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Sunday, November 27, 2005

It's beginning to look a lot like Chirstmas!

People thronging to the malls,
Mock Santa Clauses giving out candies,
Stereos blaring carols,
Fake snow on the streets,
Gift wrap counters everywhere,
Christmas trees springing up all over,
Presents for everyone!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas,
And I just love it!

It's the end of the f***ing field camp!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

A day spent, Just Like (in) Heaven...

Once again the slacker never fail to live up to his name. Was given two days off this week on Tuesday and Wednesday. So I wasted no time in planning where to go.

The princess wanted to go Millenia Walk to visit Candy Empire. We were not disappointed there. In that shop which spans 3 shop space, there are rows and rows of every kind of sweets, chocolate and biscuits. Besides the huge amout of candies available, another impressive aspect of the shop to note is that there are also many different kinds of the same candy available as well. For example, for jelly beans, you have exotic flavours such as 'toasted marshmallow', 'popcorn', 'root beer', 'caribbean blast', 'strawberry cheesecake', 'banana split', etc. The lists of weirdly cool stuff goes on. Being the sweet tooth dude, I bought lost of things and we ended up spending a small fortune (the stuff sold are really not cheap) there.

Image hosted by
Our first stop- Candy Empire!!! Bwahahaha...

Image hosted by
A Dentist's nightmare- Check out all the colourful sweets!

Image hosted by
We only bought ONE bag of tidbits...

Image hosted by
Taa-Daa... The stuff that's in the bag... Lotsa jellibeans!!!

Image hosted by
The Princess enjoying the cheese whiz biscuit snack...

Managed to catch the movie Just Like Heaven @ GV Marina. A perfect show for couples! There were lots of romantic and comical scenes, my kind of movie. Resse Witherspoon was so hilarious in the show. Lots of heart warming scenes too. Catch it if you have not cos Harry Potter is already out! And bring a partner (opposite sex only please) along. Serious. Whee. As we bought the tickets way too early, we managed to get the couples' seat at the back row right smack in the middle! How lucky can I get. Together with my nachos cheese and a large cup of ice lemon tea, it was the PERFECT movie outing.

We then went to Esplanade since it was just nearby. I wanted to do justice on the previous posts and include pictures so you all know what I was so vaguely describing the last time. It was a much better visit than last time as there were less people on weekdays. I was able to trigger happy my olympus without much obstructions this time. We revisited Asia Pop exhibition and took lots of pictures. The exhibits are so colourful and bright one might think they are made up of sugar and colourings. Hahaha.

Image hosted by
Our next stop the Esplanade! Decorated ceilings full of hanging weirdo lanterns.

Image hosted by
We visited Asia Pop again! Which I so lousily described a couple of posts back. The princess loves the giant lolli-pop like sign board.

Image hosted by
I've always wanted to be a trishaw rider...

Image hosted by
A humongous pair of colourful chopsticks!

Image hosted by
Outside Esplanade- The gorgeous hanging lights. I've always had a soft spot for hanging lights. So Christmas-lish!

Image hosted by
The "huge piece of artwork on the floor" as mentioned previously.

Image hosted by
Kitty break! I put that in just for fun. The new cat on da block.

We were all still quite full from lunch so we decided to settle on something 'light' for dinner. The 'light' item turned out to be Chocolate Fondue! After recceing the 3 different shops that offer fondues, we in the end settled for the Hagan Daz one. That is because the other 2 shops, Max Brenner's Chocolate Cafe and Chocz, do not offer ice cream with their fondues. It's also boring just to eat fruits dipped in chocolate alone. For a fondue for two at Hagan, each person receives 12 small scoops of rock frozen ice cream, a small serving of fruits and crushed nuts. We had to polish off the ice cream rather fast in order to not let it melt. The ice cream is so cold that when dipped into the melted chocolate, the chocolate just freezes on the ice cream! Just dip the ice cream into the cup of nuts and pop it into your mouth. Heavenly.

Image hosted by
Ok. Back to business. Our fondue!!!! Yummy.

Image hosted by
I shamelessly attacked it first. Woohoo!

Image hosted by
In less than 30 mins...

Image hosted by
The last spoonful of melted chocolate is in my hands!!!

On our way back we passed by a mini art exhibition from Esplanade en route to city link mall. Here are some of the 'artwork' on display. Bleargh. No wonder they are not displayed in Esplanade itself. Hehehe. Evil me.

Image hosted by
Coloured torsos. Eek. The things they call art.

Image hosted by
And a wall paper full of em!!!

Image hosted by
A miniature figurine cut out of cardboard on real sands. There were many of them on display! Real cute.

Image hosted by
More red torsos!!!

