads that paper then! =)
Anyway being the biggest shot of the day LJR arrived at 430pm. Which by then the mall was packed with hundreds of screaming fans. We were of course not going to queue for her to sign on our tickets or on her newest album as I had to rush off to church (God is after all still bigger and more important!). But we heard her sing 2 songs from her latest album! Really 崇拜 is a super cool song. But its true... She is as short as she seems in all those Kbox MTVs. Prolly under 160cm. Hahaha. Cant catch anything under her torso even though she's on an elevated stage. And she is super fair! Still it was magic when she started singing. Being the typical numskull I am I forgot to friggin bring the camera again. Haiz. But I'm glad I bought her concert tickets. She sounds just as good singing in person live! We bought the $118 tickets and got the side aisle. Hope can see her up close!
Sorry for the lack of updates but at this time I must show solidarity with my fellow NUS/NTU/SMU/Overseas/Whatever people who have not finished their exams. SO I SHALL NOT BE BLOGGING ON MY NON-STOP PARTYING ACTIVITIES FOR THIS PAST WEEK. Hahah. You guys touched??? Actually I've just been too lazy and too busy to blog la. =) But thankfully my fellow blogger in command has been active in keeping you folks entertained!
K signing off for now. Will be back soon! Gotta start getting my things together for my first venture out of Asia.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Play and help at the same time!

Dear readers, do your part to help alleviate world hunger. It's a vocabulary game where you donate 10 grains of rice for every answer you get correct. It's addictive. To date, I had donated 1020 grains. Oops.. and I'm supposed to be studying.

Click the picture below and start playing away!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

3rd November outing to the City

This blog lacks some pictures of the 4 of us, so here it is. However, did not manage to take much pics. Heh.

Went to City in the hope of looking for some cheap and good japanese food recommended by ermm.. I forgot who. Anyway, we spend a long time walking in the then not so hot sun, and finally found the Japanese joint, Taka, tucked away in a small lane. The food is cheap! Considering the cost of food here is at least $9. Food here cost $5 - $7, depending on what you order and the size.

I ordered Katsu Don and Sashimi, coz was craving for sashimi. It set me off $12 but it was worth it. Anyway it was nothing compared to Sushi Tei's Sashimi Salad. Fresh and YUMMY!!

Trying to act emo while waiting for our food. I like Rui's pic the most!

After that we went shopping, and I can proudly say I did not spend a single cent on shopping today! And I walked out of JayJays empty-handed, which was quite a mean feat, considering I ALWAYS bought something from there, whether it is for myself or not. Haha!!

Next was KTV. We had so much fun this time, singing lotsa old school songs, powerful songs (think Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey), and funny difficult to sing songs (think Mika). Point to note: DO NOT sing Mika in the middle of a KTV session, coz it will affect your voice for the rest of the session!!

We decided to treat ourselves better after surviving the 12 weeks of school with the last few weeks being real hellish. So we went to eat zi char at one of the SG restaurants.

Omelette, Mapo Toufu, Sweet Sour Pork and (not so sambal) Sambal KangKong.

For desserts, we had fried ice cream and Sago. The fried ice cream had coconut shavings on the outside. So Rui end up finishing most of mine.

The best thing, the meal cost $12 only! Free flow of rice and tea also. Heh. Must go there and eat more often.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Oogling time!!

Oogle of the month - Chris Evans!!

Chris is of Italian and Irish descent, born 13 June 1981. Guess he is more known for his role as the Human Torch in Fantastic Four.


He looks good clothed too!!



I just had shock after shock while I was surfing Facebook just now.

1. Found out one of my supervisors for my CE is on Facebook. And he's the one that made me cry and made me labelled as the problematic student.

2. Found one of my secondary school teacher. He still looks the same.

3. Saw some pictures of a nerd from my secondary school. And wow... he looks ermm... hippy now!! Long hair and looks kinda built. Must be all the America influence.

I guess this is a sign. Facebook is asking me to go back to my books so that I would have anymore heart attacks again. Hahahahahah....

Back to the books!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

The WRONG message

YES the WRONG message... *Please click to enlarge and see the words! You'll laugh...
Whatever happen to 'if you can't resist find some ways to resist???' Sheesh. This advertisement of some 'safe sex awareness week' was spotted in skool above the urinals in the gents. Nice cute looking little 'pacifiers' to entertain you while you relieve yourself.
I mean isn't the best way to protect yourself abstaining from it??? At least till after marriage? And also by neither having casual sex nor multiple sex partners? The advertisement comes with accompanying 'sound' advice on what to do and what not to do with your condoms, eg, not biting it, or using more lubricant etc.
SHEESH... So much for Safe Advice huh...
Anyway its the eve of the last paper and I can't concentrate. Seems like no one's really productive on the eve of the last paper with party plans nudging you at the back of your head.
Was studying at Des' place today when he received an sms from Georgina, our SIM senior and Des' friend...
G: Help! We are unable to concentrate studying! (apparently she was studying with her clique for their final paper tomorrow too)
D: (Sprawling on his bed with his eyes half closed while clutching boring HMT notes) Its ok! I'm on my bed resting too!
G: Hmmm, any ideas on how we can be motivated to start studying again???
D: (glances at me at the moment when I'm actually studying at his table) Shaun is actually studying hard now. Does that scares you?
G: OMG! The world is upside down today! We better get started then!
General notion: IF SHAUN IS AHEAD OF YOU (academically), SOMETHING IS WRONG
Hahaha. Anyway, we're heading to minds cafe tomorrow!!! Brainless screaming fun to celebrate the end of exams!
It's gonna be a different weekend!
K. I'm off to studying... I'm beginning to suspect the notion is not mere heresey... Hmmm...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Got ROYALLY raped, violated, pawned, trangressed and defiled by Business Finance paper today.

I flipped past the cover page and felt like I got hit by a train.

Peeps at Marketing and Human Resource didn't have it easy too I heard...

There goes another paper...

Sometimes it just doesn't matter anymore...

Its Friday that I'm looking forward to. =)

A proper entry coming by the end of this week I promise!

But for now History of Management Thoughts beckons and its time to take out the trash...

Friday, November 02, 2007


Something that kept me occupied these few days. Trying to find new recipes to cook. Nowadays have been trying out lotsa western food. Last week cooked pork chop but think i overcooked it. It became too hard. Then i cooked ermm chicken tenderloins with the leftover red wine that my dad left over. Yum! And lastest on the menu, salmon!! =)) I'm surprised at myself sometimes. Haha.

I had some happy news from ZQ today and I can't stop grinning!! =))