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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Part 3: Food

My only sustenance for 53 hours.... had 4.5 packs!!

And finally, real food!
Top: Japanese Pork Chop (Chinese/Dinner)
Middle: Roast Chicken (Western/Lunch)
Bottom: Scrambled egg with crossiont (Western/ Breaklast)

A Class food is really yummers!!!

And since my discharge, I've already been to a buffet!! Revenge for my lack of food during the hospital stay. Haha!!

Part 2: something a little more gory

The plug site... *gulps

*Gulps. It's not as painful as it looks...

Multiple bruises.... =((

Double plug!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Part 1

Still figuring out how to use picasa to load the pics... and it seems that I can only put a few pics at one time... so this is part 1... something more light hearted!!

My room which feels like a hotel!

*PS: Check out the pic on the bottom left... Shaun only wants to wear the mask in the room...

And Shaun found a new use for the mask!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hospital Stay Day 4: Check out lo!!

I mean discharged lo!!

Blood tests results are normal!! And it just means that I have to take small meals more often!!

Will post pics up when I can!!

Gosh... 53hours without food is horrible! I hope I wun have to go thru anything like this again...

Check out lo!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hospital Night 3: Music to my ears

The time that passed since my last post was like the most horrifying period of time I've ever had. I was super lethargic, no strength to stand up, and my stomach was growling really badly. The hourly poking for hypocount was horrible, my index, middle and ring finger of my left hand are all blue black. So typing and performing any type of ADL was a chore!! And since my right hand was on the plug, that leave my left hand to do almost everything. Ever tried brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand?? Goodness... Never realise it was such a chore!!

Hypocount was horrible. I forgot the timings and the readings, but it goes from 3.2 to 2.9 then to 3.7then suddenly down to 2.3, then back up to 3.7 then plunged to 1.4. 3 tubes of blood were taken when the hypocount dropped to 2.3 and 1.4.And now both my hands are blue-black!!

And at around 635pm, the nurse came in and told me the consultant had reviewed my results and that I CAN EAT ALREADY, and NO MORE HYPOCOUNT TAKING!! And that food would arrive soon.I have not been happier to see the uncle sending the food to me. And A class food is really yums!! They ordered japanese pork chop for me although I was eyeing the spicy sotong from the muslim menu!! Haha!!

Alrighty, back to enjoy the tang yuen that Shaun bought for me!! Super full now though!! Can't wait for night snack!!

P.S. My pink zhu zhu stuffed toy is here with me tonight in all her smelly glory!! =))

Hospital Night 2 and Day 3: Let the poking begin!!

There has been some major changes since my last post. The consultant came at around 3 plus and I was having palpitations and cold sweat!! So the 4 hourly hypocount taking is changed to 3 hourly. And the protocol changed...

<2.5: Take 3 tubes of blood
2.5-3.3: hourly hypocount taking
3.3-4: 3 hourly

And my readings are as follows:

4pm: 4.1; 7pm: 3.1, 8pm: 3.6 (phew!); 11pm: 3.3 (oh no!!) and it was 3.3 for some time before going down to 3.1 at aroun 5pm. Then it was 3.1 for 3 hours. Then 9am: 2.9 (whee finally some changes!!); 10pm: 3.2 (hmmm....) and finally 11am: 2.3!!

Then the MO came and took 3 (!!) tubes of blood. Anyway she told me there was this guy who cannot tahan anymore and stopped the investigation coz he was too hungy. I'm not going to starve for nothing!!

This morning was really bad, as an ignorant nurse brought in breakfast for me (yam cakes) and the smell of the food just filled the whole room and made me nearly lose my control!! It was then I forced myself to sleep and the hunger pang was over. It's amazing... 46hours without food and I am still alert. Albeit slow and confined to my bed.

One more bad thing though... they gonna take more tubes of blood from me!!

Help!! My left fingers are all blue blacked, and my vein on my left hand is crazily blue blacked too!! And for the next blood taking, they gonna take blood from the back of my palm!! *gulps!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hospital Stay Day 2: everything seems to move slower

It has been 25hours since I had my last meal, and I'm surprised I'm still rather awake/alert. But I just can't seem to make myself walk faster. Even typing is a chore, as my right hand is on the plug.

Four hourly hypocount taking is starting to irritate me. I have 4 pokes of the needle already and the readings are non-conclusive as of last count.

11pm: 5.3; 3am: 4.9; 7am: 4.1; 11am: 4.4

Basically I gotta wait till it drop to below 2.5 and symptoms appear before all the action starts. But till then, I gotta entertain myself. Have already finished a book, and facebook does not really work on this terminal...

The A class menu is just out of my reach. I perused it yesterday with the hope that I can at least order it for Shaun while he is here. But no, they say they can't do that... Sigh... always wanted to try hospital food, as all my patients food smell really good. And what more A class food!!

Next hypocount reading is at 3pm. Hope something happens. All this hunger is making me wanna curl up in bed abd sleep the whole day through!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

My first hospital stay

Whee!! Am now blogging from the computer terminal in my room! Feels like a hotel stay!! I love the mini wardrobe they provide us!!

And the doctor just came to see me. Seems like I'm gonna be set on a plug!! And 6 hourly blood taking!! Goodness!! Needles!!

Reason why I'm in hospital: Been having giddy spells, so just gonna check it out to exclude endogenous hypoglycemia. Or rather, to check if there's anything wrong with the insulin production organ (i.e. pancreas). So what I've gotta do is to fast for 72hours!! Goodness!! So do not bring me food if you do visit!!

Sigh!! There's something seriously wrong with blogger. My pictures from London/Scotland are all edited but I can't blog them!! All I can do are word posts... =((

Ok, back to enjoy my comfy hospitaal bed. Should I get the nurse to poof my pillow?? HAHAHAH

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blogger is down...

What is wrong with blogger???

I've been waiting to blog so badly... TSK TSK TSK.

Becoming unbecoming...