Once again the week flew past real quick. And it's almost Sunday already. Hahaha. Hope you people had as good a week as I did.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

That's why I'm called Catsrule...

Because I love all my cats downstairs. They are all so cute!

So I try to visit them whenever I am downstairs. Bring them to eat, change their water for them. Awww... They're really fun to play with. So here are some pics for you guys to see.

Image hosted by

The skies above my room. Pretty???

Image hosted by

Here's another view...

Image hosted by

I walked too loud and aroused their suspicions.

Image hosted by Cats are very curious creatures...

Image hosted by They can be adventurous and like to try new things...

Image hosted by Cats can also be very playful,

Image hosted by very fierce and territorial at times,

Image hosted by but they are also very loving creatures...

Image hosted by
This kitty refuses to look at the camera so I bo pian...

Image hosted by
Awwwwwwwww. Aren't they cute?

Going to play with them again tomorrow. Wheee...

Monday, November 14, 2005

How thick can I get???

Was out with the princess for the whole of yesterday. Went to many different places. We started off by having lunch at the most unexpected place. The EXPO!!! Yes. The EXPO. This is because there is a food fair again!!! Stalls and stalls of sinful goodies. Totally hard to resist. If I wasn't stopped, I probably would have bought an item from every stall. So in the end we settled with Gultinous rice in crab, Honey-glazed chicken wings, Duck floss wrapped in prata, Taiwan ji pa, a bag of Potato wedges and a large cup of Soya milk with grass jelly. I nearly could not walk out of the EXPO.

Also of noteworthy content we went to the new Marina Square! Ok. May not be new to most of you CIVILLIANS out there but certainly, it was my first time there after the revamp. And OMG. How the place has changed in such a short span of time.

For one, the place is freaking big. We wandered around aimlessly half the time and keep getting lost. Haha. We had to walk round in circles just to back track to a particular shop. Despite the huge area the place is too cold for its own good. I was shivering half the time. But cold temperature aside, that mall has every shop that I can think off. Besides, there are also some lesser known but fabulous restaurants there. Like Carl Jr. Fast Food. Yummy thick-pattied burgers. Slurp!

We rounded off the day of shopping at Marina with a dinner at Sake Sushi. And they do not serve complimentary green tea there anymore! Hrummph. A tea bag now cost a dollar ++ now. I shall boycott that place from now on. Ahahaha. The princess will kill me if I do that. After a sumptuous meal and a lighter purse ( XinYi picked up the tab this time. Wheee!), we took a stroll down to Esplanade. And it was decorated for Christmas!!! The trees at the entrance were draped with hanging lights. Very much like vines. And in the middle of every "vine" there is a huge lighted plastic star! So pretty!

I must have been really backward. I didn't even know there was a "Glutton Bay" modelled after Glutton Square at Orchard road. Haiz. And we saw 2 cats prowling around there too! Talk about high class felines. While other cats are contended to laze around neighbourhoods, these cultured kitties listen to operas, watch dramas, walk along river banks, enjoy sea breezes and dine on only the finest leftovers at the Esplanade. Cute!

We managed to catch a bit of martial arts demonstration and a malay-tribal fusion band in action at the two outdoor theatres by the bay. Totally awesome. Besides entertainment arts, there were lots of Asian-influenced visual arts displayed for the public as well. At the rear entrance of the Esplanade there was a huge artwork on the floor. It is made up of tens of tiles, each individually decorated with an amazing array of colours. The more fascinating fact is: It is decorated with coloured dust!!! I can't imagine how much effort, time and manpower is needed to finish a work like that. Phew!

On the way home, we passed by City Link mall where we were stopped by a man at the usual place of the mall concierge outside Nooch restaurant. He let us sample a few sips of vodka which was very cutely drawn from gigantic fish-bowl like glass wine barrels. Those who know me would definitely know that I don't booze. No beers, no wines, no champanges no nothing. But last night for once I was impressed with the taste of their vodka. A 210ml bottle cost 30 bucks. Which is quite cheap considering its heavenly taste and its unique packaging. After sampling different kinds of vodka, we settled for a bottle of Fig and vodka, light gold in colour. The salesman suggested mixing it with sparkling lemon. Woohoo! Yeah. It's brand name? Flaschengeist. Sounds greek but it's actually Australian in origin. Lovely liqueur.

I am drifting from my blog title.

Why was I thick???

I brought a camera to take all the would-be lovely pictures.

And I forgot to charge the God-damned battery!!!

How thick can I get?

Which is why there is no pictures for this post when there should be many.

I swore I could kick myself... Hrummph...

I'm booking in and confining myself to a week of facing the Tekong sea for a week as punishment.

