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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jianye & Wenqi Wedding: Part 2

Thought I might finish up the post on the wedding before I procrastinated further!

Flurry of activities!


Group pic before running off! Ah gong was super tickled!
And off we go!
While the gate crashing happens, relatives gather over at my house....

The kids on the swing....

While the adults chill....

Kit playing the wedding march when they came in!


Arrival of the bride and groom! With the strategically placed flower bouquet to hide his ermm... torn pants! Haha!

Praying to tee gong...

The brother gang!

Jump! Tradition for kids!

Having tang yuan and mee sua

Tea ceremony!

I get an ang bao too!

Family pic! =))
Evening time!

Discussion before everything starts.

Ring bearer and flower girl

Spot me!

Flower girl!

And you may now kiss the bride!

Happily married!

Banquet time

First march in...

Was so busy this is one of the few pics of me!

Grandkids with grandma! She refuses to look at the camera!

Second march in where they came in singing "Lucky"
Not much pics at night coz I was busy running around taking polaroid pics for the guests!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cst la vie

Sometimes I just wish I was Moocakes...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Now I know...

Yesterday, I got a shock when I got home. There were 4 bikes outside my house! Questioned dad about it and realised that he went to a police auction where they sell stuffs that are being ermm... confiscated or found by the police (I think). So he got the bikes! All at less than 200 bucks. And nothing a little polishing and pumping can't do to make them spanking new!!

More surprise was when he took out a box filled with cameras! Lotsa them! Sony, Canon, Sumsung, Olympus, and even Ranger! About half of them were really old school! But I found at least 3 that I would use! All for about 300 bucks! But I need chargers for them!! Anyone with spare camera battery chargers?!?

Hmmm... Now I know where I got my shopping genes from!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Avatar = Pocahontas in space?


Friday, January 08, 2010


Would you rather be a small fry and be doing something you like; or be someone with good career prospects but doing something you don't like at all?

Suddenly there are so many responsibilities thrown onto me, and my training is already mapped out. Not exactly the route that I want, but it's a big stepping stone towards my ultimate goal. I can't possibly be transferring patients when I'm old, right?

In the meantime, I'm gonna embrace this huge responsibility on my tight shoulders, and work on the presentation for the whole department next friday. *GULPS! Come what may!!

Monday, January 04, 2010


The view is greener on the other side... Indeed.
Paranomic shots coming if I can spend the time to take more photos!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Its a brand new year

Happy New Year all!

Its been quite a while since I grace this platform of mine. I'm at a loss of what to write actually. Life's been pretty fast paced and hectic since the start of work. Since I'm at the topic of work lets start with work!

The end of the year brings with it a close in the chapter of my stint in marketing for private banking. It has been a challenging, fun, and really fulfilling time at my work. Aside from the countless perks received, I was also at the receiving end of priceless learning experience gained from interacting with my very esteemed colleagues. There is just so much to learn from everyone everyday. I really thank God for providing me with the opportunity to make really good friends and to gain such an invaluable experience.

I mentioned close. I will be moving on to investment banking! Will try my hand at some operations and see how it goes. Wonder if being an analyst is really what I want to do. Imagine staring at the computer glued to your butt for almost 10 hours a day? It will be a far cry from the previous stint I'm sure. But well I believe it will be beneficial for me at the very end. Since I'm hired on a contract basis I guess there is not much to lose in the first place. I hope to really discover what I like to do in life this year.

Work has really taken a toll on this battered body of mine. Funnily I didn't gain a single gram despite having an average of one buffet a day in US for half a year. BUT! I gained 4 kg while working for 4 months this year. SHEESH! Plus I have not exercised since I started working! At this rate I will be way over 0.1 ton before I reach 30 years of age. Goodness. And the next stint definitely will not help salvage this predicament for sure. My company sent me for a health screening just this week. And let's just say that the doctor sent out some severe warnings. Drastic measures must now be taken. I will aim to run to east coast at least once a week! I must start grabbing Jermaine to force me to run with him on his usual runs. And no more gorging, excessive drinking and indiscriminate eating for me!

Anyway, Year 2009 has really been an awesome year indeed. And I was richly blessed. From a fulfilling US exchange trip, to a pleasant surprise finish at graduation, to making new wonderful friends, to getting such an awesome job. I hope that year 2010 will bring with it more exciting times!

Outside work I'm afraid the social and personal development areas of life has taken a beating. I hate not having liberal time to date, to hang out with family and friends and to do so many other things I would have love to do. I have not even play squash for the whole of 2009! My guitar would be buried under dust if Jermaine had not used it. I got a growing pile of finance magazines unread. Many fabulous movies were left unwatched. I can't last more than 2 one-on-one basketball games now. The GT lies neglected and underutilised. Even my Christmas presents are still sitting pretty on my table unopened. Haha. Where did all the time go? Its only going to get worse next year and I am really not looking forward to that at all! I jokingly tell my friends that they most probably won't see me until May (the end of my contract stint). Well I guess this is really how life's supposed to work out as a full fledged adult.

I need to master or at least get better at the art of work-life balance. This shall be one of this year's lofty aim. I am always amazed at how my colleagues manage to excel at work while waking up at 5am every morning to cook a day's meal for the kids, and staying up late to check their homework. Every mother at work wears an invisible cape I swear. Superwomen indeed. Its funny how it took me 24 years to really understand this, only after I started working and understanding its true meaning and nuances. Mothers at work are a misunderstood and underrated lot.

I will end abruptly for now. I don't know when I will blog again. Could be tomorrow, could be the next year. Haha. This is part of a new 'randomness' that I found in almost everything I do ever since I started working. I have lost much credibility and predictability over these few months!

Still, Nightstar and I would like to wish all family, friends, and loved ones an awesome year ahead. Many happy and joyous returns!

And may you all find what is best not in your own eyes but for that of the ultimate good. That is my personal prayer and will be that of mine for you all in this coming year.