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Thursday, March 18, 2010


Hello folks, its been a long time. Today was just the second time I left work on the dot (ever!). Just took my bag and ran off from work just as the my desktop clock struck 8pm. Nice. Even managed to catch dinner with the princess and went kitty hunting after that!

This year has been a whirlwind so far. The mad flurry of activities since Janaury (mostly work related though) has kept me totally occupied. The recent slowdown in auditing peak has finally gave my team members and I some breathing space, with a lot of us starting to go back from work on time these days. I even had time to update my resume this week.

With the updating of resume comes the next crucial part. Where do I send it to? After about 7 months of work I am no less closer to finding out more about what I really want to do in the future. Discovering what I would really love to do has been an elusive moving target so far. Despite 2 working stints in very different environments and different job scopes I am still clueless. I've always envied people who know cleary what's best for them. I am still taking whatever that's given to me in hope that I will somehow be enlightened as I work.

I think I am sick of contract jobs already. Contract jobs provide little certainty and is rather disruptive to long term progression. Furthermore contract jobs offer almost no perks and zero leave. One of my colleague pointed out that with the end of my contract job next month I would have worked for almost 8 months without taking a single day of leave. And it suddenly dawned on me how time flew by and how I worked endlessly without taking a break. No MCs (thank God for good health!), no timeoffs, no paid leaves. Heck I didn't even take a single day of unpaid leave. Geez.

And I wondered why am I burning out. Hahhaa. Thought I would have seen that coming. But hard work aside, this past 7 months of work has been an amazing experience. From the colourful personalities of the different people I meet to the varied departments that I get to work in, I am really thankful that I am observing and learning new things daily. I am also very fortunate to obtain the favour of my bosses. Such that I do feel rewarded from my efforts; not always monetary wise but in lots of other intangible aspects. For one I am especially pleased with the result of my previous stint in PB. (Ask me ask me ask me...)

Kidding. With the close of another job stint coming in about 6 weeks time, its about high time I decide what I really want for my future. While I am still praying for opportunities with my current employer, I have also started to look outside as well. I certainly hope that I find a more stable job next. Hmmmmm.

Ideas anyone?

I think I will leave the job search to another day for now and go watch American Idol for inspiration instead.

Singing? Nah. I should be sitting in Simon's seat! Haha.