Friday, November 11, 2005

What a way to spend an OFF day...

Was supposed to go to Marina Square Shopping mall for a day of endless shopping, but unfortunately my grandma was ill. And I was the only one who so happen to be "free" today. So I spent the whole morning and afternoon shuffling between Marine Parade Polyclinic and Geylang Polyclinic. While the princess continues her DVD marathon spanning dunno how many hours across how many dvd episodes.

Reporting sick outside is a tedious process. From registration and consultation to the taking of blood test, sugar level test at the laboratory in Marine Parade, we had to go down to Geylang to take an x-ray at the radiology department there. It was almost 2 when I left Geylang Polyclinic. Poor ah ma. Was giddy and still had to go so many places. By the time I settled her down with her medication at home it was already 330. Haiz. There goes one day of off, but oh heck. This is life. What to do when you are the number 1 grandson in the house. Hahaha. So buay hiao bai.

That leaves me with 6 days of OFFs left. Heh. Still a lot to clear by comparing with the time frame. Come December when the JC cohort of 1987 comes in, there will be much more to claim. Hahaha. It seems never ending. So many OFFs to clear so little time to expand them. Well. Never mind. I'll just save them till the time that I'm gonna ORD and clear earlier. Woohoo. But 7 months still seem an eternity for me although people keep saying that it is almost time. Hehehe.

Well to any observant faithful readers (if any in the first place), you will notice that I added a new comic link! Yup. It's a new comic series that I talent-spotted. It's called Adam at Home. It's about a stay-home houseman with a working wife together with 3 kids. Pretty much like baby blues with cute kiddy punchlines, but with a refreshing twist- The person in charge of the household is a MAN. Watch and laugh as Adam struggles to manage the kids, their education and well-being, groceries, housework, cooking, etc. Everything that a housewife does but done by a MAN.

It indeed is a hilarious series. Go and read a few weeks worth of strip and you will get my drift ya? Well, it pouring heavily here as I am typing this. Great view of sprawling lightnings admist the dark clouds too. Perfect weather for an afternoon nap? Hahaha. Well I don't have much time before I book in therefore I won't sleep the last few hours away. But it's been slow the past few days. Reason being that there is absolutely almost no training to be done daily at all. Take the 12km route march 2 days ago. Reason it was cancelled? Because all the trainees went to report sick! Lol. ALL OF THEM! TAlk about building teamwork and unity in the army. Seems like no matter what batch of trainees you are, regardless of education race or background, my company will always do its best to instill synergy, uanimity and cooperation between the trainees. Hohoho!

Well it was not a total boring OFF. I managed also to play DOTA with Derrick and my storeman last night too. They are both very good. Hahaha. I was the one who ended up dying the most. Heh. Sigh. When will I become a DOTA pro? Seems like I'm not cut out to be a master gamer. And the new version is out! 6.22. Seems like they're updating DOTA almost weekly. Amazing. Game producers have been working very hard I can see. But hey, entertainment always pays. Long live Blizzard Co.!

Dammit. CD (chemical defence) refresher course tomorrow. What the heck. Waste of time. Must change to sexy Lara Croft attire tomorrow too (singlet+pt shorts+goretex boots) in order to don the CD suit faster. EEK! Thought that any gas would be powerless against me if I could survive my brother's fart. Woohoo!

Going to have dinenr with the princess soon! Be back real soon as the weekend is round the corner.

Stay cool and have lots of fun!

Monday, November 07, 2005


I'm sorry but I can't help having another go at these posters.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

For your mocking viewing pleasure!


One week of fun gone... Back to the same old routine...

It was a good 7 days of fun being out in the civillian world. Now I'm just 8 hours away from being carted back to camp along with thousands of other recruits facing the same fate. It's really funny how things go. 20 months of national service and you would have thought that I would more or less got used to the routine of booking in and out.

But no, I still feel that same tinge of sadness and nostalgia present during the day when me family left me in Tekong when I first enlisted. Oh well. Just gotta endure 7 more months of shit and I'll be on my way to become a civillian once again!

ORD LOH!!!!!

Anyway it was a nice break for me. I got to spend a lot of time with my family this week as the princess was busy preparing for her papers which only ended two days ago. Spent countless hours playing DOTA which can be highly addictive I must admit. No other computer game has got me hooked so much other than this one. It's all your fault Alan for lending me the game!!! Hahaha. Joking. I asked him for the cd in the first place.

Yup. Managed to go play pool with my bros a couple of times. I still suck among all of them. Yawn. Must be playing too much pool in camp that I got so sick of it. Went to Geylang Serai too! On the eve of Hari Raya. Must really thank the princess for forking out time from her studies to accompany me on the trip. Was really disappointed with the stores there this year. So we ended up not buying anything but eating a lot instead. Between us we ate... One Ramly burger, one roti john, one chicken kebab, one box of you tiao with mayo (yummy!), two of those deep fried dough with a prawn on it (watsitname?), black pepper and cheese sausages and two bottles of lemon tea! Impressive huh? I polished off most of it as I really was famished that night.

Then I met up with Xiang Ning on Friday night. Went to pasta mania for dinner. Hahaha. Cheap prices for good pastas. Went shopping around Bugis for my wallet and I still can't find one that I like! Bah! It's hard to find men's wallets with a coin holder section nowadays. And all wallets have too many card holders. Machiam I own so many credit cards like that. Wanted to go and find Sok Wan and Doris too. But too bad they're studying for their last paper tomorrow. All the best for tomorrow's paper! Don't come back without an A! We'll meet up again on Xiang Ning's birthday k?

Last night I went to Tamp mall with the princess. And we had Teppan-yaki for dinner! Hahaha. Two decades on earth and this is the first time I had Teppan-yaki. Damn. I must be some form of mountain tortoise man. Anyway the beef was really good! Fried in the special satay-lookalike sauce. Must do it again some time. Yummy! The chef looks real cool doing the cooking in front of us. Guess its presentation that counts no matter where you go or what you do.

Ah well. It was a good break. 7 days just slipped through my fingers. Time really flies when one's enjoying. All that's left is an afternoon with the princess and a dinner with my family before I'm off to camp!

Take care all you folks out there! Catch up and next Saturday!

And Liverpool won last night!

I just have to put that down.


Sunday, November 06, 2005

And you thought your English was horrendous!

Was talking to Kiam on msn when he recommended me this webbie. He always have this kind of cockster-rish lobangs. Hahaha. Thanks again dude!

Do check it out. It's drop-dead entertaining! It's a site that promotes awareness in common errors made in the usage of English. Signs, instruction manuals, posters, product labels, etc, that are funnily hilarious have all made it into this site.

Check this out...

Image hosted by

What is that sign trying to say? But think you'll get the idea lah.

Image hosted by

I believe it mean "execution of work" or rather work in progress. Just don't trip over the wires!


Here's the webbie:

Have tons of fun!

How to kill time if you have too much on your hands...

If you, like me sometimes get stuck in cyberspace without a thing to do, get sick or run out of blogs to read, why not play some games online to kill time?

Play this assortment of games at this webbie:

Lot's of fun games for you to choose from. And the high score are rediculously high. So much so that it would take a lifetime of playing just to break into a high-score board.

Besides you can listen to soothing, sleep inducing music while your're at it. Guaranteed to make you feel like a kid again. Hahaha.

Try it if you have the time k?

And let me know if you happen to break any highscore. I'll be impressed.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

It's a holiday and I'm stuck at home...

Yes it's a holiday but I'm going nowhere. Got dragged out of my bed by my elder brother who insisted on playing basketball. Aiyoh. I was so tired. We ended up watching "I bet you will" on mtv channel for an hour before we hit the basket ball court.

Had the feeling that it was not a good day for basketballing. And I was right. First I lost to my elder bro in the 3 point shootout ( we always try to out score each other). We had a race to 20 baskets and he hit it after I nailed my 17th basket. Grrr. We then play a match with the guys there. Lost by a close margin. But not before I got a cut near my left eye caused by the impact of a ball smashing into my spectacles. Kept wiping blood off throughout the game, which we in the end lost also to the other team. #$%@!*&!!!!!

I knew that this was really not a good day for basketball. Haiz.

Went home to play Dota and read instead. Both brothers went out to party. But I didn't mind staying at home. At least I get to save money. The poor princess is having a major paper tomorrow. That is why I'm not meeting her either. I'll save up all the money to give YOU a good treat when ur papers end this Friday k? Jia you!

It's suprises me how fast the day flew by. I looked up from my book and it was already 5 pm. Wow. I'm now halfway through the book Papillon borrowed from Kiam. It's an interesting book about a man who was framed and found himself jailed for a crime he did not commit. The book records his adventure. The number of times he escaped from numerous prisons using ingenious methods, the places he travelled, and even the reality of life in the early 1920s are some of the many aspects that appeal in the book.

It's now 6pm. I hope I get to at least meet the princess for dinner. Then I think I'll have an early night. Feel like jogging to East Coast park tomorrow early in the morning. Anyone wanna join me?

I'm signing off for now. Going to check out what's on tv.

Happy hols to all you people out there!!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Yup. I'll be on off till SUNDAY!!!
7 days of total bliss and ecstacy!!!


Anyone wanna go Geylang Serai with me any evenings???